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I was watching the Music City Open on youtube last night. Barry Schultz called Nikko Locastro out on a foot foul. It was an inside the circle putt. I NEVER saw EITHER of Nikko's feet leave the ground after watching over and over. But, someone in the group called the second on Barry's call, and Nikko had to re-putt. 

I looked in the PDGA Rulebook, but I didn't see exactly what constitutes a Foot Foul. Anyone????

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Jump Putting should be Outlawed. SO many players Cheat by doing it Wrong !!!!

If that's true*, then it's already outlawed.

They're just breaking the law.


* - it's true.

That is absolutely true. How do we get past this remains to be discovered, but the way it is decidedly un-fun.

Not everyone!!!!!!

True !!!  Some know how to Jump Putt correctly. Some Try and Fail !

We currently have a rule that says in effect that if you play a lie that is close to out of bounds before the members of your group have agreed that it was in bounds you are penalized as if it was out of bounds.


We need a rule like that for stance violations.


People don't call the flying putt or walk-through putt or the one foot off the tee but lifted up at the last split second because it happens so fast that they cannot tell if it was illegal.  We should have a rule that makes it illegal to take a throw that the other members of the group cannot verify was illegal. 

On the road to madness.  Imagine the arguments on what constitutes a throw that might constitute a violation.

I suspect people don't call these violations not because they're "too close to call", but because of the "live and let live" culture of disc golf, at least on minor violations.  Any stance (or time) violation call is taken as an affront, requiring retaliation later in the round.

Or, more charitably, that people call stance violations a little subjectively based on severity.  Miss the mark by a quarter-inch and no one says anything.  Miss it by 4 feet, they'll call it.  Somewhere between is a gray area.  There are plenty of rules in major sports with impartial officials that are called based on degree of violation, so there's some justification.

More fun happening probably late next week when you'll see the new video that shows what it takes to demonstrate or not demonstrate balance in putting. The Rules Q&As become a legal extension of the rulebook starting Sunday.

Is there a tape measure to decide if your foot is an inch tooo close?! IF you look at the video with Nikko, that call was way to close. If I were Barry, would not have called it. Maybe there was some underlying "working" going on? (This never happens now does it). 

Sorry Chuck not to pick on you, but in the sense of enforcing the stance part of the rule there is going to be ambiguity.

Until there are 'officials' or 'marshalls' there is always going to be issues and ridiculousness. 

Tom Foolery and Shenanigans. (Been wanting to use that).

In most instances, when in tournament play, at least here in Florida.

A player says outside 30? Or is this stance okay.....

Do we need more rules? 

After all isn't golf a gentlemen's sport?

Yeah, but admission's not limited to gentlemen.

A lock will never stop a criminal.

In other words, the deceitful always find a way.

Look at our US tax laws.

And how many law-yers don't pay their fair share.

That's a different story.

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