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During my last several outings the wind has been brutal. Lots of consistent breezes, huge gusts. I’ve noticed some players be able to complete use this to there advantage and throw some wicked anhyser s-curves and huge hysers over trees. I’m just wonder what everyone does during windy conditions. Do you play low? Do you use to your advantage? How?

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For the most part I try to keep my disc low into a headwind and for the most part. I keep it low for crosswinds as well. However, if the risk is low. I will throw it high into crosswinds to potentiate a hyzer or anhyzer shot. I only tend to do that when I have a dogleg hole or if I want to take some trees out of the shot by throwing over them. If it's a sraight shot to the basket I'll keep it low. For a tailwind I'll use my lightest understable disc and attempt to throw it high and let the wind do the work. I'll use the most appropriate overstable disc for my headwind shots.
The wind is your friend....try MTA with a fastback or catch disc and learn.
On a windy day, take your golf discs to an open field and experiment to learn.
Crush them high, throw them low, vary your power and angle of release, try a cross wind, then the tail wind....eventually the little 15 watt light bulb over your head becomes 40 watts.....You are getting it!
There are not many short cuts to learning golf discs because it is different for every individual.
You need to get out there and "Take your lumps" as they say.
Go NOW, learn what your discs do and then apply them to the course!
During those huge gusts of head wind you have to throw low, but if you throw your regular old favorite driver, it will likely turn over and burn worms. Grab that super stable brand new driver that normaly makes you feel like a wimp, throw that in your bag for the head wind. If you have a disc that normally will turn over or flip, throw that in the brutal tail wind. & Don't forget your Teebird.
Good Call !!!!
With wind I have learned a few things. If you show the bottom of your disc to the wind it will blow it in that direction since the bottom is designed to trap air its basically a wind trap and will propel you disc great distance. Now if show the top of your disc the wind it will likely push it flat or straight down. It will allow for a little more control on a shot in the wind. If you throw perfectly flat your disc may come up shorter then normal but will have a similar flight path but I must stress Perfectly flat because again if the bottom shows it will throw your flight off.

Best thing is to go out on a windy day and let them fly in different patterns and see how it goes and see what you can use and what you can’t.
I like to think, it's kinda like sailing a boat. Don't fight the wind , but use it to your advantage if possible.
Headwinds and tailwinds affect your disc in a really simple way (physically). For some reason I didn't quite get why to throw overstable into the wind and understable with a tailwind, so I asked and when someone told me why I felt pretty stupid. I'm not saying you don't know why, but in case you don't: when you're throwing into the wind its kind of like tricking your disc into flying like its going faster, since its cutting through more air. This obviously makes your disc less stable. That's why big arms throw stable plastic - they throw faster. And of course the opposite is true for tailwinds - your disc is going through less air and flies more stable. Like I said, really simple, and seems like I would have figured that one out on my own but maybe its one of those things for a lot of people.

And don't get me wrong, learning the wind is no easy task. The rest of these posts offer valuable advice, I just never really understood that advice until I heard this type of explanation.
I know that the wind makes my discs more stable.... I try and throw my wind drivers into and against wind... they hold the lines longer into the wind. I try and keep my upshots low, so I don't blow past the basket but I also try and get on the side of the basket that I can putt with the wind

Really it's something you have to see and feel for yourself.. try all your shots into heavy wind and with heavy wind... watch how they change! It's really cool to see the effects.. gives me things to think about when I walk up to my shot.

Good Luck!
The wind is very tricky to learn. I still guess wrong too many times.

It is fun to play with Mike Raley (dual citizenship, michigan/california pro) in the wind. Mike has every shot, forehand, backhand, hyzer or anhyzer. Mike mostly chooses his shot based on the hole and the wind. So in high winds I watch carefully which line Mike chooses then at the end of the round I pay him whatever the bet was. :)

Since I am forehand dominant, I usually throw forehand in most winds. Even if I know that the wind is better for a backhand it doesn't help much since I don't really have that shot.

