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Hello All Discrafters,

I am wanting to broaden my horizons a bit and get in to some Discraft discs. I'm not really looking to replace any of my putt, approach, or mid-range discs. However, I do feel my bag may be missing a few shots that I could possibly fill with some Discraft discs.

I have been throwing the following:

BH Distance - 168 Pro Boss
FH Distance - 172 DX Destroyer
Control - 169 Star Valkyrie
Turnover - 175 Star Roadrunner

Any suggetions?

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Sean, if you don't throw your discraft let me know what you have--there are a few models I'm wanting to procure and will buy off you if avaialable---Predator, Surge, Buzzz, Challenger to be exact--good luck this weekend--give me a ring...
BH D: Z nuke (ESP is flippier)
FH D: Z Force or Z Nuke
Control: Z surge and ESP OR Z Predator
Mid: Z Buzzz and Z Wasp
Overhand: Z preds and flicks
Turner: Avenger SS
Putter: GET A CHALLENGER!!!!!!!!
On a side note a predator is the most useful disc in my bag as I trow side arm, backhand and forehand really just depending on on the direction of the shot and if it calls for a driver more times than not itll be a pred, I highy recomend it!
i just won a bunch of dc's in the fore corners open x avenger, crystal z avenger ss,d cyclone,d buzz
i have a new unthrown soft challenger, a z reaper, a 07 delaware ams championship esp predator (well used)and two discs that will cost ya a esp force ace disc and a buzzz gt (they are no longer produced, only reason i bought it.) i will be sure to bring my extras in case you or anyone else wants to buy or trade. see ya at grindy
Sam Smith,

I looked at your page and see you are from a small town in New Mexico that doesn't have a disc golf course. So probably there is no local store which carries discs and it may be difficult for you to find Discraft discs or compare them to the discs in your bag. You are not alone as disc golf is an emerging sport and some areas of the country have not yet discovered the sport and others where Discraft's distribution network has not reached.

Without watching you throw I don't know what your form and power are. Looking at the Innova discs you throw, you might want to try Flashes, Surges (Surge SS's, too), Rogues and Nukes. While you may not be looking for new putters and mids it is always fun to experiment with new stuff and Discraft has very popular models to try (Magnets, Challengers, Buzzz's, Wasps and if you have the touch to control it, the Rattler).

If you don't mind spending the money you can go on the internet and buy a bunch of discs and hope that some of them work out. But that is sort of like walking in a music store and buying CD's based on the art on the cover. You don't know what you are getting. Well there may be a way to fly before you buy.

One is to buy used discs from other players. The other is to find a sponsored player (in your state Sheila Kirkham, who is really nice and a fine player).

Most sponsored players will let you try out discs and give you tips about your throwing form. I get contacted regularly by players looking for help with their games: either a particular disc for a shot or a way to adjust their form to control a particular flight.
Thanks for the feedback Mark!

We do in fact have a disc golf course in our small town. We built it ourselves. It is twenty holes and 7200ft long. (if it appears that I am proud of my creation, that's because I am) Anyways, you are correct in assuming that we really don't have any place to buy discs. We have one sporting goods store that is twenty miles away and until recently they only carried Innova discs in DX plastic.

So......for the most part we all throw Innova, because that is what we started with. I know I could get my hands on some Discraft discs, I just wanted to narrow it down before I went around buying a boat load of discs I didn't need.

I do seem to here a lot about the Flash, the XL, and of course the Buzzz. Perhaps this would be a great place to start.
Cool, thanks Sean...Unfortunately I'm not going to make it to the tourney this weekend. I just don't have the funds. I'm sure I will see you at the State Tourney, and I will definitely take you up on your offer.
Just want to give a shout out for the Impact. It is rated a zero turn long range driver. I use it in tight tree situations because when released with hyzer, it flips up straight and then just keeps going, fading very slowly if at all. It also works well as a turnover shot disc. Its not the longest driver in my bag (R-pro Boss), but it is the straightest and most reliable. I haven't found an innova disc that does what this one does.

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