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I am a bit over a month into the sport of DG. I have loved every second of it. This site, but mostly the people on it, have given me a Wealth of info that has helped me tremendously. One thing I have noticed is that it seems folks in the DG Community are either Very Brand Loyal to a particular brand of disc, OR, they have a Mix of brands in their bags. Just got me thinking..... Sorry if I am regurgitating a past post or something, BUT...........


What BRAND DISCS do YOU prefer and WHY??? Would love to hear from people on this Site. :) 

I myself saw the Innova starter pack and picked it up. REALLY loved the discs that came in it, so Innova is what I have stuck with. I am a VERY Brand Loyal person though. I find something I like, I will stick with it till the end of time... How bout you?????

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I Throw Gateway, Rip Disc's, Discraft, Quest Innova. But I am open to all brands, I would say go for the disc not the brand. If you find a disc that works great for you, then you found the right disc, if you only buy one brand you might not find that disc.

I have found durability to be superior with Latitude 64. The gold line is indestructable. Millenium is another brand I like for durability, and I think they are an offshoot of Innova. Innova is also very good in their champion and star plastics. I have several discraft discs and I use them all the time, I have found however they just don't hold up as well. All of my discraft ESP plastic has nicks and gouges, where none of my Innova (champion and star) have any nicks at all.

I enjoy playing with all of the brands, they all have their subtle differences. You have to have a few old beat-up discs in your bag (Discraft) so you can let it rip on those water shots and tight fairways surrounded by woods. That way if you lose it, it's no big deal lol.

I am new also but I just started usingdisc mania c line and wow it's durable and a great glide.
I also use a stratus alot, good luck and enjoy the game.

I second this^^^ Discmania seems to take Innova's molds and tweak them into better drivers.  I have thrown Rocs, Buzzes, and now the Discmania MD2 for mids.  I have found the MD2 to feel a little Buzz like with more stability.  It is now my go to stable mid.  You can't go wrong with any of the brands (it is the archer and not the arrow) but I would highly recommend trying some Discmania plastic if you can get your hands on some.  

 When I first started, I was hesitant to purchase discs without actually holding them in my hands first, but if you take advantage of this site and the others out there that break down every disc made, you can make an educated decision.  Buying online in my experience is much cheaper, as the local retailers in my area rape me with at least 100% markup to what they buy them for in bulk.  I mostly buy from DGC which has free shipping, and have in a few cases not liked the feel of a disc, and shipped it back for full credit, as long as you haven't thrown it.   

I also agree with Gateway having an edge with putters, but again, its whatever you feel confident with and obviously what works for you.

You have to have a few old beat-up discs in your bag (Discraft) so you can let it rip on those water shots and tight fairways surrounded by woods. That way if you lose it, it's no big deal lol.


I recommend new Innova DX discs for the water shots.  Since they are new, you know how they will fly.  But they are cheap so it is no big loss if you make a mistake and lose it.  With beat-up plastic, it doesn't take a mistake to lose one, they are just unpredictable.

I Love Innova Disc's !!!  They have always helped me win. Thanks !!!!

innova, mainly because of convenience that is all my local course sells and i trust their rating system better


I agree with ya, MJ. I have lost 3 discs in the last month (2 in 1 day on a course I hadn't played) so I have been replacing plastic and changing putters, AGAIN.... Now that I have been at this a little longer, I agree with MJ about Innova's rating system. I know what certain discs are rated and how they fly. And when I by new plastic, I can base off of the ratings I know, and it has been working really well. Getting what I am looking for most of the time. I almost bought a Discraft disc the other day, and just couldn't bring myself to do it. I am Probably handicapping myself by only throwing Innova and NOT trying other brands, BUT, I'll accept being Handicapped cause I like it. :)

I love Lat 64's plastic and the River fairway driver is my favorite disc.

I like Gateways putters mids and their Evolution plastic

Quest for their soft putters.

I love Discraft for the Nuke, Buzzz and Hornet

I love Innova for the convenience of buying their product, the Roc, the Rhyno, Aviar Driver, and the variety of discs.  Most of my bag is Innova, but if Lat 64 had copies of Innovas discs I'd switch to Gold Line and give my Star Plastic to friends.

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