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I am thinking of adding a stenciled tiger stripe design to an orange champ viking, but instead of using a rit dye I want to use spray paint and finish it off with a clear matte coat. I am planning to layer the paint as well. Would It be wise to use this in the first place? What would be a good primer for plastic? Has anyone else ever done this? If so, what kind of techniques and materials did you use? How did it turn out? How long would it last on the disc? What are your thoughts on using spray paint on a disc?



As planned out these are my materials:
Painter's tape 1" and 2"
Spray paint x 3 colors

Matte finish


Wax paper

x-acto knife



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I have some painted discs here at the store...they are not legal for tournaments.

They look really cool, but they are for hanging on the wall.


It's illegal to use in a tournament I believe.  Also, even if the paint is thin, it will still have bumps and grooves that will make the disk act funny.
Just use rit so its still legal. And rit won't chip off.

I would suggest staying away from paint on discs.  As others have already said, paint significantly modifies the flight characteristics of discs, and thus painted discs are not legal in competitive play.  Regardless, my uncle did spray paint a few of his hard-to-see discs last season.  I'm not sure exactly what type of paint he used, but he was able to avoid too much clotting and chipping by putting on a pretty heavy coat.  I wouldn't say the discs look all that cool (just one solid color) but the paint did indeed make a difference in the flight.  The Champion Leopard he painted now flies almost as far as--and sometimes farther than--the rest of our group's drives with distance drivers (and he's Grandmaster age).  The paint seems to have added some weight and glide to the disc.  Consequently, every time he has the long drive with it, we always chide him pretty hard and joke about how many penalty stokes he will owe us if he ends up winning.  We even gave it a funny and kinda dirty nickname: "The Painted Taint."  This all makes for a good laugh, but not necessarily a better round of disc golf.

So, despite the potential benefit you might get in distance, you can expect to be paid back in spades by anyone who you attempt to play against with it.  In short, like the others have said, I'd stick with Rit.

This is the craziest thing I've heard ! DO NOT SPRAY PAINT YOUR DISCS , enough said !

You cant use it in tourney play, if you were playing for money or for a bag tag you wouldn't be able to use it and it flies different so you wouldn't gain any benefit from practice with it.  you really can't sell it after you spray paint it and you cant really take it off with out messing up the disc.  I see no benefit at all only a waste of money


C. Players may not make post-production modification of discs which alter their original flight characteristics. This rule does not forbid inevitable wear and tear from usage during play or the
moderate sanding of discs to smooth molding imperfections or scrape
marks. Discs excessively sanded or painted with a material of detectable
thickness are illegal. See sections 802.01 D, E and F.

I would point out that the rule states a player can be penalized for CARRYING an illegal disc on his or her person during a tournament, whether the disc is thrown or not...


paint away!

Detectable thickness is the Key word !  No Stickers or Spray Paint.
I do not play tourneys, just for the fun of the sport. I will take note that rit will not chip, that it is indeed illegal to carry and or use in tournaments (and bag tag events) and that it will change the flight characteristics of the disc. I just wanted to see what those who dye their discs would think of this. A good idea? Maybe not the best, but it is more for the creativity and for the user's own satisfaction. Feedback to this idea was quite helpful.
Just dye it. It's more fun to dye them anyways.
paint all your disc
I saw some hand painted disc that a guy did, more graffiti then anything. But they look really awesome, he was trying to sell them but I don't think he was getting much interest, do to the fact he was selling at a tournament.

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