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I just read a comment on another discussion that Mark E wrote.  It states that our permanent baskets (the Pro, top of the line targets) don't catch well.  I agree, a perfectly placed putt should stick and as we know they don't always do.  Now I have heard a lot of opinions about this subject.  I would like to hear some of your Ideas about how to improve targets to prevent this unfortunate extra stroke that we all have to deal with from time to time.  

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It's just part of the sport. Sometimes they hit dead center and spit out. Oh, maybe I should have slowed it down a bit. Stop whining and take control of your game. If one spits out on you, then make sure that the next one doesn't. It isn't the fault of the basket. If the game isn't challenging who will want to play?
I dont think anyone wants every putt that hits a chain to stick, just more consistancy in the ones that do. We don't want to eliminate the challenge just the luck factor in the last 3 seconds of each hole.
I know that I need to practice my putting WAY more than I do. And I know that I need to GREATLY improve before I can start complaining about basket designs. BUT...it's hard to hear about somebody not sticking that 50 to 80 foot putt 100% of the time. Come on, it's a 50 to 80 foot putt! You want to hit it EVERY SINGLE TIME?! Well, who wouldn't? I'd love to hit every single 20 to 25 footer. All of em. But isn't that part of the excitement factor of the game? Trying to hit the perfect drive/approach/putt, and then when you do...make it happen again? It's the great equalizer. It doesn't happen every time. That's why it is so exciting and, yes, beautiful, when it does happen. It makes for that one moment when you can talk trash, and back it up. It also allows for those of us who are the average shmoe to, every now and then, make up a stroke against the mighty disc warriors. That's why I carry an extra pair of shorts and underwear in my golf cart, for when I do hit that 50 to 80 foot putt.
I suggest we create a gravitational singularity in the basket so that any disc within a few light years is sucked in..
why say things like that? you obviously don't care for people expressing opinions that are different from yours. Your sarcasm does nothing but fuel the fire
Lighten up man! It's called humor. I just don't agree with this whole "We need to redesign the baskets" thing. I have seen putts in ball golf that look like they are going to go down but then pop out. You don't hear ball golfers saying that the cup needs to be redesigned. It's part of the game. Deal with it.
Let's not kid ourselves. I play ball golf as well. Yes, every now and then something goofy happens but that's often more a matter of poor greens keeping. I don't think it's possible for a putt that hits the bottom of the cup to pop out. You hit the center of the cup with the right speed and gravity will do the rest. I almost think a hole for disc golf would work just fine as well for that matter. Some courses do utilize a basket dug into the ground. I would miss aiming for an object held a few feet in the air however.

Why are you so against the basket being redesigned? If in ball golf the basket was 1 inch deep, they'd redesign it because golfers would complain. They switched to a heaver ball for kick-offs in football because they were kicking them out of the field too often. Also, ball golf has been around a LOT longer than disc golf. They've had time to make the necessary changes and they have. We are in our infancy as a sport. We should be afraid to design a better basket...or something different alltogether.

Let's get rid of the bloop single.

And the Brooklyn strike.

Eliminate the lip out, too.

Lucky bounces shouldn't count, either.

Darn this unpredictable world.

(There is no perfect basket, nor will there be. Although I did hear that someone was working on a new design called the Holy Grail, but we'll have to wait on that, I guess.)
Some words of wisdom for all you redesign people...

If it aint broke don't fix it.

Don't redesign the wheel.

Who says that baskets aren't good enough. Such a subjective thing. For every one of you that says they need to be redesigned, I can probably find two people who disagree. Granted there are differences between different makes and models of basket and the PDGA should probably have some standard as far as the bigger tournaments go, but I think that all of this redesign talk is a lot of grumbling about nothing. The world is not perfect, shots are not perfect and baskets are not perfect. I had an ace run splash chains the other day and not stick. I didn't say, "That basket sucks". Instead I thought, "Maybe next time". So some pro in some video missed a putt and whined about it. Get over yourself.

One thing that hasn't even been mentioned would be the extra cost of replacing 18 baskets. They already cost a lot and I'm sure that a redesign would only add more to that cost.

Go outside, have a beer, throw a round and be happy.
A deeper basket, raised toward the top to make the vertical sweet spot smaller would work IMO. This would give the disc less time to fall out of the basket before gravity takes it into the bottom.
If the hole is messed up in ball golf the rules say that you are allowed to fix it. If the line on your putt is messed up you are allowed to fix that as well. If they can not fixed it the ball will be moved to a better spot. The baskets do need to be improved if disc golf wants to grow. I would guess that you have never made a good putt that doesnt stick that costs you hundreds of dollars, it sucks. No one wants to watch that on T.V.

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