I take a bit of a different look at the wind. Rather than trying to get the maximum advantage from the wind I instead try to not let the wind harm my shot too much. The difference in approach is that I play more conservatively in wind. Throw it flat, keep it in the middle, don't get greedy. Any time I'm not sure about the wind, that is my mantra: throw it flat, keep it in the middle, don't get greedy.

It is important to learn which shots to avoid. Most players should not be throwing forehand into a strong wind (I do after years of practice and no other real choice). Certain rollers are darn near impossible in certain winds. Certain putts are very tough ( for a right handed putter the right to left wind is very dangerous- putt with an anhyzer line or risk sailing into the next county).

The wind giveth. The wind taketh. The wind laughs at your feeble attempts. Be wary of the wind.
Wind IS your friend! Being from Kansas I play in the wind more often than not...BTW this is Eric McCabe not the great Mark Ellis....I would recommend going out to a field on a windy day with a few overstable discs, like a Predator, Avenger, Z Force, etc.. and work on different shots in the wind.
As far as putting goes, If it's truly a windy day, LAY UP! Anything outside 25 feet is a good idea to toss under the basket in my opinion. No need go for that 35 footer and end up with a 50 footer.
Alright this is actually Patrick Blazek and Mark wanted us to put our input in on this so here's mine. When I play in severe wind conditions like you are talking about I usually play the smartest shot for the type of wind that I have been provided with. Normally if it's a head wind of any type I will throw my most stable force or a predator, just because I know these discs will come back and not flip over. Disc selection is probably one of the most important things when it comes to playing on a windy day. I will sacrifice distance to make sure my disc goes where I want it to.

Now if I have a tail wind I will usually downgrade to a Mid-Range like a Buzzz. They fly so effortlessly and go forever in tail winds. If the hole is too far to pull of the mid-range shot then just make sure you choose a straight flying driver when in a tail wind. You will notice if you throw a stable driver in tail wind it wont go near as far as it normally does because the wind is just pushing it down to the ground and a stable discs normal flight characteristic is to get to hyzer off and get to the ground fast. So the tail wind really just emphasizes what the flight characteristics of the discs normally do and adds stability.

Crosswinds on really windy days I just stick with something stable. I want to make sure I know what its gonna do. You can play the wind if it's manageable, hyzers in left to rights are really just kind of a guessing game. You really have to practice them and then you will figure out how high/wide/disc angle to use. Left to right winds is the exact same concept and I believe one of the more trickier winds to drive in if it is really windy. It definitely just takes getting out and playing in the wind and not staying home just cuz it's a windy day.

As for putting I definitely play the wind while I put if it is manageable. If it's super windy you have to make the decision if you are really close enough to make a run that you will definitely hit the basket on. I've have many times on super windy days from 12-15ft where I've putted and hit the basket and the wind just took it and threw it 40+ feet away. So sometimes you have to sacrifice strokes to save strokes in the wind. Just play smart and practice in the wind and you'll improve immensely.
Hola! This is Liz Lopez...ok so wind advice....I wouldn't consider myself a great wind player, however I would say I manage it pretty well. Head winds....in moderate head winds I like to throw a surge with some hyzer so it will flip up and give me some good distance. Severe head winds I like to throw the ESP Avenger because I can still get great distance with it but trust it to fight through the winds and not turnover. It is a smart idea to throw over stable plastic in head winds even though you are sacrificing distance. I think its more important to have control rather than trying to boom one down the fairway and potentially lose control due to high winds.

Tail winds I pretty much do the opposite. I like to throw esp flashes and surges in tail winds because they give your discs extra flight because the wind is on your side. Tail winds like to slam my discs more so I have to remember to release a little higher than normal.

Putting in the wind is an important skill to have. In head winds I putt with more spin and aim just a hair or two lower than normal. You can expect the wind to lift your putter so you have to adjust accordingly. Never putt nose up in a head wind..bad news will soon follow. Tail wind putts are the opposite, i aim higher and tend to loft more than spin just because I feel I have more control that way. In sever winds it is ok to LAYUP....trust me you will gain strokes with this humbling strategy.

Ok that is my quick tip for the day!

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