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I've been playing about three years.My home course is z-boaz.I'm lucky to get out more than once a week.I have a pretty decent short game.The problem is a good drive for me is about 250-280 feet.My buddies usually have no problem outdriving me by 30-50 feet.I use a (3)175 valkyrie a 172 beast a 175 star SL and a 174 leopard.what kind of drills or such can I do quickly before a round to get my snap a little higher?

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ive seen some pros whip their towel like a they are snapping a towel before rounds, i dunno if it does much though. maybe just loosen up your wrist more.
1. Be sure you are using a power grip with all four fingers inside the rim.
2. Use the proper run-up the X-step
3. Release flat. Starting and finishing at chest height with the disc level.
4. Practice your distance in an open field. This is the only true way to see what your discs are doing and allows you to rip-it.
5. Concentrate on a smooth release. Flutter is your enemy.
What Noah said.. Dont forget to follow through each shot with your opposite elbow.
Put a hockey net on top of a picnic table and let em rip into that from 10-15' out.
helped one of the clubs young guns develope arm speed and snap. he got more tired from walking back and forth then from throwing. He's throwing much longer shots now.
If anyone else tries it let me know how it works.
Bruce Brakel knows. He may not be willing to tell you how he did it. Bruce played for years and was a weeny arm. Somehow, as an old guy, he developed serious power.

Bruce is a lawyer. Maybe you can bribe him.
Usually when I see some one maxing out at about 280' it's because of a lack of shoulder rotation. When you reach back, concentrate on turning your shoulders back just a little bit farther. Use the rotation of your hips and shoulders to generate speed--don't just throw with your arm. And, yes, follow through is important; If you do not allow the back part of your body to follow through properly, you are probably decelerating right before impact and not getting a good snap.

Try slowing things down a bit. Throwing with 50% power will help you keep everything smooth and coordinated. Once you have a good feel for the motion and are getting good distance with little effort, start speeding things up again.

Hope that helps.
I'm with Matt about slowing the mechanics down.
I was hitting a wall of averaging 350 ft. A local pro just told me to simply slow down and hit all the motions. He said.." you have the technique and rhythm...just slow it down" Go out to an open field and start with no run up.. move to short step and release.. and then to a full run up and releasing. Some people will stick with a nice midrange disc to ensure proper form. You can tell right away with a Roc if you didn't throw it the way you wanted to. Oh.. BEFORE rounds.. I would say just warm up by putting and getting you're wrist loose. Most people will do a run up before the actual drive to stretch out their wrist. That's all I got. Good luck.
ive heard a couple high ranking pros say stuff simalar to those who r telling youi to slow it down, but the best advice ive heard is start slow (run up, reaach back) and end fast (rip and snap). that will help you keep the fluid movement but also generate the disc speed needed to get the distance. flutter is your enemy, the snap should be involentary if you do every thing else right. in the future when you get the feel down the start adding zipp to to your wrist snap, as the snap you add above the natuarl movement will only add a little distance, most will come from proper mechanics and follow through.
Thanks guys I'll give these pointers a try.

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