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The Vibram discs look really interesting, and I really would like to try one out, but I am reluctant on spending $17 just to try it.  For people who have tried one, how is the grip, and flight of it.

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The grip is amazing. It sits really well in your hand, and the rubber is just like that of a shoe (because it is). The disc dissipates water, no towel wiping necessary. Also, the discs are individual to their rating. Ridge, Summit, VP...all discs fly how you would imagine, if not better. Amazing discs.
Sorry for wall of text.

I have thrown all of the Vibram products thus far and I feel like I can say quite a bit about them now. First is they were made specifically to be overstable (VP = Pig, Rhino, Zone, Banger), stable (Ridge = Wizard, Focus) and understable (Summit = XD). They are made with the same top and relatively same bottom. The difference with each disc is on the bottom specifically in relation to the bead. The VP having a huge bead (deep rim), the summit having almost no bead (shallow rim) but its there, and the ridge sitting between them. They all 3 preform the task of their stability so well its freakish.

VP almost never turns over and handles a crap tone of power and wind. Overstable putter lovers adore this disc. As a putter it dives quick and hooks hard.
Ridge requires a good knowledge of hyzer anhyzer release angles and is the most responsive of the 3 discs. But most people would probably prefer a Wizard, Ridge is still great though. Putting it doesn't dive as quick or as hard but still lacks the glide of the Summit.
Summit will turn over on anything more than a 70% power throw, you can even turn it trying a hyzer flip. Great for powered down approaches. Putting it glides the best and was my preferred putter of the 3, but not preferred driver.

The materials are great too. Xlink being grippy, soft but still firm, and take a beating (their flight characteristics don't change unless you take a chainsaw to it). The Firm being the best for putting but not so much for driving to me. Soft... these things are like a kids toy/dog toy. Like throwing a flour tortilla. You can bend them fold 3 ways, roll them up and run them over these things bend like goop in your hands and still maintain shape. They do sag in your hand and if you like a grippy floppy soft putter you may fall in love with these (I did for a moment).

The last thing I want to note is the problem I have with the putters. and it resides with two issues the first affecting the second. 1) Due to the logo on the top and the nature of the material (rubber) these discs lack the glide of traditional plastic polymers. The nature of Rubber is somewhat counter productive to flight at low speed thus they all have a similar fade at the end of their flights stalling out their distance potential but making them very predictable. Vibram also found that the Logo in the flight plate assist that low speed fade. At the beginning of the throw (when a disc is moving the fastest) the logo has no effect as it is spinning so fast air is able to move around it. As the disc RPMs decrease the logo acts more like a wall lowering the aerodynamics of the disc. This does make the discs extremely predictable because you know what they'll do every time but leads us to 2) due to the material and logo players will develop a tenancy to muscle throw the disc into flight as opposed to projecting the disc into flight which causes bad form and develops bad habits. So while these discs can teach you a lot (explained at the end) they will build bad habits for the future. Think of how you throw a baseball as opposed to a soccer ball. A baseball pitcher is not simply muscling the ball, muscle helps, but the technique and form are what get the ball really going and allow for a variety of pitches. Throwing a soccer ball you muscle it as hard as you can to get it distance, technique is not as useful because of the nature of the object. And while a rubber disc is the same size, weight, and shape of a disc the nature of it is SOMEWHAT counter productive to good form.

Disagree if you like, I enjoy my vibram putters, this is just what I've found. They will teach you a lot alongside teaching bad form. They can teach you if you like overstable, stable, or understable putters/driving putters, deep rim or shallow rim, firm or soft, glide or drop, bead or no bead, and if you like Flop, roll, or skip (the Xlink turn into tires if you don't hit chains...).

So good luck and enjoy... hope that helps.
bravo! That was exactly what I was wondering.

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