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At dps, delivery of smaller packages, are brought to the post office by the bicycle. It's good exercise too!

Also, if you have received any product from us you will notice reused packaging.

It saves us money and also less waste out there to make new packaging.

Packaging is one of the biggest waste products in the US.

Ever open a new appliance box. Lots of styrofoam going to waste along with paper, plastic wraps and the box.....

What is everybody else doing.

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I read all  the posts on dgrus to cut down road travel;>}

wife & I car pool to work

need to get my bike back to road worthy trips.

That's pretty nifty dps, i ride my bike or take a bus anywhere i go.

I can't ride a bicycle anymore but I did re-carb my motorcycle to get 55mpg, I converted my old Isuzu Pup diesel truck to run off fry oil from a mexican restaurant that saves their waste oil for me. (exhaust that smells like taco shells is pretty cool) I haven't spent a penny to fuel my truck in over 2 years now. I only use synthetic oil now because it's easily recycled.

I also am at the point that I recycle 70%-80% of my trash. Anything biodegradable is ground up and composted in to my garden.

Undersatand that my next car will be a diesel.

Have strong believe that this is the way to go.

When you consider diesel trucks are getting 3-400000 miles out of the engine.

How hard was it to make a biodiesel?

I have a portable solar panel, Goal Zero.

A solar oven, living in Florida helps.

It  is a huge pain in the butt to make your own biodiesel. You better be retired or unemployed to put that much time in to it.
I'm working on a formula to turn all this bullsh...... I'm reading into fuel.

It wasn't that bad, Basically I just filter all the solids out of the oil and use it straight. I just store the used oil in an airtight container and filter 15 gallons at a time to fill up my truck. I don't add any thing else to the mix. All of the stuff that gets filtered out is great to mix with dirt and let if compost for a week or 2 and then add it to my gardening dirt.


I think why it was so easy for me is I converted a 1987 Isuzu Pup that had already been modified over the years when ever I needed to make repairs. The hardest part was securing a solid supply. The local Mex restaurant had committed to save for me. I get about 40-50 gallons a month from them and that's plenty. I did have to add a second water separator in the line to the engine.


It's nota chore at all when you consider that I spend a few hours a month to save $100 on buying fuel and I am doing my part & more reduce my carbon footprint. The money I'm saving I'm going to buy some new solar roof tiles that are just like current tiles but are solar collectors.

When you perfect that formula, you should have fuel for life.

pick up garbage at local courses during every round
You know, I used to pick up garbage when I played but it got to be there was so much of it and my bag was'ent big enough.You welcome to come pick it up here in northeast Ga if you like, I'll supply the bags.

It would be nice if industry did not create all the garbage in the first place.

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