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I have seen this sport becoming more and more popular by the day. Obviously there is profit to be made, hence all the new equipment manufacturers. The old "standards" like Discraft, Innova, and Revolution bags are losing market share to the newcomers.

I believe the sport will be better off because of the competition in the long run, but during this "popularity growth spurt" there will be those that enter the market with less than desirable goods and the old "standards" may comprimise quality to compete with the newcomers just to stay alive. Eventually it should all shake out, but right now I am finding Quality Control issues among several of the products I have recently purchased.

We are the sport and we should control the outcome since we are the end users. We need to stay attuned to new developments and avoid products that don't meet our expectations. This website is a great place to exchange ideas and information. We talk a lot about what is "good", but it would be nice to have an archive list of things and Mfg's to stay away from. We owe at least that much to our fellow golfers as well as noobs entering the sport.

For example: R-Pro plastic - Don't waste your money!

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this list that can be readily accessed, updated, dowloaded, printed? Seperate website, group club, etc.

Any other thoughts on this matter?


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there will ALWAYS be inconsistencies in products as well as opinions and I agree that the products should be pointed out that have issues with their quality control.

an example of the opinion side of it would be R-Pro plastic... I LOVE IT! 

we share opinions on forums because that is the fairest and fastest way to help each other make educated purchases. but we must be careful not to make sweeping indictments against a product or company based on opinion instead of actual quality control issues. that is both unfair and hurtful to a company that may, in the long run, become a great success story for the owner and a member of our community. because, in the end, the owners of these companies are also members of our community and love the sport .


Read enough discussions on discs and I conclude that EVERY disc is good---for someone. 

Having run dps (displayersports.com) it always comes down to 2 things, the customer and the customer.

Being a customer myself, I play too, try to create and sell only products that are of good quality.

Now if you notice, there are more and more 'disc' sellers. Just go no ebay, you will see.

Disc sales is a 'cuthroat' mentality.

Until the disc manufacturers can hold the line on msrp this will not change. 

Funny, how a disc price can range from $29.99 to $18.95 on the same disc.

A great product does not create sales, you have to have someone to buy it.

Hence an economy to back up the economy.

It takes money to make disc golf fly....

Customer service is one thing, but if the customer is too poor to buy anything, than what do you do?

Why do you believe Harley Davidson reemerged as a yuppie motorcycle, to survive.

How may yuppies play disc golf?


Informal for (y)oung (U)rban (P)rofessional, or Yup. turned into yuppie in the 1980's. A term used to describe someone who is young, possibly just out of college, and who has a high-paying job and an affluent lifestyle. Can now be used to describe any rich person who is not modest about their financial status. Yuppiedom (yuppie-dum)is a term used to describe an involvement in being a yuppie.

You talk about the surge of the smaller boutique companies and how they are good for growth. When I played little league, me and my friends all had cheap, mass-produced equipment. We didn't know if we wanted to commit. Quality in disc golf really comes down to consistency and innovation. It takes a good while for a players arm enough to be consistent to notice differences in disc consistency(Major inconsistencies notwithstanding) , and Newbies don't know what is innovative and what isn't. These new companies are good for the old guard and the advanced player, but new guys just want a fun time for cheap.

Interesting topic...I have been playing the sport now for six month...I have already purchased almost 60 discs, 3 bags, and joined the PDGA as an AM. I certainly am not looking for cheap discs, etc. But, have been really exploring different discs, different companies, different weights, etc. So, if I am a typical new player, be calm, the future of the sport is fine. My concern, is actually the reputation of the game in the US. 

Everyone I try to share the game with, almost to a person, has a bad view of the game as a haven for pot smokers, people who walk 18 with a case of beer, etc. 

I think when we can overcome that image, the game will really grow in the US. 

I agree with you on your chief concerns. People just don't have a good view of disc golf. Personally, most of the people I talk to don't have the perception of marijuana-smoking and beer-swilling discers, but they see disc golf as a silly casual game for suburbanites or kids. People don't think it's worth taking seriously at all. These two perceptions, disc golf for deviants or for yuppies are the biggest thing that I've seen stopping the growth of disc golf.

