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What are some good beginner discs for a forearm or a sidearm thrower?

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I love throwing my quarter K II for my side arm throw, I tried to throw it backhand but it does'nt work to well for me.
hey bro, what do you recommend for discs that are thrown sidearm, that is all i throm 95 % of the time. I mainly throw a talon, express and whippet for mids. Any recomendations for discs starting straight and then going left and not right for a sidearm . also i throw a whippet for my mids but need a rec. for the same type of disc as a whippet but goes further. Turning the disc to the left is really hard for me and i REALLY need to find discs thag go tot he left. i have a roadrunner at it seems to do well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ANY THING for sidearm, Thanks so much and God Bless.n
If you want a good beginner disc just go get a Buzzz or Comet and throw it. Learn how you throw and adjust to longer discs from there.
After years of throwing sidearm, I have not found a disc that flies as predictably as the Valkyrie.
I would suggest the following for a forehand thrower like me:

Quest's Raging Inferno (not DT version) - DISTANCE DRIVER

Quest's Inferno (just slightly overstable) - DISTANCE DRIVER

Gateway's Illusion (fast) - DISTANCE DRIVER

Quest's T-Bone (80/20 version is like a TeeBird) - FAIRWAY DRIVER

Quest's Backbone (if you only get one midrange, this should be it - AMAZING CONTROL!!) - MID-RANGE
What? I like the valk but you have to throw it w so much hyzer and in a headwind u might as well be trying to roll it!! Try a domey Champ Boss or Destroyer, way more predictable!! Just throw lighter weights.

DJMJ said:
After years of throwing sidearm, I have not found a disc that flies as predictably as the Valkyrie.
Boss and Destroyer. These are what work for most people I know.
thanks to all, i really appreciate the help!!
mark ellis said:
It really depends on your background in sports before disc golf. Very few players start out with a great backhand snap but quite a few do on a forehand snap. If you have a strong arm throwing a baseball (or other similar task) then you will have a strong arm throwing forehands and overheads (thumbers and tomahawks), now you just need to learn to control them.

Most forehanders prefer flat-topped discs and more overstable discs than backhanders but this is not an absolute rule. If you do not have a strong arm then you will not want as overstable a disc (overstable means it cuts hard in one direction at the end of its flight) ((to the right for a right-handed forehander, to the left for a left-handed forehander)) . The more overstable a disc the sooner it starts cutting and the stronger it cuts.

Many beginning forehanders have the problem of turning the disc over too much (it turns left early in its flight ((for a righthander)) and never recovers to glide straight). It either buries in the ground or rolls. An overstable disc will not turn over as easily. So an overstable disc has a larger margin of error for those having this problem.

If you have the early turnover problem then you are rolling your wrist over as you release the disc. Try snapping the disc and keeping the palm of your throwing hand facing up to the sky (like a sidearm karate chop).

I am sponsored by Discraft and throw their plastic. I have found a family of drivers that I love for forehand throws. A family means that the discs are very similar (same diameter and rim size) and will feel almost identical in your hand. The difference in the drivers is their stability (there will be small differences in the dominess of the flight plate from run to run). So generally from least stable to most overstable they are: Surge SS, Rogue, Flash, Surge, Pulse and Crush. If you were going to try a few of this family I would suggest a Rogue (DGA disc made by Discraft), Flash and Crush as these tend to be the flattest. If you also like flat discs then Z (translucent candy plastic) tends to be the flattest. ESP (blended candy plastic) usually is more domey. Any of the candy plastic is darn near indestructible.

With practice you will also learn to control midrange discs and putters forehand. I prefer the Buzzz, Wasp and Zone in mids and Magnets and Rattlers in putters.

As a beginning forehander the best thing you can do to accelerate your game is to have an experienced forehand player watch your throw and give you suggestions. It might help to find an instructional video on Youtube.com. They probably have one on forehand drives.
mark, is that your way of modestly plugging your youtube instructional videos? i'm not knocking them, by the way, i have learned a lot from them, and watch them frequently for technique refreshers and to try different techniques for the same shots. i think you are the most recognizable face of disc golf for us computer geeks. please keep the videos and posts coming. thanks
If your arm speed and technique are not super developed, let me wholeheartedly suggest throwing a 150 class disc. A. you will get better distance which should keep you into it. B. you will develope better habits...a lighter disc is easier to get distance from but your mistakes are also amplified. Also, if you can watch anything by Mark Ellis or the Fundementals video with Ken Climo and David Feldberg. All champions for ,and of the sport with endless amounts of knowlege and experience. The videos will truely take your game to the next level regardless of the discs you throw. Good luck!

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