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I was watching the Music City Open on youtube last night. Barry Schultz called Nikko Locastro out on a foot foul. It was an inside the circle putt. I NEVER saw EITHER of Nikko's feet leave the ground after watching over and over. But, someone in the group called the second on Barry's call, and Nikko had to re-putt. 

I looked in the PDGA Rulebook, but I didn't see exactly what constitutes a Foot Foul. Anyone????

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Shot in the dark here, but if his feet didn't move. All I could think of, is that his foot was to far from his marker (mini) when he putted? That's just a guess since I haven't seen the video.

It was REALLY hard to see both of Nikko's feet. Nikko putts with a straddle stance most of the time. I was PRETTY sure his feet didn't move, but MAYBE his left foot was ahead of the Marker. I know his right foot wasn't. That would be a foot foul, right?


I am also confused on the Rule 803.04 C.-"ANY throw within 10 meters, or less, as measured from the rear of the marker disc to the base of the hole, is considered a Putt. A follow-through after a putt that causes the thrower to make any supporting point contact closer to the hole THAN THE REAR EDGE OF THE MARKER DISC constitutes a falling putt and is considered a stance violation. THE PLAYER MUST DEMONSTRATE FULL CONTROL OF BALANCE BEFORE ADVANCING TOWARD THE HOLE."


So, the way I am reading this is WITHIN the 10 meter circle, you cannot advance TOWARD the basket until the disc is no longer in motion, either in the basket, or on the ground. I feel like I see people do this all the time, in rec and Tourney play.....I think this is why I am wondering if I really know what constitutes a Foot Foul/Stance Violation. 

My understanding is that you can jump straight up in the air provided your foot is in proper position before and does not cross over their marker.
There are no words in the rule regarding the motion of the disc stopping/not stopping in relation to demonstrating balance. If you putt and demonstrate balance, you may move forward even if your disc hit the basket and is still rolling down the hill. Likewise, your disc can be stopped dead in the basket and you can get called on a foot fault if you fall forward without demonstrating balance.

Ok. Thanks Chuck. That helps me a Bit, BUT.... How do you demonstrate balance? Is that defined? So MANY putting styles and techniques where you lift a foot OFF the ground. If you wobble, or appear off balance, but DO NOT step in front of the marker, can you still be called on a foot fault/stance violation? 

Sorry to beat this to death, but i just want to understand. I would REALLY like to start playing Tourny's soon and want to be sure I understand....

Demonstrating balance has recently been redefined by the PDGA. It used to be that you could show balance by remaining standing even on one foot. It is my understanding that after 1/1/11 you must put BOTH feet on the ground and not fall forward.


Waiting on Chuck for further clarification.

Not true. The Rules Committee has not yet clearly specified what it means to demonstrate balance. However, putting both feet on the ground is one way to do it presuming you don't awkwardly fall forward after doing so.

That's not awkward, that's drunk!


Thanks Chuck, now I can finally stop awkwardly grounding my second foot and just do a pirouette!

I watched the same video,  He's opposing foot was closer to the basket (over the line) making it a foot fault.  Hard to see but it was there..



41:00 min into it..  Enjoy....

It sounds like to me, especially with the different putting techniques, it just depends on the group you are playing with, Especially in tourney play. I have been watching a TON of tourney footage and seen some putts that looked like a stance violation to me, but no one called it. So, no violation. But, with Nikko's case in the MCO, I couldn't see it, but he was called and forced to re-putt. Not that I know exactly what happened, but could there could be more uniformity/

Just seems like a Rule that is left up to the people your playing with (and competing against) more than an actual definition.....

there is more drama to it. Barry took a warning around 11:20.  Billy says that Barry called it on himself, but it sounds like Nikko called him on hit.  Barry falls forward from his knee.  I think Barry was getting some payback.
I watched that part multiple times too. When Barry called himself on the falling putt, Nikko said he DIDN'T see it. It was Derek Billings that called the second. I kinda wondered about that too though.... Barry did say in the post round interview that he and Nikko had history as far as Barry calling him on foot faults. PROPS to Barry for calling Himself on that falling putt and showing great Sportsmanship.

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