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I am going to play in a tournament this weekend and I have no idea what division to sign up for. There is Male Pro Open, Advanced Male, Male Pro Master, Advanced Male Master,
Male Pro Grandmaster, Advanced Male Grandmaster, Intermediate Male. I am registered as an ameatur with the PDGA, I am 28 and have been playing for 8 years. I think I am a 5 handicap by my calculation, or I average around plus 5. I play in the Buffalo area about 4-7 times a month. My best rd ever is minus 2 which I have shot a few times at different courses. I was thinking I would sign up for the advanced ameatur. I just found out that there is spots up for grabs in the Vibram and the USDGC in the pro division and I wanna know if I would even have a chance. My number one goal is to make the cut. So I don't wanna get in over my head. Reason being one of my best friends is in town from Germany and we are matched up to play with each other... Can't miss the cut! I would appreciate any input

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Thanks a lot. Ironically enough I was watching Marks videos on my own before I read the recent responses, It was quite a thrill to see who responded! Man, nothing surprises me in this sport. Mark, I have been doing your putting program for a week now and I haveseen drastic improvements as my GIMME range has increased from about 15ft to 35 ft that fast.. Also about that course offer. I'm in! I will start playing the lottery tommorrow...

Seriously, I'm trying to put a course in somewhere around Bradford , Pa and I wanna know how everyone feels about paying to play? I am considering buying a beautiful 40-100 acre piece of land that would be ideal for a state of the art championship level course and Installing a Pro shop, and a course that would be absoutely beautiful. I was going to have lots of benches, concrete pads for 3-4 teebox per hole(red, white, blue, gold), signs for each box, 3 pin placements for each hole, and tons and tons of plants, flowers, bridges, and bathrooms. I am currently in negotiations with some timber companies, and a couple of private individuals. I guess I could say that I'm just waiting for a break on the price which is why I have steered my search to a timber company. I'm not looking to make a signifigant profit, just wanna make my money back at the rate that I would have to repay it and be able to pay a young man or woman to run the pro shop through some program through the high school. Is this a viable Idea? I think that in order for us to eventually get paid to play we are going to have to upgrade the quality of at least one local course to a championship level course and get comfortable with the idea of paying a fee to enjoy that luxury... Anyone agree? Disagree? Maybe I'll start a new discussion on this once I get back from this tournament
It is a mystery how this discussion degenerated to examining my limited intellectual abilities but if there is a more difficult way to make money than charging disc golfers for what they think they deserve for free, then I don't know what it is.

I think the general rule of disc golfers is that we are poor and cheap. Pay for play has debuted here in Michigan and many golfers are personally offended at the thought of paying $2 per day on fine courses. If the land were free, I'm not convinced that a pay for play private course could break even in most communities and, of course, 100 acres of good land is not free.

I admit I don't know jack squat about business or number crunching but I would take my life savings to Las Vegas long before I ever invested in a disc golf course for profit.

Daniel T Neilly, hit the Powerball first, then buy your course.
Yep...what Mark said. I'm not even sure your $2/day fees would cover things like liability insurance, property taxes and maintenance/upkeep...much less cover your land acquisition costs, staffing costs (for a pro shop), income/payroll taxes, all the hours and hours of headaches of having to deal with bad employees, theft (people sneaking on the course or liberating you out of a bit of inventory), vandalism, etc. It's just something that most individuals or organizations will never break-even at...much less earn a modest profit.

If I'm gonna pay to play, it's gotta be:

1. One HECK of a nice course...2-3 steps above any of the free courses out there in quality.

2. Not too far away. Not sure how big your player population is around Bradford, PA...but it better be BIG, organized, and not already being served by comparable to superior courses in a 30+ minute radius.

I've spent approximately 700 volunteer hours just getting my city's public, free course to the point of being "good" the past three years. How many more hours would it take to get a new pay-to-play course to be GREAT?! To the point where people would be lining up to pay for the opportunity to play it?

Not trying to be a wet blanket! However, you probably only have two chances of accomplishing what you are describing without taking a 5+ figure loss on the investment: Slim and None. :-( Unless you're either really good, really smart and/or really lucky...preferably at least 2 or 3 of the above.
The closest course is 1 hour 20 min and I could put the course 15-30 min from about 7 high schools and 3 med size colleges. I have about 30 players already playing from the area. Some of us travel on every sunday to play and we try to play another once a week.. I have numbers crunched and I would have to charge 8 dollars for an all day pass to make 30,000 a year with what I figure to be very low attendance compared to what I see where we play. I figured If I had disc sales and rental it would pay the high school kid to work in the pro shop when I can't. And I already have the equipment! I plan on doing the grass cutting myself. Still, most people are not very optimistic about my idea... Does any of that change the way you feel? One thing to consider is almost all the players I would advertise to, have never played so they don't have any preconcieved notions that it is always free...
I'm going to a Pay to Play in the Morning. It is Olde English Golf Course in English Indiana. If it weren't for the fact that it is a Ball Golf course I'm pretty sure they would have crashed and burned long ago. First of all it is $20(most of which is a cart fee) instead of a measly $2 and it is 90+ miles from anywhere civilized.It has been open for 3 years now and they average about 150 disc golfers per year. It's a great course, very beautiful, and super tough(pro par 70), but the problem is that who wants to pay a tournament entry fee to go play disc golf. I can afford it once or twice a year at best. We have several other pay to play courses in the area and the one charging $5 is struggling to stay afloat and this is a privately owned property that also has a Water Park, 2 professional paintball courses, and a Go-cart track. There is even going to be an A-tier tournament held there Labor day weekend with Dave Feldberg signed up. Even with all of that going on and the guy is still throwing a fit about maintenance costs( gas for lawn mowers, tree removal, etc.). He tried offering yearly memberships this year at $70 a pop and sold 5 of them. That would mean that I would have to play there 14 times to just pay for the membership, crazy! He even got so cheap after this past winters Ice storms that he asked for volunteers to come help clean up the debris. Screw that!!! We pay to play you maintain is exactly what everyone said! The other 2 pay to plays in the area are at State Parks in Indiana. They are $2 per carload for in state residences and $5 per carload for out of state residences. They are generally very well up kept and well worth the extra money. However I know of a number of people who refuse to play any of these courses because of exactly what Mark said. Disc Golf is known as a sport for poor people that can be played for free!!
Pay to Play most likely won't catch on. I live in Louisville Ky the 16th largest city in the US and it is still met with plenty controversy even in a big city!!! People would just rather play for free, even if they have to drive 2 hours to do so!!!!
You will always play to the level of your competition.
I encourage everyone to play a division above where they think they should be.
This is how you improve and learn.
Watching and hanging with people who play good will eventually rub off on you.
Mimicking players who have good skills is how you advance.
If you throw with people that have your same skill level, slow advancement.
Throw with the Pros and you will learn quickly.
Play in the Open Pro division and come in last.....but learn the most!
Do you think it would be possible for you to get me a number for the guy who owns that course? THanks for the input regardless!! I am getting closer to just proposing to the state park. But I want to own my own and market the sport in this area.
I know near me there is a $1 course and I dont mind paying because the tee boxes are constantly being upkept
win as a am-2 or 3 and then move up
Start from scratch and work your way up.

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