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I just read a comment on another discussion that Mark E wrote.  It states that our permanent baskets (the Pro, top of the line targets) don't catch well.  I agree, a perfectly placed putt should stick and as we know they don't always do.  Now I have heard a lot of opinions about this subject.  I would like to hear some of your Ideas about how to improve targets to prevent this unfortunate extra stroke that we all have to deal with from time to time.  

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The only good idea I have for a better target would be an object target with sensors to indicate it if had been struck. But it'd probably be really expensive and prone to "technical difficulties." It would also lack the satisfaction of having your object come to rest in the target.

Oh and a have serious, half commical answer for a new target would just be really big holes in the ground. I think it would work just fine. Sometimes I target practice for my in-law's fire-pit and it's kinda fun. Putting would be more of a upside-down slide technique. There wouldn't be arguments about bad putts going in or good putts jumping out...plus we might catch a few tigers in the process.
I strongly doubt that anyone would be able to make a basket that catches every putt. Imagine if a group of disc golf world champions, engineers, and metal fabricators got together and designed the "perfect basket." I would bet every penny that I have that the product that they produce would still have some flaws. It would have far less flaws, and it would be fantastically expensive, but people would still blame bad putts on a supposedly bad basket.

I think that the fundamental issue is that there are too many minute details that make a putt stick for anyone to truly have the "perfect putt." People like Feldberg are much closer than the rest of us to perfection, but no one is perfect. That said, I'm sure that improvements can be made, and I'm sure that the pros are the best qualified to suggest how to do that.
At least make the chains go all the way to the bottom of the basket. On the Innova discatchers there is about 6 inches from the bottom of the basket to the end of the chains. I have hit that pole numbrous times and poped out. I think that is a design flaw in the innova basket that can be easily fixed.
Ok, let me put this gently and with due respect.

For all of you who think a good putt to the center of the chains always sticks: you are wrong.

To all those who believe that your putt, which looked perfect, then bounced back out or sliced through, must therefore have been somehow flawed: sorry, you are mistaken.

To those who are of the impression that the current design of baskets is good: you are misinformed and delusional.

Let me put this simply. Baskets suck. They do not catch well.

When I throw a bad shot I blame myself. I don't blame the disc. The disc did what I caused it to do. When I hit a tree or other obstacle I don't blame the obstacle. There is no conspiracy at work. The universe, even if it hates me, is not out to get me. I understand that a certain degree of luck is inherently involved in disc golf. But I understand that our equipment design and course design should act to diminish the luck factor so that skill becomes the factor which differentiates between winning and losing.

But there is no excuse for baskets. They Suck. They do not catch well. They are arbitrary. Weak putts are rewarded. Perfect putts are rejected.

Baskets allow an unacceptable degree of luck to enter the game. It cheapens and diminishes the game I love. There is no excuse for it.

If those of you who support baskets are correct then you should be able to point out the player or the putting style which is not susceptible to bounce outs or blow throughs. There are many fine, world class putters out there. I have studied and spoken to many of them. I have spent hundreds of hours practicing putting and tried many different styles. Here is my conclusion: Baskets Suck. If I am wrong then tell me who does it right. Certainly someone must have figured it out by now, right?
What would you suggest as an alternative to baskets?
"What would you suggest as an alternative to baskets?"

A well designed basket. I am not an engineer but I suspect some sort of mesh around the inner chains would resolve most of the issues.

I'm not seeking perfection. Merely good would be fine.

Under the current basket design, when a good player throws the apparently perfect putt, what happens?

They hold their breath.
The new design should A> make the basket dish part deeper, and B> inside the outer chains there should be a second set of heavier chains in the same configuration just more vertical almost like a V.
I love how you start off with the desire to be gentle and respectful and then continue with "you're wrong" "you're mistaken" and "baskets Suck". You should really stop hiding your feelings and just come right out and say how you feel lol. I would like to see a design that catches better tho.
But he's well spoken and grabs your attention... then he gets to the point. Man, he should be a lawyer! Joking aside Mark. I can say I've played/putted on some nice baskets. Slightly modified by our group (Added some more chains). What I see, is that there are many different models. Now that's were I see the flaws. A multitude of different baskets and some that really suck. Now I'm not a fan of "big brother" but there is a time when the governing body has to step up (see Phil Mickelson last week and his wedge) and make some giudelines for baskets to be used in a sanctioned event.
Wow. Really? The baskets are designed poorly? Cmon guys. Boo Hoo Dave F. As for sanctioned events...it's home field advantage then, like any other sport. What next?..."We shouldn't play at this time of day for sanctioned events..the sun is too bright." Bottom line is, the putt doesn't count unless it stays in. So if you think you had an absolutly flawless putt, and it gets kicked out....it obviously wasn't flawless. Someone HAS to agree with me. Pick any sport and apply the same logic. Of all the factors that are not able to be controlled by a player on this planet that can affect a putt, we are choosing that the baskets are not designed good enough. WOW

Is there a basketball player out there who thinks the goal should be bigger or ball smaller? Maybe, when he's not good enough to hit the shot the way it is. Is there a baseball player somewhere that thinks home plate should be closer to first base, maybe so if he's not fast enough or can't hit the ball far enough to get there in time.

Play the course and with the equipment, design and rules that are in place. I'm surprised at Mark's comments for sure! I'm sure he was throwing at a pole when he first started playing. I though we were going to get the ole "...up hill 3 miles in 4 feet of snow..." speech.
damn, i always type too much.... sorry

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