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I have been playing for a little while now.

I have used standing putts.

I have used straddle putts.

I have even done jump putts.

But the last putt I learned is the "Walking Putt"

It is used like the Jump Putt, outside thirty feet.

But unlike the Jump Putt, I have that I am more accurate

with the "Walking Putt".

Basically, I pace myself several paces behind my marker.

When I do my approach, I just "walk" towards my marker

and release or putt my disc.


Now my question is this..........

Do I have to release my disc before I pass my marker

or do I release my disc before my foot lands after the marker ?


I have asked several players, and I can not get a specific ruling.

Some say as long as I release my putter from my hand before my

foot lands after my marker, I am safe.

Some say that I have to release my putter before my foot passes the marker.


Can someone point out the specifics ?



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You said it "  Some say that I have to release my putter before my foot passes the marker."


Same with Jump Putting. You Have to release the Disc , before ANY forward momentum .  Otherwise it is considered CHEATING.  I see so many people CHEAT. Some even Jump Putt , inside 10 meters and will continue to do so , until caught.


Some just can not show balance !!!

If you pass your marker, You need to release the disc before your foot hits the ground. As long as your in that your clear.

See what I mean......

Two so far says that it is OK to Walk Putt as long as I release my putter

before my foot that passes my marker hits the ground.

And one says that I have to release my putter before my foot passes

my marker.

When I play, I come across the same problem.

So say this and some say that.


But I only do a walking putt if I am clearly passed 30 feet.


When I use to Jump Putt, I had no control of my disc and it would

flop in the air.

But with the Walking Putt, my putts are more direct versus being floppy.


Where is our rules guru, Mr. Kennedy?

I haven't seen Chuck check in on any comments here in awhile.

Rule 803.04

B. Stepping past the marker disc is permitted after the disc is released, except when putting within 10 meters.



I have always understood that you have to release the disc before any other part of your body passes your marker.


The question was'nt how do you take a step, it was do you have to release the disc before you step over your marker, and according to the PDGA rule book, Yes you do.

Trevor gave you the proper rule and Josh gave you the proper explanation. You need to be 32' 10"  feet, not 30 feet away from the basket, it is 10 meters. As long as you have one foot at the disc or mini and the other foot does not touch before release, you are golden. I see people who do it wrong all the time, you might want to video yourself when you practice it to see if you really are letting the disc go at the proper time.

Not exactly. Obviously, people lean into a putt, even if they keep their foot on the ground.

I've been using the walk-up or two-step putt in competition since a couple months before it won the 87 PDGAW for me and for YEARS prior to that in speed-golf.

Most of the time, I don't need to over-step my lie on a walk-up putt, and can hold position in the follow-thru.

But, there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the legality of the 'jump-putt', as it relates to the timing of the release, compared to the position of the foot.

802.04- "Throwing from a stance", says this...

"B. When the disc is released, a player must:
1. Have at least one supporting point that is in CONTACT with the lie; and...
2. Have no supporting point in contact with the marker disc or any object (including the playing surface) closer to the target than the rear edge of the marker disc; and,
3. Have all supporting points in-bounds.

Outside of 10 meters, this tends to leave a bit of gray area, in my eyes.
I read it as the lead foot should still be ON the lie at the moment of release. But, a 'properly' executed jump-putt is likely to be released at the moment of the jump. Personally, I find it almost impossible to tell if this breaks the stance rule or not, as each jump-putt may have to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Obviously, that's not going to happen, nor could it truly be expected to be done with ANY degree of consistency.

To the best of my knowledge, the walk-up putt poses no violation, provided the plant foot falls within the proper stance.

The JUMP putt, however, is another story.
Personally, I think the jump putt, outside 10M, is another dynamic aspect of the game and should be allowed... provided there are no supporting points TOUCHING THE GROUND in front of the lie. But this sort of 'broader' ruling tends to invite interpretive abuses.

That's all I've got for now.

So I guess I'll play it "Safe" for now on.

I'll continue to walk putt, and I'll release my disc as my

right foot lands and stops behind my marker.  But, I'll just

stop myself from walking forward passed my marker.

It'll be harder for me, stopping my forward progress behind

my marker.... But Disc Golf is about "Practice, practice, practice."

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