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During my last several outings the wind has been brutal. Lots of consistent breezes, huge gusts. I’ve noticed some players be able to complete use this to there advantage and throw some wicked anhyser s-curves and huge hysers over trees. I’m just wonder what everyone does during windy conditions. Do you play low? Do you use to your advantage? How?

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Hola! This is Liz Lopez...ok so wind advice....I wouldn't consider myself a great wind player, however I would say I manage it pretty well. Head winds....in moderate head winds I like to throw a surge with some hyzer so it will flip up and give me some good distance. Severe head winds I like to throw the ESP Avenger because I can still get great distance with it but trust it to fight through the winds and not turnover. It is a smart idea to throw over stable plastic in head winds even though you are sacrificing distance. I think its more important to have control rather than trying to boom one down the fairway and potentially lose control due to high winds.

Tail winds I pretty much do the opposite. I like to throw esp flashes and surges in tail winds because they give your discs extra flight because the wind is on your side. Tail winds like to slam my discs more so I have to remember to release a little higher than normal.

Putting in the wind is an important skill to have. In head winds I putt with more spin and aim just a hair or two lower than normal. You can expect the wind to lift your putter so you have to adjust accordingly. Never putt nose up in a head wind..bad news will soon follow. Tail wind putts are the opposite, i aim higher and tend to loft more than spin just because I feel I have more control that way. In sever winds it is ok to LAYUP....trust me you will gain strokes with this humbling strategy.

Ok that is my quick tip for the day!
Hiya! Keoni Hennessy here! Just a AM touring with some Pros (P.Blazek, L.Lopez and E.McCabe) Although I usually finish somewhere near the bottom at my tournaments, I have learned a few things about wind play. Actually, my wind rounds are my best because of a few things I've learned while playing with my friends and from living in "Fabulous Las Vegas".

With both head and tail winds I just throw flat and straight....not high, not extra extra low,not turned one way or another...just flat and straight. I change the disc I throw...more stable for head winds and less stable for tail winds. Also...Don't be a hero! I know I'm not going to bomb some huge drive with a head wind....so I don't try to overpower anything because of the chance I may loose control. I will always sacrifice distance for accuracy! And, its funny to see other people get nervous in wind so stay calm, relaxed and just throw a nice flat straight shot....let everyone else give into their nerves.

And if wind bothers you that much...don't play in it! Who wants to hurt their rating anyway! Just kidding! Just go out and experiment in the wind! yay! have fun and let the wind be your friend!
This is nick young not mark ellis just throw the force and you'll be fine!!
My home course is bananas windy quite a bit and I agree with Blazek 100 percent. Take the advice from him and you will gain strokes on other players without a doubt!
The wind is your friend. My favorite shot is when I get a tailwind with a left to right component. I love to pull out the DX TeeBird, put it on that perfect anhyzer line and watch it go. The distance I get is simply because I am using the wind and not fighting it. I have gotten mad distance that way. On the other hand if I were to throw a backhand hyzer in that same wind the wind would just push that same disc straight into the ground. In headwind go overstable and adjust your angle. I still don't like headwind putts though. I just keep working on them. Keep it low with the nose down.
It's like sailing a boat or flying a kite.
I'm flying on the wind. Wooeey!
Great article on playing in the wind by one of my favorite pros- Ron Convers Jr.
I try to keep to a few simple rules and then alter them according to hole layout and length (there are always exceptions to the rules):

Headwind--a very overstable disc, either backhand or forehand--I really like the Gateway Spirit for headwinds
Tailwind--Midrange or understable
Left to right--Understable and let it fly
Right to left--Straight flying disc--
Putting--I always use a beat up Roc in the wind

they won't work for everybody, but they have served me well over the years.
Sounds right.
Great feedback from the pros! Lots of really good advice in this thread, I don't think there is anything for me to say that hasn't already been said. If you are looking for tips on playing in the wind, this thread has everything you need to know, awesome stuff everyone.
Oops. I meant to post this URL earlier- http://www.discraft.com/res_wind06_p1.html. This article has helped me a lot.


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