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What do you personally use as your go-to putter? I have used a great deal and still don't have a 'favorite' putter, though right now I am putting two discs above all others, the Vibram VP putter and the Innova Rhyno.
Putters formerly used:
Champ Spider
R-Pro and gummy Champ Aviar

Elite-X Challenger
Pro-D Soft Magnet


Wizard (all kinds)
Warlock (all kinds)
Magic (all kinds)

<i>Current putters:</i>
Pro Rhyno (soft/gummy)
Champ Rhyno
Vibram VP

What are your thoughts? Any help is appreciated, I can always putt better!

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The most important thing about a putter is the confidence it builds in you. That being said, try to pick one that can be easily replaced. There's nothing worse than having your fave putter wear out or get lost and not be able to go out and get six more.
I will echo this, it doesn't matter what putter works for me, or anyone else here. What works for us may feel horrible for you, you may not like the feel, it may not release cleanly for you, something just may not feel right. Check your friends putter. Next time you are out, try out some of theirs. Get invited into a group with some other people, and see if any of them will allow you a couple of tosses with an unfamiliar putter.

Find what feels good to you, that has a consistent path, but don't stop trying putters from there, but get a couple of what you find you like the best. Try a new one from time to time when there is one that you haven't tried yet.

When you find what you like, BUY IN BULK!!! I just bought 6 x-out 166 Wizards. That's my putter, I know it's my putter, if I only have one or two, losing one would be painful. Plus during putting practice I have 8 of pretty much the same disc to practice with so I spend more time putting and less time walking back and forth to the basket picking up putters.
I use the wizards they seem to work best for me,but a friend of mine is a very very good putter and he uses old school upshots by lightning.
It is a personal choice like others have said. It is one thing to suggest drivers and other discs to people, but not putters. I went through several myself before I locked in on SS Voodoos (175g). I like the feel of the plastic and it still works great in the rain, still has a tacky like grip. I don't feel like I can putt unless I know that disc feels like it is a part of me.

The list of putters I went through:
The Wheel
KC Aviar
JK Aviar
Champ Aero
SS Warlock
FLX Challenger

All these within the first few months of playing, since August of last year I've been using my SS Voodoos. I ended up choosing the Voodoo for its grip and I didn't want to use overstable putters as my main putter.

Recently just started playing with a Wizard, but I think it'll be more for driving off the tee than usage as a putter, unless I really need it for a headwind.
I'm curious as well, I've always heard the opposite. Logic dictates to me that a softer putter would better as it will grab the chains more so than a hard putter.
Use what works for you. Putting is 95% confidence anyway. I use a DX TeeBird mostly. You have to use what works for you. If I want to make that putt it's going to go in. It's all about desire and follow through (and confidence).
And here I am telling people to do as I say, not as I do. My current putter is a 175 Glow Aviar from 1997. I can't help it! It just goes in! Nothing else has ever worked for me, at least not like this. It chunks easily and is soooo straight that the number plates have taken their toll. Hopefully a "putt and approach" will eventually sub for it, but . . . .. . . . . . . . . .. . .
Diddo, find one and buy fifty of em. I, like everyone else had issues with putters. Do well in the beginning and then miss a few putts and decide I need a new putter. Thats BS, what happened is I lost my confidence. Find a cumfy grip that you like and stick to it! Best of luck my friend.
I personally don't buy into any of the hype that a softer disc will "stick" to the chains. No one has ever done any type of objective study on this. Frankly it's all just physics so unless that soft putter is actually absorbing a great deal of the impact it would have absolutely no effect whatsoever. I think that the effect would be minimal at best. Just one more disc golf myth. I think that the putter that sticks the best is the one that you throw in the right place.
I carry 2 Rhynos. Regular and soft. I mostly throw the regular but on holes that are on a side hill or where I need it to stop when I miss I throw a softy. I personally found that the soft seems to stick to the ground better and less likely to roll down the hill.
3 x JK Pro Aviar !!!
A Beat up JK Pro Aviar X.

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