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What are peoples thoughts on the new Super Class discs & how do they relate to "real" Disc Golf?

What is " real" Disc Golf? Can a Super Class only tournament be anything more than a novelty to an already experienced disc golfer? Like a mini disc tournament? I can appreciate how using the familiar "Frisbee" could encourage new players to throw at there local course and I can also appreciate the challenge of navigating your local par 3 course the way it was originally designed to be played. But, I personally reject the statement that these new Super Class discs will be more like "real" golf due to increased emphasis on accuracy & touch VS technology & power. If anything Super Class disc golf is much less like "real" golf and I believe our discs should continue to fly farther & faster and that even the best courses of today will one day be just as obsolete as the short par 3 courses of our sports past. True par 4's & 5's don't need to be heavily wooded, the answer needs to be capable & inventive course designers with the vision needed to foresee the true direction this game is headed. So, while we wait for these next generation courses to be built, I suppose we should welcome the benefits of the Super Class for preserving our courses, growing our sport & challenging our game. What do you think?

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Hootie said:
Ryne, I dont agree. Other sports have different classes within the one sport, and it has not negatively affected the sport (look at archery, you have compound shooters, recurve shooters, barebow shooters, longbow shooters, then you have target, field and bowhunting!). The one argument that I think may be valid (at least where disc golf is very popular) is that it MAY increase wait times at tees, which would suck a bit. But lets give this new variation of disc golf a "fair go" before we start rejecting it out of hand. Lets see what US (the disc golf community) feel about it, after all its up to us as to whether we like it or not, and ultimately whether or not it will flourish or die. What will divide disc golfers is if some of us reject Super Class without even giving it a chance, as then there'll be problems between the two groups, which IS something we want to avoid.

Maybe go and have a throw before we reject this idea, I know that I for one can appreciate a huge 50-foot gliding approach shot that seems to hang in the sky forever just as much as I enjoy watching a huge ripping 500 foot drive! The PDGA would not be supporting it unless at least some of its members are supporting it, so someone must be pushing to get this class introduced.

And as for that talk about the future of disc golf, I agree that it looks like the sport is going longer and longer, but I know I love having to THINK about my throw if I have a difficult lie, and tighter technical holes force you to do this more often, and to practice throws like thumbers, tomahawks, rollers, skip shots, grenades, etc. Also, players who may not have the strength to throw long distances or are just starting out in the sport may not be able to get the huge distance required to play these longer courses, which means that they will get discouraged quicker and maybe give the sport away, which is another thing we have to be careful to avoid. There'll always be a place for shorter, tighter and more technical courses, and it adds variety to the sport, which makes it more interesting for everyone. From what I've heard, in the Japan Open you're only allowed to throw 150-class discs, and a lot of the worlds top pros play that tournament, so different classes are already within disc golf, this is just a new option for people to try.

And by the way Steve, about ball golf using bigger balls and clubs to entice younger players? Do a google search for SUPA GOLF..... and it is pretty popular over here.

Why do we have to reject something without even trying it? Also, disc golf (especially in the Open Division) IS getting more and more like ball golf.... watch some of the DVDs and you'll see long, well-manicured fairways and mostly pretty wide open holes (exactly like ball golf). Is it such a crime if a group of players want to put the focus back on accuracy rather than who can throw the longest? I don't know whether I will be a regular Super Classer or not (I'll let you know once I've thrown them a bit), but I'm not going to criticise a new initiative before I have a chance to try it and THEN judge it on its merits.

I agree with you that we (the DG Community) will ultimately decide the future of Super Class and the role that it plays in the sport. And also like you, I appreciate a perfectly executed, tight lined upshot almost more than a huge crush. I live on top of a mountain and all the courses we have up here are tightly wooded, I cringe to think about a future where distance and power are more important than technique I rarely pump a drive past 380, I was simply voicing the opinions of many new players I have talked to on the course about why they got hooked on disc.

No matter what the future, I'll keep hukin and let the community as a whole decide where the sport goes
i dont have a problem with the PDGA bringing in this new leage but if they are doing this to promote or make the sport easier for people to play i think that maybe rather than having a super leage then maybe they should have a 150 class or lighter. I think the word disc golf relates to the shape and flight of what we throw now. I guess they could call the new leage Frolf.

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