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I have played in a handful of states and have been to more than a few tourneys.
I have had my fair share of the political side of DG and been pretty astounded by the things I have witnessed and also heard State Coordinators.
The NM state Coordinator spot is open this year and I am considering running for it.
Our sport is gaining a lot of momentum in NM, which has been in a vacuum for a while and as just about everyone will attest to, needs a changing of the guard. Or at least a renewed investment in the future from those in the past and present.
I am not meaning to be the slightest bit derogatory towards our current SC...
I am just tired of waiting and wanting things to change (along with most of the active players in NM) and so I am contributing more and more.
I have a few other folks in mind that I think can do better or at least as decently as I can, but the general consensus from 90% of these folks is they can't stand politics and so forth.
I want somebody to step up and it seems like I may have to.
I understand that there is no pleasing everyone and all of that, but ultimately, What do YOU EXPECT from your State Coordinator? Do you have a great one? Are there any SC's on DGRUS that can chip in their couple cents?
What would you like DG to be and what do you expect from your state's PROFESSIONAL representation?

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Not sure what the SC can or should do.

He or she should coordinate scheduling of PDGA tournaments---TDs are supposed to have SC approval before sanctioning---but beyond that, I can't think of much that isn't either handled locally, or needs to go straight to PDGA.

Here in South Carolina we have a state organization that handles our points series. What else is there for SC to do?
Taken from http://www.pdga.com/elections

Here is the list of responsibilities for the SC position:

- Represent the PDGA in a positive light to members, clubs, agencies, and communities in their state or province. - Work with Tournament Directors and clubs within their state or province and in adjoining areas to schedule PDGA Tour and other disc golf events. Serve as state/provincial liaison to the PDGA Tour Manager, in setting the Tour schedule and in addressing and resolving Tour event issues.
- Collect information, either personally or by delegating to individuals or clubs, for the PDGA Course Directory and the Course Evaluation system
- Promote PDGA memberships, and PDGA programs such as the Affiliate Clubs program, tournament sanctioning, Disc Golf Foundation, and EDGE to the members and potential members in their state or province
- Provide feedback on the annual Tour Standards to the PDGA Tour Manager - Coordinate state qualification for events such as the USDGC, USADGC, and other qualified-entry tournaments
- Vote for and recommend candidates for select annual PDGA Awards
- Other duties as determined by the SCs, PDGA Board and staff.

I have seen SC's be an enormous asset to the states they live in. I have also seen the antithesis of this...
I have seen a SC unify a state and start statewide tours (yes tourS) and also teaching/ community outreach tours while being a T.D. for Major events and A-C tiers. Not to mention running their own businesses and creating new and courses and many new avenues for disc golf. I.E. Nat'l Match play tourneys, Supporting and sponsoring NT events and many other things simultaneously and to a very high level all the time. That would be the 1% for sure... I know this man and he is great. You may know him too...
The antithesis of this gentleman would be somewhere in the much lower range, which would be getting hammered at events, his own and otherwise and then barking obscenities at new players at the end of the event, when asked for a ruling on a very sketchy OB line (that people on the open card with numerous years of experience couldn't call). His answer starte with bellowing IDGAF and from there beginning the berating of this young man who had never played anything organized EVER and who had only ever had a disc in his hand for two weeks at that point.
So... As one can see, there is quite a discrepancy there. I imagine that we would all love to have a SC like the 1%er but even that is not true. If it wasn't for his shear love for the game and his amazing gift of vision, he wouldn't have made it through his few years of accomplishing so much. He pissed a lot of people off by moving forward. Stepped on a lot of toes and shook things up
And as you can imagine the 99.9%er would also piss off a lot of people by not doing much except being a prime example of what is not PROFESSIONAL and what is not reaching out, much less attempting to retain the current players.
Therefore, my post... What would you like your SC to be and do and so forth. I would like to not put anyone on blast by this posting. I am not interested in names and bad stories aside from possibly a prime example of what not to do or be. I would love to hear about great stories and praise for great and good SC's. I hope by this post that DGers would be thankful for who they have or be ready to help the sport and move forward in a positive direction by getting new blood in.
If anyone has a story or opinion they don't want to be public please feel free to PM me, it will be held in strict confidence. Thank you for reading my diatribe.
A changing of the guard? Indeed. I'm here to help!

What do I expect of a State Coordinator? Other than the obvious...
--Publicly encourage the partipication of women and children at tournaments
--good judgment in the selection of TD's
--a vision to grow Disc Golf in their state beyond the status quo
--to facilitate good communication

I'll approach the question from the opposite position--what don't I expect from the State Coordinator?
--A deaf ear

Sean, I'm all in for a change--lets chat more about this next week!
One thing that some SCs have been doing is making sure they get at least one event in their state to participate in the big PDGA Global Disc Golf Tournament on Aug 20-21. It would be great to see NM participate? We're up to 20 events involved across the U.S. and around the World so far. http://www.pdga.com/pdga-global-disc-golf-tournament
Chuck, NM will have this in the works very soon! We would be happy to participate! Thank you for letting us know! We already participate in the ice bowl and also worlds biggest, so this will be a cinch either way. I will look over the particulars and start up the machine on us joining you and yours.
Thank you
Unpaid position,
NOT A Lot!
Making a difference... priceless!
To help TD's run quality tournaments and get as mant volunteers as possible to help with events in your area.

Every bit Helps !!!!

Here is a example of our Club activities ..........www.sandiegoaces.com

Yes , I Volunteer as much of my personal time as I can !!!!
After moving from NM to Texas, I have seen a difference in state coordinators. Both happen to be friends of mine (NM and TX coordinators). I think that the job of NM state coordinator has been an easy one because there was only about 4 sanctioned events in the state for the entire year (2010). The TX SC has almost too many events on his hands and has to limit where and when they can be held. If you want to have an event in TX you need to schedule it well in advance with the SC so that it is not ovelapping and competing with established events. It is not just the SC that needs to do the work. The clubs and golfers around the state need to have more sanctioned tourneys.
The lack of PDGA members in the state is one problem. There is no incentive to join the PDGA if there is no local sanctioned events. The only people from NM who join (for the most part) are people who travel out of state to play. If you think about it this way, if an am player joined the PDGA last year for $50 and played every sanctioned event in the state (Rio Pueblo, Rabbit Run, Farmington Open, States), they still do not get the same return on their investment as if they would have paid the non-member fees for each tourney. There is even less incentive for a pro player paying $75 for their membership. Until the clubs and/or golfers around the state step up and run some events, the SC can only do so much.

I am excited to see some development in disc golf back home in NM and I can't wait until I move back so I can help as much as possible!!I wish you luck and let me know what I can do to help! We are kicking around the idea of sanctioning the Steve Watson Memorial that we are having in Las Vegas at the NMHU course. More details to come soon!
Central Florida has made the commitment to the Global event. Caught a whiff of this.....this morning on fb. Great Idea!! looking forwrd to it.
At Chuck >>>>> Central Florida has made the commitment to the Global event. Caught a whiff of this.....this morning on fb. Great Idea!! looking forward to it.
I didn't even know there was a sc for NM. The only reason I joined the pdga is so I can see what my player rateing will be for the C tier tourney we are having here in roswell NM at the end march. Beside state that go's on ever year I really have no use tobe a pdga member. Its hard to find info on what's going on around are state.

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