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During my last several outings the wind has been brutal. Lots of consistent breezes, huge gusts. I’ve noticed some players be able to complete use this to there advantage and throw some wicked anhyser s-curves and huge hysers over trees. I’m just wonder what everyone does during windy conditions. Do you play low? Do you use to your advantage? How?

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Good link thanks man!
I'm pretty much the sameway and I agree with what Disc-O says below as well.
Yeah no problem. I play in Wichita and Ron Convers Jr. plays a lot around this area. If you're familiar with the wind in this part of the country you will know that an experienced pro like Ron Convers is the guy to listen to in this department. Plus he is one of the nicest guys around!
Well the wind is supposed to be gusting up to 70 mph here today and we have singles league so I am going to try and remember some of the things from that article. I have yet to hear any really strong wind but one never knows. I know one thing for sure and that is don't let that thing sky on you. You might be chasing it a few fairways over. Keep it low. Just hope to get that perfect left to right tailwind.
Keep it as level as you can !!
Yeah, tip that nose up just a little and Bye Bye.
Make an educated guess as to how the wind will effect your throw, adjust your angles accordingly and then forget about it and throw!
Move to Oklahoma. You'll learn to adjust or quit.
Same here in Colorado.
You never really know what way the wind is going once the disc leaves your hand. Just because the grass you tossed in the air goes right doesn't mean the gust of wind 10ft in front of it is and thats a fact. Throw low with a heavier disc and hope the wind doen't take your disc prisoner. Any wind shot is potentialy fatal regardless on experience, even with a well placed shot.
The wind kept changing as time went on in tonights round. Before the round I was throwing a few practice holes and I used what i learned from this site to absolutely park a shot with a left to right wind and a Classic Inferno. During the round I got a bit timid and that hurt me. I think that one thing you have to do in the wind is dedicate yourself to that angle and that shot. You can't half ass one in the wind. Read the wind, use the wind and just chuck it where it needs to be. I had good intention tonight and I think that I was reading things right, but I failed to execute a few times.

Just do it!
Man all my wind knowledge gained has gone out the window.

Yesterday I finally got around to doing a bit of field practice, wind was strong enough that flags were blowing dead straight. So my Dragon (which I havent used in ages) , I decide to pull it out and see maybe when im throwing with the wind behind me, it will take that 150 gram disc and haul it a mile... first throw all into the wind, i reckon, well chuck the Dragon anyway, it goes like a bomb INTO the wind, going past the Valks and leopards, next round into the wind same thing, ok, when i got agood rip on a valk it crushed, but the little 150 gram Dragon was getting me 90-100 metres into a strong headwind

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