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so are the vibram putters all there cracked out to be.   Or should they just stick to making marching boots for the military.  I played doubles today and everybody i played with was putting with one of them.  Are they really that big of a deal or should i just steer clear of them in everybodys opinion?

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I have a VP and it is a great into-the-wind disc. Also, it has very little glide, so if you find yourself missing the chains frequently and leaving yourself with a 15' putt to save bogey, or even par, then this might be good for you. Lastly, I have never bounced my VP out of a basket. It has amazing sticking power and such a predictable flight path that it is a great go to putter. I actually sunk a pretty crazy 55' putt into the wind yesterday since the disc is so heavy and overstable. The only downside is that if you don't have the arm/wrist for it, you will fall short every time. You need to putt with authority with a heavy vibram, mainly because the lack of glide is unforgiving.
I absolutely love my VP and Ridge's! I putt with the Ridge, and use my VP as a driving putter. I find myself using the VP more everyday, it has become a workhorse of my bag. Not only do I drive with it, but I use it for lots of upshots since it's such a reliable disc.
Eh...IMO. It's just a floppy Wizard. OK, it's a bit thicker/taller? Mind you, I'm no longer a fan of overstable putters. Give me a nice straight flying putter like an APX. The thing with putters, is that you have to try one for yourself. It's a very tactile disc imo.
I've thrown the VP from the tee but never used it to putt and it did the job for what I needed. I have so many discs that I'm not sure that I want to really buy more discs to experiment with so I never bought one.
I've messed around with the VP a little at a recent tournament. My opinion is that it is like most "new" discs, people will run out and buy them up, just because they're new. As time passes, fewer people will use it because soemthing new(er) will have come out that they have to have/try. It is the cycle of the "addicted" disc golfer. I used to wantto try throwing every new disc that came out. But, anymore, I've got a core group that I stick with and I don't really bother with anything new, because I know what I have works well (for me). And, since they haven't realeased a speed 25 disc, my competition isn't outdriving me by 100'+ (yet)
I'm sure I'll have to evolve at some point, but until then I'll retain my "grumpy old man" opinions about new things. Then again, at some point the Buzzz was new, and look at what a great disc it is.
Loving the ridge. They all lack glide but it's not a bad thing. I feel I can depend on a vp more than a challenger for headwinds and hyzer approaches. I can nut on the ridge more than a magnet for straight shots. Haven't used my summit yet.
Granted I've only had these discs a day or two

btw, I like thier real flight numbers as to made up ones
Experiment and see if it's right for you !
yea id do that but we dont just have a place where you can rent them for a day around here. And ive only seen people using them in tourneyments, so its hard to get my hands on one with out having to buy it.
Donny, if you have one, PLEASE bring it out on Fri night.
hey man if you are in the 831 area code anytime, I'll be more than happy to let you test putt my VP.
im not sure where the 831 is but im way north. I will probably just pick one up off discaroo or something to that extent. Shouldnt be to hard to find somebody to trade one off.
I had a V.P. and I still have my Ridge. LOVE THEM BOTH. I actually have aced with each of them in the last 2 weeks. Rare for me. Anyway, I love how overstable they are and you know there going straight if you accidentally put some ani on it and if you put some hyzer on it, it's coming back for sure. Go to disc for anything under 250(except anhyzers). Or the zone.

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