After reading the differing views about our sport I would like to make a few comments on the subject.  Starting with equipment manufactures, these companies will live or die by the qualty of their equipment, people will not continue to buy it if it is of poor quality and performance.  Now for what people think of the sport of Dics GolfI have found that most people have either not heard of Dics Golf or are interested in it enough to ask about it. I have only been playing about three and a half years. This  happens when I am in one of the local parks practicing, The intrest is there, we just have to share our sport even though there are some Disc Golfers who give us a bad name.  Long live Disc Golf. 

A list of shabby discs wouldn't be fair for us more experienced players who had experiment and learn to throw anything anyway. The newbies would skip the whole understable side of the cluthra of discs out there. There would be brokens arms all over the course. Besides who wants to be a money hungry ball golfer. Let the sport grow by the throw.

more manufacturers, the better for consumers

A month later, I am up to 79 discs, have added a discgolfplanet.tv membership and am now on the rolls to test drive proto discs with some companies...LOVE this sport!!!

But, I continue to run into people who do not play who reference pot use...and still run into people playing on the courses in town who are blazing as they are playing...

Personally, I am against illegal drug usage...but, if that is your choice...do it safely at home...frustrated that as I try to share my new found love and passion for this sport I am getting push back from people who think it is a pot smoker, hippie sport...maybe it is where I live, but this is getting frustrating. 

Interesting topic! I think that companies that fail to execute with quality control will weed themselves out just like any other industry. This very thing is what allows our economy to be so great, even though it isnt so hot right now. I could, or you could start a disc manufacturing company that blows the competition out of the water, all that means is that other companies will strive to make a better disc to compete with you, which in the end means, more great discs to choose from.

Its up to the everyday, discloving players to promote the sport in a healthy and attractive way. We really need.....ATTRACTION rather than PROMOTION. The stigma will fade away as the sport grows, IMO.

I love the game and will continue to support new companies if their products are of good quality and make sense for me to purchase. I will also continue to show younger kids, and older folks how to play the game and encourage them to participate in our leagues and clinics..........for the love of the game!


I think that if we all as players handled ourselves in a way that was in a positive light for the sport that would make a huge difference.  I think that all things being equal to any other sport, the community in Disc golf is what makes it great.

Growth can easily be had through decency and courtesy.  Encouraging a new player along and always being the epitome of decency to passers by.  There will always be the smokers and drinkers, (go watch any business team softball league)  Those realities exist because they exist.  Not because Disc golfers gravitate to smoking ganj or that ganja smokers gravitate to throwing discs.  It is just easy to do both at the same time.  Guys who play racket ball smoke in their cars before they go play, because they can't do that ish in the YMCA.  It is just easy to do these things walking around in the open.  A crime of opportunity.

It isn't up the the manufactuer of anything. It is always upto the end user (guns don't kill people, I do sorta thing)

To throw what is now a dumb chilche and the answer to all this in, be the change you want to see.

Don't openly smoke, don't openly drink.

Take the time to talk so someone (kids and their folks especially)  Be the decent person to them that they wouldn't mind being around.

Make New players comfortable and give them some tips, LAUGH WITH THEM and invite them back...

Show people that DG is fun and be a person out having fun and more people will join you.  Catch more flies with honey sorta thing.

Don't wait for the manufactures to do ANYTHING.  It isn't their job.  Their job is to make things to sell, not make people to buy it.  They do a great job of growing the sport but we all as individuals can do better every-single-day to grow the sport.  

I once was beat by a friend using a CD and a shoe and that was probably the most fun I ever had on the course.  Innova didn't do that,  Memorex and Addidas had a hand in it but at the end of the day, we had a blast and my friend who beat me like that still plays today, 10+years later.

Be good.  Do good.  Have fun.

I am off to work on my sentence structure and general coherence

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