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A frind of mine makes these.

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How much?
I think that's pretty cool. It'd be easy to get an eye on and pull a disc. I can see myself tipping it over and spilling my discs all over though. I'm agile as a mountain goat, yet I get my head in space and trip on roots when I play lol.
Maybe when I'm in my eighties. Till then I'll carry my bag. Now - if I lived somewhere very hot and played lots of tournament rounds - I'd think about it. For the average player, especially up North with tight, wooded courses - no way.
Unfortunately Mark, a lot of people have bad backs and/or knees and having to carry your discs on your back can put a lot of stress on an already fragile back. I can see how they would be unnecessary in ball golf for the fact that you can drive a golf cart around, but we don't have that option in disc golf. All the people that I see with cart all have a pretty good reason why they do that. Also, for those who do choose to carry more than a bags worth of disc, and a cooler full or goodness, a cart can be very helpful.
Nice cart...I would change the spelling of Disk to Disc though....jmho.
Don't take offense at this but just another business man making 500% profit on something. It couldn't cost more than $10 to make that plus say a few hours of his time and he is charging $89.99? Thats about as ridiculous as the cornhole boards that go for $100+ and all they are is a sheet of plywood with a spray painted stencil on them.

I have a cart that has been modified to hold my actual bag. Like Rev. Bob said you just can't take them on some courses. So I designed mine to hold the bag and have it removable. The cart cost me $2 at a yard sale, some scrap metal off a 78 Chevy truck hood, some scrap aluminum square tubing and wallah pull cart modified for disc golf!!!!!!!! Total cost $2 and 2 hours of my time!!!!
Take into account the time the seller spends building it, time isn't free, judging by what I see in it it's not something you can just toss together in 2 hours, I could be wrong though. Plus it doesn't look like some half assed wooden built item either. It's deffinately not a thrown together with a truck hood in 2 hours item. It's easy to rip on peoples stuff when you don't know what it takes to build it. If it's made out of a material that is very weather proof, and is very durable with no maintenance, then it may be a bargain at that price.

I could see if the cart was included yes, It would be hard to justify the purchase if I couldn't see the materials and workmanship involved before purchasing. It is a nice idea with definate profitability though. I do have a bad back, and there is the possibility that if it gets much worse I may need a cart, and something that that would be handy for me.

Don't rip on the guys stuff until you know what the materials are, what it takes to build it, and how good it actually works. No need to jump the gun and be an asshat before you know. Opinions are like (You know the rest.). If you like to build your own stuff, then that's fine, but no need to rip on this when you don't even know how it's built, what it's made of, and what it takes to build it right.
hmm looks nice and everything but how would it compare to a cart like this?


I might get one !!! I have this kind of Push Cart . http://api.ning.com/files/C6Q43mYKaKjggv9b78dKuqjYNKDIZ0mRQ0US2uhc7...
I clear $8.00 Per.
I have bad knees and a bad right ankle, as well as a bad back. Bad knees and ankles and such are NOTHING like a bad back.

I'm just trying to figure out why my body is such a train wreck at 36 years old. I mean I've been rough on it but damn! My Grandpa is 93 and gets around better than me sometimes.....

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