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I know that this was being discussed this year but is there any definitive ruling on what to do when you land inside a pipe? Happened today and the guy in our group just went vertical. Should it have been unplayable lie?


Also nobody even understands the stupid wedgie rule so far. I asked someone today and they had no idea that it had changed. But my friend says that if someone is going to witness your disc wedging in from the outside you should poke them in the eyes or throw dirt in their face so that it counts. Dumb rule there.

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It's funny, I asked this about a year or so ago. The funny thing is I got two responses, that wasn't the funny part. One was from Mark Ellis (who wrote the rule) the othe was Mr. Kennedy. Marks intention of the rule was that you could play above were your disc landed (mine landed under a foot bridge), but Chuck's interpratation. Was that if you could not play from behind your disc. It was an unplayable. Thus a stroke penalty. Now this is all paraphrasing what they had said at the time. Finally, since Mr. Kennedy was the "boss" (for lack of a better term). His interpratation stood, even thought the person who wrote it did not intend for it to be used in that manner (that's the funny part!). 

As for the Wedge rule. One person had a great idea. Put a fabric ring around the basket with the ability to put hole sponsor signage on the strip. It could increase purses do to advertising? Well, I thought it was a great idea at least.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but commas instead of periods in the proper places would have made your response so much easier to understand.
This is a site for disc golf not a grammer class.
Ahhh the prise I pay for cutting skool,.? lol!! No worries! I'm always worried about to many coma's or is it commas...But, did you finally understand it?
I don't think you want too many comas either...that would be bad!
Seriously?! Whether you're trying to be a jerk or not, you succeeded. Further, this post is like reading E.B. White compared to the semi-literate drivel that has come to be relatively normative on this site.

When I was discussing the new wedgie rule with a friend of mine he also came to the conclusion that an equipment change (simply making the wedgie impossible with better baskets) would be the best option. That or I have to keep throwing dirt in my friends' eyes when I think that I might get a wedgie to stick. The fabric ring would be very simple as well.

Chuck, please clear up the verticality ruling soon! I would have told my friend to take an unplayable lie but his interpretation was verticality so since nobody knew the answer we went with his interpretation.

The rule of verticality basically just says that OB lines are actually vertical planes, and you have one meter relief (on the ground) from where a disc crosses the OB plane.



D. The Rule of Verticality: The out-of-bounds line represents a vertical plane. Where a
player's lie is marked from a particular point within one meter of the out-of-bounds line
pursuant to the rules, the one-meter relief may be taken from the particular point upward or
downward along the vertical plane.


So I don't think the rule of verticality is what you're looking for here.

I think he'd had to crawl into the pipe and play it from there. ;)

Verticality was only written into the OB rule. However, apparently Mark felt it was intended for broader use such as situations where one IB playing surface was above another IB playing surface. The player could choose to play on either one by moving up or down as desired. That is not the case as the rules are currently written.

Regarding the pipe, if it's big enough for a player to take a stance, then the player must either play from there or use the new Optional Relief 803.05C or Optional Rethrow 803.06 rules and move their lie with a 1-throw penalty. That's if the TD has not already indicated how a shot in there should be played. Any well known obstacles on a course should already have the proper way to play them indicated by the designer, signage or TD. Usually those are declared OB areas.

If the pipe, cave or animal hole is too small for a player to take a stance, then it's possible the player can mark directly above the point where the disc is located using the new Disc Below Playing surface rule 803.08B with no penalty. We're asking the RC if that option is available and it will show up in Rules Q&A soon. However again, these types of holes are probably known by the TD or course designer and should probably be identified as OB areas ahead of time.

Come on - he clearly stated that he was not trying to be a jerk - it was a polite, constructive observation. Please, lighten up! He most certainly did NOT succeed in being a jerk.

I believe that the Disc Below Playing surface rule 803.08B is the key to this question.  If a disc is in bounds yet under a bridge or in a pipe, then a player can take their stance on the playing surface above the lie, without a penalty.  The change was stated in the 2011 rule update, but I agree it needs to be clarified further.


This is virtually the same as playing from below your disc when the 2-meter rule is not in effect.  Personally, I think this rule is a no-brainer in the post 2-meter rule era, and I'm awfully glad the PDGA came around. 


P.S.  I too used to mistakenly refer to this as the "rule of verticality," so thanks for the clarification on terminology.

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