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I was just looking at some video's on the Vibram Five Fingers.... http://www.vibramfivefingers.com/
I'm interested in trying them. More for going out and field practicing until my feet get stronger. I will definitely say they're not made to win any cosmetic awards.. they're funky looking. 
BUT ...for the people that have worn them disc golfing.. I and many others are curious:

( and many questions to take a stab at )

-Have you noticed less injuries to your back? ..  knees since you started using them? .. 
-Have you been more susceptible injuries out on the course than regular shoes?
-How do they hold up from the abuse of bad driving form (toe draggers) or concrete?  What about wet conditions?
-Does it hurt when you walk over sharp stones or roots?
-Do you recommend the KSO's or Trek's?
-Whats the life expectancy for a pair of these?
-Do they start stinking because you're wearing them barefoot all the time?
-Do they have insoles? .. can you replace them if there are?
-Is it annoying to wear these at tournaments because of constant questioning about them?

- Still more questions? .. well this is the thread to discuss everything about this product.

I searched the discgolfersrus forum and found comments spread all over the place... Here can be the central consensus of this product and how it pertains to disc golf. 


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I have seen these online. They look interesting. I also would like to know more.
a friend of mine has them and loves them. he hasn't had them long so i can't attest to their durability, but he says they are very comfortable.
I have a pair and I love them. I personally like being barefoot most of the time so these shoes give me that. Most people use them for running. I play with mine and they work great. I would get 1 size larger than your shoe size and get the socks with it. If you have the socks you have to wash them way less. If you choose to go with out the socks you just have to wash them like once a week.
How do they hold up? How long have you had them? Do you see any wear?
ok now for the ?'s...

The shoes actually fixed my back and knee problems...they are grippy on the pads but not as bad as trail shoes like Merrill's. IT's different for each person though. My back started feeling great and it seems to have helped immensly on all of my back pain. Doesn't mean that they won't cause you pain though. I think for me I am barefoot a lot anyways. SO the shoes made me feel like I usually do in berks or barefoot. Shoes constrict my feet and I think that is where MY back pain comes from.

The shoes hold up fine with toe dragging...the toes are all covered toes so they work great.
In the rain the shoes will slip immediately on PAINTED surfaces. Curbs...parking spot lines...all paint. (only downside that I have found in these shoes too...I have KSO's)

My feet are rough anyways so it doesn't hurt when I walk over things at all. You can feel the roots under your foot but it shouldn't hurt them. The rubber sole is enough protection IMO. I have walked over glass and other various sharp objects. A nail would go through immediately in all likely hood...but most course are covered in nails. So it shouldn't be a prob.

I have the KSO's and they are great. When it gets cold I wish I had the treks cause they are insulated a little better. But I don't know how much you can wash those since they aren't made of fabric. I think the Treks have thicker soles and better traction though. I am sure they are very similar though.

Don't know about how long they last. Have only had mine for 6 months. They are still holding up fine. Haven't worn in like 2 months due to cold weather.

Yes they will stink...especially if you are prone to having raunchy feet. This is why I got the injinji socks for them. They are expensive @ $12 a pair, but worth it to have the toes socks as far as I am concerned. But they wash with ease. Just throw them in with the laundry....air dry...good as new.

There are sorta insoles...I don't know...I mean it isn't really cooshy at all. A very thin shaped piece is in there just to seperate the sole from your foot. Insoles would almost defeat the purpose of the shoe. Which is to be barefoot. Made for running and watersports mainly. SO there isn't much of an insole.

Yes people ask you a lot...but you get use to it. I wore them to Bobby Bowden's last game and tons of people in the stands were like what are those....they are so cool...where do I get a pair. Others were like I own those they are awesome aren't they? It's not annoying though.

I think for most people these shoes are awesome. It will strengthen your muscles in and around your foot. Remember don't come with shoes born on our feet. So there shoes let us develope the muscles that we are naturally supppose to develope. Like I said for me these shoes fixed most of my back pain and knee pain. Granted you feet hurt a lot more...but I would rather have aching feet that I can kick up then an achy back pain that never goes away. The trade off is well worth it. Look into them more...and whenever you see someone wearing a pair ask them if they like them. I promise everyone will say they "LOVE THEM."
Sweet! Thanks!!
one of the open players from the fayetteville area wears these. Odd as hell but he loves them. Not for wet weather he says or cold. He did say they were made specifically for rock climbing (which I could see having individual toes) but he does love them. Not for me personaly, my flintstone toes have to be togehter to work right. :)
If I saw myself in shoes like that I would kick my own ass. too weird to even bother trying imo. Just wait until your baby toe kicks a mowed down tree stump and breaks! or you get a thorn between the toes.
Haven't used mine for disc golf. However, they are VERY comfortable. They remind me a lot like water socks, but obviously much more conforming to the feet. I can't say I've noticed any difference in my back pain (long hx of back issues), but my feet love them! No "pressure points" or aching feet with them. Kind of a funny side note. It took me quite some time to put them on for the first time. Can't believe I had to read the instuctions on how to put them on lol!
I can't see how they would hold up to some serious disc golf though? Man, cement tee's would seem to eat them up in no time, but I also believe in heavy lat. support in my disc golf shoes.
One other note. I'm sure you've read how to order your size, but if you haven't. Make sure you follow their measuring instructions.
I have a pair of the Vibram Flows, and I love them. Definitly wash them atleast 1 time a week. Also I would recomend getting a larger size than what you wear 1 to maybe 2 sizes. They are extremely comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone. I have used them for awhile now. The problems with durability are around the toes which is why you should get a size or 2 bigger.
Imagine if you broke and toe then had to pull it out of the toe slot. Makes my toes hurt just thinking about it.
I haven't got a full round in with mine yet because of the snowy conditions, but I will say my feet feel great in them. I have a pair of the KSOs. The first day I wore them was to work, after 8 hours my feet felt terrific, none of the normal sore spots, it was almost disappointing to remove them. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do on the course. Pointy rocks only cause mild pressure not pain (I stepped on a few just to check). My feet definitely like the all of the new input from the uneven ground.

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