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Beligerant drunks at the course??? I personally hate them
especially if they try to fight you, man I'm tired of this person
the next time I won't be as calm as I was this time
if the guy trys to throw my buzzz in a tree....but I'm done
ranting but it made me mad....so yyour thoughts are!???

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bring back prohibition
HOPEFULLY you aren't imbibing if you take this advice...

Usually most laws cover public drunkenness. Call the friendly fuzz and that should solve the problem for a while. In this case, I am guessing you may need them on speed dial. Eventually, the person will either stop showing up, will quit drinking, find a religion, and maybe then become a better adjusted being within the society, OR their liver will give out and the problem is still solved. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I would hope the second option doesn't happen.
I truly agree.Nobody wants to go out to better ones game and deal with a staggering prick. Drinking and having a walking party are great=== AS LONG AS ONE IS RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE INCLUDING YOUR ENVIRONMENT! ........... MY THOUGHTS ANYWAY.
If people are going to become drunk, they should do it at a bar, or a house....not in a park. Especially not on a disc golf course. And my personal feelings...if he sticks your Buzzz, you should do a "This...is...Sparta!" move and kick him over. Twice. Also, you should bring baseballs. One to unstick the Buzzz, the rest to throw at the guy as target practice.
If he is truly that drunk, taking care of him should not be a problem.
Trae, how did he get so close to your Buzzz that he could to threaten to throw it into a tree? Did you throw on him before he was finished throwing? Just wondering...

In the NE part of State, it is permitted to drink alcohol in the city and county parks in our area...for the most part. There is one suburb in our area that does not permit alcohol of any kind as well as tobacco use...
We have an image to protect.I don't want young golfers seeing that,or sponcers,or city officials.I'm all for personal freedoms when no one else is affected.
I say, learn to control yourself no matter where you are drinking. Nobody wants to deal with a drunken asshole...period.
I once saw a drunk guy chuck his beer can on the ground and when I told him not to do that and that there was a trash can about twenty feet away he told me that he was going to piss on the can. I think that he picked it but can't remember. Later in the round I accidentally shanked one over by his group again so I had to deal with the obnoxious party again. I just took care of business but was glad that they did not start any trouble.

I do have the cops on speed dial. You never know when you might need them even at the course. The problem with disc golf is that unfortunately it attracts the riff raff because it is a cheap and readily available activity. Also teenagers and drunks think that it is an OK place to go party. That reminds me that I need to go up to the course and dismantle one of their party spots. Trash everywhere. The city won't clean it up.
Really! you'd just drop a dime on a fellow golfer. WTF
A belligerent drunk is not a fellow golfer. In fact he is quite the opposite. He could be someone who is responsible for a course getting yanked. This guy was not my friend and was acting like an ass. That's not the type of people who I want to associate myself with! If we allow jerks like this to run all over our courses and do whatever they want (trashing the place), then are we not part of the problem? You need to check yourself because I know that a lot of fellow golfers feel the same way as I do. And at the end of the day are you one of the people that works on the course? I am. With more apathetic people we don't get anything done and our courses will look like crap. And then you will have the neighbors coming down on the course for all of the riff raff that hangs out there. Drunks also tend to vandalize. Working with the cops is important in my eyes. We once caught a guy who was out on parole and was doing a little late night art work with a spray can. He wasn't my friend either.
i would be droppin dimes all over the place if i watched blatant disregard to the course and its players. there is no excuse for being unable to control yourself whether your at the discgolf course or the bar. beligerant drunks are obnoxious to everyone, no matter where they are at.

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