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August 25, 2010

This year marks the 12th anniversary of the United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC). Since its inception in 1999, the USDGC has grown into one of disc golf’s premier championship events. Innova Disc Golf, in association with the event’s many volunteers, sponsors, USDGC Partners, Winthrop University, and the Professional Disc Golf Association, is extremely proud to have been such an integral part of our game’s history.
Innova considers it a privilege to be in a leadership position. We have seen disc golf, and our business, grow and change tremendously over nearly three decades. The disc golf market is continually expanding and Innova is more committed than ever to improving our service to this incredibly diverse community of players.

In recognition of the growth of disc golf around the globe, we have decided to move the USDGC to a biennial schedule. Effective immediately, the USDGC will alternate years with Europe’s major event – The European Open. The USDGC will be held in even numbered years and the European Open in odd numbered years. This will enable better global promotion of professional disc golf, as well as afford us an opportunity to serve another important segment of the disc golf population.

Amateur and recreational golfers represent the fastest growing portion of the disc golf community. With these players in mind, a new event will visit the famous grounds at Winthrop University in 2011. Details will be forthcoming, but two of the guiding principles will be: Amateurism and Fun Competition in a Professional Setting at Winthrop. Despite these changes our mission remains the same; to live disc golf and to enable others to discover such a wonderful lifetime sport.

We are excited about the future of disc golf, more so than ever before. Opportunity for the game’s advancement abounds. We are confident that this new schedule will allow the USDGC to sustain its tradition of excellence, while building an even better fan base for the game’s elite.

One thing you can count on this fall is that Innova and the USDGC family are steadily preparing for our greatest tournament experience to date. We look forward to October, and to seeing you here.

Warmest regards,

Innova Disc Golf

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Ok, how about a different question: How have the folks who run the USDGC managed to put up with the huge obligation of running it every year for 12 years?? How many times have they contemplated shipping the event somewhere else or canceling it?

Running a major event is a ...major task. How many groups, for example, run a World Championships and feel the slightest urge to go back and do it again the following year? Having helped run a Worlds or few, I found out the very best part is having that weight off your shoulders.

The USDGC is also a Pro event. Pros are simply not as lovable as Amateurs. Pros expect more, gripe more and are less impressed, no matter what they are given or how they are treated. No wonder an Amateur event is being planned for off years. Let this be a lesson to all the Open players. Maybe in another decade a different cycle will be created: Year 1, Open, Year 2, Amateur, Year 3, Age Divisions. Oooh, Age Divisions...

Thanks and congrats to Innova for running the USDGC for 12 years. Hopefully the new cycle keeps keeps the event going and allows some well deserved recovery time.
I hear what you are saying it is a ton of work. They are still going to do the tourny every year alternating every other year pro,am, pro,am ect.
From an amateur's stand point, I think it is great that are trying to accommodate to a larger population of disc golfers. There are way more amateurs than pros.
Opps..............I can not travel to Europe. I hope it works out well for the Sport.
There is a valid point made by Donny with travel across the pond for those that are unable to "fly away" to distant lands.
I think it's great. I want to play winthrop as an am. Nice job holding on to it every year for that long.
The Japan Open is every two years isn't it?

I think it is a great idea to have it alternating with another major event European Open.
I think it's more they don't have enough "supply" any more in the sense they don't want to supply the demand from pros but are more than willing to supply it for Ams every other year.
This is a horrible decision for the sport. What other sport has its national championship every two years? Sure the Olympics and World Cup every 4, but every ball golf championship is every year.

I agree with the poster who said that this makes the pDGA tour so much less marketable.

For what it's worth, Nate Doss started an online petition to tell Innova that the USDGC should be held every year:


In other words, you are taking the" United States"disc golf tournament( The United States of America's best disc golf tourmament ) and having it every 2 years. What other sport does that? None!! Terrible idea, You can have a do-over now.
United States Disc Golf Championship (USDGC)

European Disc Golf Championship ( EDGC )

I may be wrong , I thought these were 2 separate events ?
i dont like it and im an am player


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