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I'm think it would be a good idea to make women specific disc golf instructional videos..

Whether it be a Discraft or Innova inspired....or some other collaboration...I think it would be great to get tips from the Pro Women. Odds are, there are women out there who have a vague interest in disc golf...but when they check out YouTube vids on how to play, they see the way lot of big arms and men do it. However, when they go to the course to try and refine their skills, they do not see results any where close to those of the men. So why not have videos of what the Pro Women are doing to shoot the low scores they do!! --YouTube is free which means free advertising for the Companies...it can't hurt right????

If I was good enough I'd try and do this myself, but we really need to see the Pros! 

Anyways, just a thought

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I think that women in videos would provide a little more interest in the sport for women, but (I will bite) are the techniques that are being taught in the videos different based on one's sex? It's my personal opinion, that the same guidance applies to anyone improving their game. Don't get caught up in the sex appeal of bombing it (which I often ignore) - work your putters and mids and the rest will come.

If I saw a video with Valarie Jenkins, I would still give it the same attention as one with Ken Climo. I just do not think there is a different way to throw a disc if you are a man or woman - it just takes practice and consistency.

While most of what you said is true, I still think it would benefit interested women..the actuality of seeing women succeeding in disc golf may be enough to keep them out there playing. Thank you for your input, Mike!

the thing about it is that it would hardly cost anything..and could make some kind of difference?
There's some merit to this. I know women would have a much better chance of relating to a video with women in it. One of the fears I see in alot of women who get into the sport is that it's a male dominated game. There aren't many women out there for them to hang with and relate to. If you show instructional videos with women in them, this shows that there ARE women who do play and know what they're doing. There are plenty of women who can teach DG, also. Des Reading, Juliana Korver, Val Jenkins plus many others who do clinics around the country.
women are all about doing ........ whether it's line dancing or basketball ..... it's about women doing sport, enjoying something they can learn in a non competitive way unless they're very skilled ..... perhaps a vid could show the ladies playing a round with a mentor player playing from the forward tees learning course management, different shots and the strategy of playing a tight fun round. i don't think necessarily it should be to get those already playing more skills but try to start at the very beginning, spin techniques, disc selection, hyzer, anhyzer putting ideas ...... just a quick overview and showing the girls having fun playing doubles best ball ........ light and designed to get your better halfs to see the fun of it and the benifits of getting out there and playing ... what u think girls?
I approve this post! I would love to see this from Val, Des, Liz(s), Sarah, etc.

There is a DVD with Elaine King in it explaining different ways to approach a hole. Either way, I'd watch the video if it was a woman or a man...technique is technique regardless of what gender throws the disc.
For those of you saying that technique is the same for men and women I try not to offend or downplay you but I must seriously disagree.... sorry in advance for the novel but I have strong views and a strong desire for this as well.

I would love to see a video for women by women for the purpose that the technique is different for them. Body mechanics goes into all of it and even with men some have to do a few things differently than everyone else, not out of style, but because their body demands it. I most noticed this at a clinic with Des Reading at the Throw Shop. As she described her drive all I could think was "Thats what held me back for so long, why would she be suggesting it?" and "...I don't think that is right". I realized that it was because of the different mechanics that what worked for her didn't work for me (because I went back and tried it). However my girlfriend has been working on her backhand and nothing I suggested worked for her. However when I suggested some of the stuff that Des said we saw an instant increase in her distance, snap, and accuracy. We then applied a few thoughts we had about the body differences and now she has a respectable backhand (her forehand is still her dominant) and its getting better.

As Christie, my girlfriend, shows other women how to play these same ideas and tips have helped them throw farther as my advice wasn't useful before. A woman's instructional video would be great because then the ladies would be able to hold to that video and say "this is ours" which I think is important because all the other videos are geared toward men, women are a different market and have to be marketed to as such. I'm not saying making it frilly at all, or stereotyped but having a few women showing other women how to do it would go a long, long, long way in getting more involved with the sport and better faster.

Think of how long it takes to get better if you don't have anyone showing you how. Its why we praise Mark Ellis and discraft for their tips and instruction because they helped us get better and quicker than we would have done on our own or the time it takes to meet a pro and get with them. This would give that kind of experience to women as well.

I know on dgcr a fellow named Billnchristy teaches clinics with his wife that are specialized for women. Also Jay and Des Reading were awesome for my girlfriend's improvement and comfort-ability in the sport.
100% agree with what you've said...it IS different for women and it's not like that's a bad thing..it's just a fact
the difference is mostly in the power areas. Men being chest and arm, women being thighs hips. And your right, its not a bad thing at all because there are plenty of women who play better than a lot of men. There just aren't as many men involved. I will say I think that men will be able to drive further (Val Jenkins is an example of this saying she wants to be the first women to break 400 or 500 feet, I forget which, when a lot of the pro men consider that a benchmark minimum in order to compete). At the end of the day though it all comes down to putting. Drives help, and upshots do as well but putting makes or breaks everything.
ok Ladies who's taking the project on? ...... perhaps a teleconference skyper to meet face to face and see if you can convince some of the pro women to make a couple of different vids that put the game out there to invite other women to get started playing and or driving for more distance ............ go for it and have fun making it
yep...it all cames down to getting it done....i'm going to talk to the few pro women i know
bumpage for janelle
New video - Disc Golf Girls of Norway :D

Discgolf Girls of Norway from hassimuss on Vimeo.

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