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Just a little poke to get you thinking, about what you can do better, and where you can improve your game, and make your life, and disc golf more rewarding in the new year.  here's some starts:

Should I/or Will I:

Try and keep a more positive attitude on the course at all times?

Accept my lie, and not blame the wind, or, anything else  but myself for making a poor shot, or disc selection?

Possibly trying different discs, so, I don't get myself in difficult situations. Humble myself, and realize that ANYONE can teach me about disc golf at ANYTIME.

Come to terms that I haven't practiced my putting as well as I should have, and that's why my approaches need to be spot on.

Try to eat less fast food, and have more protein drinks, stretch more often, and learn to ice my muscles when they're tired, and relax, instead of getting into a putting competition, or playing video games.

Drink more water.

Sleep more than I think I need to during a tournament, and surround myself with people who feel the same way.

Not to ever criticize a tournament director, because they're doing the best they can.  If you don't like it, volunteer more often, find out how tough the job is, you will be more gracious later.  All the staff works the best they can to make your tourney a place you want to return to.

Keep your game within yourself, we all have bad rounds, or a shot you want back, don't bring down your group, and most of all don't effect someone's shot on a hole over because you decided to vocalize loudly on the course.

Be a better person, you will play better golf, and guaranteed you will lower you scores.

Happy New Year...

Sheila K     

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I personally, will try harder to use this page to make myself more dedicated to helping new and developing players to keep loving the sport I love, give tips and advice to help you become the disc golfers you want to be.  Whatever level you strive to be.  There's a big world out there, and room enough for everyone.

Sheila K 

It's just too cold here in Wisconsin and the snow is too deep to enjoy playing right now.

This Spring I plan to play some night tournaments, concentrate more on my approach shots, practice different putting techniques, and of course continue to chase those Aces.

I am getting older (58) and my drive distance has fallen off to 275-285 on average. Lowering my score will now depend on approach accuracy and putting accuracy at greater distances.

I have picked up a lot of tips from this web site over the years that have improved my game tremendously.

I observe many players on the course that obviously need help, many of them are amazed to see this "old guy" throw with controlled accuracy and relatively good distance. I try to explain the basic techniques to them, but they don't understand why their game doesn't immediately improve when I show them the X-Step and Power Grip. When they try it, their game gets worse. I tell them to keep practicing, but many drop out of the sport because they never improve by sticking to their old bad habits.

I think I might get a bunch of zipper pulls made-up with this website address on it, and hand those out to players I run across that obviously need help.

Thanks Sheila for your commitment to the game and your dedication to helping others improve. This website has enormous potential to help all of us improve. 

I think that I am going to start having two beers before every round. It seems to calm me down and I throw better (and have more fun).

This is called wisdom, and only the fools will reject it.. Well done Sheila.

I need to allow myself to realize that I am indeed a good player and I can compete. My style and way of doing things is pretty much different than every other player out there. But it works for me. I have a lot of critics but that doesn't bother me. If I can just play my game I will do great.


And it never hurts to pass on a bit of wisdom to the beginners. I have even seen how in one round a few tips can vastly improve someone's game.



Thank You Sheila !!!!

 Projecting a Positive attitude , both on and off the Course  !!!!! Choosing the Right Disc for each situation as well !! Be Humble and always Thank your Sponsors !!!

I am going to be a positive force in the local disc golf community. We need that right now. March 9 I am involved in putting together a club fundraiser. My goal is to raise maybe 500 bucks for the club in one day. It should be fun and there will be money paid out. Also it will be the first "points event" of the year. We are going to have points given out for playing league this year and at the end of the year an overall champion will be crowned. Much like the FedEx Cup but without the 10 million bucks. LOL.


Going back to your post about the beer drinking.  If you need calming down, maybe you need to start identifying what triggers your nerves, and learn how to stop those thoughts before they start manifesting their way through your body, especially your arm and hand.  Get the book Zen golf, read it, and reread it.  It's amazing how, just putting your breath right in the shoulder blades will take anxiety down, and fast. I think beers are great during casual play, and think our local brew Elevated IPA, from La Cumbre is one of my faves. There's a time and place for everything, and after the round is the best time for a beer, that way it forces you to evaluate your game honestly, without having and excuses.  The beer made me tired,bloated,buzzed ,sluggish , threw my timing off.

Have fun and play well.

Sheila K

You will love the Crank. I know that it is one of the best discs in my bag. Goes a very long way. Z plastic is a bit more overstable. Mine is ESP.

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