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I just got around 30 of the new DGA Hurricane Drivers in stock, ripdiscgolf.com. I went out the first day I got them and I really liked the disc. For me it seems to hold whatever line I put on it, with just a little fade on the end. One of those crazy Disc's that you can throw straight, you can put an anhyzer or hyzer  and it stays where you put it.

But as we all know disc's do different things for different folks! So for those of you who have had a chance to throw it, what do you think?

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yea he had a chance to get some when we ran the freedom memorial
I ended up with a couple. I really really like them. I want the SP line to come out as a regular blend for the Hurricane.
Yes, it is correct that Discraft was creating a Force SS, but did not find that it was still acting enough like a Force. So, DGA got it and released it as the Hurricane. This is true because it was a topic at the team dinner at the worlds.
You guys must have some big arms. I throw in the low 300 range and I can't get any distance out of it. After breaking it in a bit. It still hyzers out hard for me. I guess I don't have the needed power (speed) for 90% of these high speed drivers. My only luck has been with the Katana and Nuke (light weights only), but that's hit and miss as well. Guess the Wraith is as far as I go on the speed charts! That is......until the Wahoo and Vulcan come out lol! What can I say, I'm a sucker for new plastic!

Wahoo = flippy!!!!!!!!  Will turn over real quick!!!! hyzer flip maybe!!!!

Damn, I wish an Innova insider was here to explain to me why the Star Katana is complete garbage yet the Pro Katana is great.  I really would like to know why they changed the mold so much.  I made a YT vid showing my Star Katana and Star Wraith and how they are almost the same.  My Star Wraith turns over more than my Star Katana.  I was in a club on this site with a guy who actually knows the guy who designed the Katana.  A guy he plays with every week is the group moderator.  Before having this knowledge, I posted "I'd like to tie the guy who made the Star Katana to a wall and throw Z Nukes at him for a few hours", something like that lol.  I got booted lol.  But really it is a garbage move by Innova.  Charging 17.99 at my local sporting goods store for a disc that is inferior in every way to it's Pro plastic version.  They need to stop selling the Star Katana.  It's not a Katana.  It's a Weak Boss.  Just take off the hot stamps and market it as the "Assistant Manager". 
different strokes for different folks.
I  loved my Pro Katana, so after I lost it I got a star and after about 4 or 5 games gave it away to someone that didnt' know better.
Amen.  Finally a rational person.  No one else has flat out agreed with me before.  I didn't know if there were Innova insiders lurking about whom people did not want to insult or what.  I frankly do not care.  If a product that is in their premium plastic line actually is an insult to the term 'sub-par', I would tell them to their face.  I do not know why I have not sent them an email.  Off I go.
Force SS mold is what I have been told it is. Sweet disc!

I ended up buying 100 total of these first flight hurricanes... sold most of them but still have a few left




I keep a beat one and a new one in my bag, also my go to disc.

@ Rescue..I have custom stamped low weight nukes, in esp and z for sale.  Z is $22, esp $25..sweet stamp.  Plus shipping of course.



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