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I have a wasp and a Buzzzz (well three of them) and I am wondering what is the real difference. I see little difference in throwing them other then the Buzzz goes a little further.

I do not have a Drone, but I am looking at buying one so I have the hive experience.

What is the real difference between these three discs?

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Z -Drone Rocks. More stable than the Wasp or the Buzzz.
What does the stability mean to me? I notice very little difference between an understable and overstable disc.
Overstable will tend to drift away from the body. Understable will turn over towards the body.
Try them into a headwind. You will notice the diff then. I only tend to use my Z Drone for big hyzer shots or when the wind is blowin good >15mph. For me I had no use for the Wasp. That is what my Roc is for. The Buzzz I only use on calm days.
But the Core is about to replace it and the Millinnium Sentinal just might replace my Drone. It's not as stable, but I can use it for a wider aray of shots. I do find it odd that you don't notice a diff in flight patterns, even if it's not windy. You should see one disc turning to the left or right (depending on how you throw) more than the other.....Hmmmm
I agree that the Wasp and Buzzz are pretty similar. I ended up getting rid of my Wasp cause it was only slightly more overstable than my Buzzz. Got the Zone to fill the overstable mid range slot. I'm about 99% sure you'd notice the difference between those two. I'm also considering the drone simply because so many people swear by them. I'm hoping it will have the stability of the Zone with more range.
The Drone is a bit more stable (2.6 i think in Z plastic) Don't know if your going to get more "D" though. I only threw the Zone several times, but I think it was longer. If you are looking for more stability and distance you should try the Sentinal by Millinnium or a 150 class Flick? Just some ideas, but the Sentinal is a really nice disc. Nice feel to it.
Looking for more D than anything. I love everthing about the Zone, maybe I'm just greedy to want it to fly as far as my buzzz. What does the rim of the Sentinal feel like? Is it more like a Discraft mid range feel, or more like a fairway driver?
I can throw the Buzzz pretty much where I want it backhand, but it flops to much for my sidearm flick throws. That’s where my Wasp comes in. The Wasp is also a nice short range roller. I cant stand the Drone! Its to much like the Comet… Very unforgiving! I’ve been playing around with the Sentinel and Aurora, since most of my drivers are Millennium. I never thought anything would ever replace my Buzzz, but the Aurora might just be that disc!
It reminds me of a slightly thinner Buzzz. It fits very nice in my hand. I also have big hands, but I have no problem with the Sentinal. Like I've said earlier. I havn't thrown the Zone much, but the Sentinal is my longest midrange. Thats probably one of the reasons the Zone never made it in my bag for very long. I can really rip the Sentinal and not worry about turning it over.
buzzz= dead straight or sweeping annys and turnovers, Wasp= straight to left and big hyzers, Drone= my forehand midrange I carry all three
my flx drone is actually and good bit more stable than my Z 2.6- flx and 2.5-Z and you can really tell the diff
I hated my z drone for the first month.They take a while to get dialed in . Once you do though they're money . just learn how to play the huge ass skip your gonna get. My x wasp seems seems to be the domiest and most overstable of the plastics while esp is flippy horse s#$t. still workin with various buzzs but my beat blue x is anny money. I'm kinda doing the oppisite of rescue and moving away from cores to buzzs . cores don't seem to break in well get weird and unpredictable after about 3 or 4 months of hard use. screw it maybe it"s time to just throw rocs.

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