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So about three days ago I was playing some disc golf with three other people. One of those people was a friend of mine who also sells discs. Anyway, he walks up and digs a disc out of the snow and says, "It's a Lemon Lake Katana and it doesn't have any name on it." So I think that he wants to keep it. I tell him, "Let me see it." I look at it and there is a name on it in faint green marker (on a light blue disc). I start calling the number so he gets mad and throws the disc towards the creek. I am astounded. He has been a disc golfer for a long time and he is acting like a child because now he doesn't get to keep that disc. So I bow out of the group for a couple of holes and go locate the disc. I then go to my car and call the guy who is very grateful to know that his disc has been found. I finish the rest of the round with those players (I missed playing three holes). Later he tells me that I should just "Keep out of his fu$king business". I tell him that the guy was very happy to get the disc back and that he even gave me $5. The next day I let him know that but he just explodes, pulls a tray of old discs out of his car and yells that I should call all of these people as well. I say that was not what this was about. It was about one disc being found and then making zero effort to get it back to its owner. All that he had to do was hand that disc to me and I would have returned it, which I did anyway. I even played some holes with him and a couple other guys on that day and nothing more was said.


Fast forward to today when he rolls down his window before league to give me a fake apology and then say "Stay out of my fu$king business." I say that is not an apology and that he of all people should know that you call someone when you find a disc. He is being a hypocrite. So then he fires a sidearm at me from about forty feet away and hurts my arm pretty bad. I now have a pretty bad shooting pain in my throwing arm that goes all of the way from the wrist to the elbow. We almost came to blows but I turned and walked away. The ironic thing about all of this is that we got paired up as doubles partners. I refused to talk with him, acknowledge him or even pick up any of his discs. Our friendship is over and I will no longer pick his daughter up from school so that he can stay at the course and sell discs. I am not being vindictive, I only realize that I don't need friends like that. He showed his true colors, that he is all about himself and being nice to people is a front just so that he can sell discs to people.


Sorry about the long vent but this whole situation could have been avoided. I would have gladly taken that disc and returned it in the first place (which I did) and he didn't have to be involved. He only got mad because he wanted to keep that disc and I called him out on it. Now I will have to see how long it takes for my throwing arm to get back to normal. 

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It sounds like Summers Eve should hire this guy to head up the research department for the Super Douche.

I honestly can't believe that happened today. We have been friends for a long time and I was ready to just let it go. I called him a hypocrite because of his actions but I never expected him to pull the $hit that he did today. We have been friends for a long time and both of us have been involved in course maintenance. But it is inexcusable what he did and his failure to take responsibility really irks me. You hate to lose a friend but when someone assaults you with a disc I guess that he deserves what he gets. I never have gotten in the way of him doing business. But I will find somewhere else to buy my discs now and I will recommend that others do not buy from him as well. I simply have no use for people like that in my life.

Wow, not a good situation at all. I hate when stuff like that goes down between people...sounds like there is a lot going on in his life behind the scenes, but that does not justify his behavior at all. 

I have only been playing this sport three months, have lost a number of discs, and have gotten all but one back. And, I don't think just because I am new and not a rich man that each loss has been painful...but, the losses have been. I am already getting quite attached to my discs and take great pains to put my name and cell on them. I think it goes without saying that if someone takes the time to put their info on a disc, that if another player finds it, they should call that person...to keep it feels like stealing...plain and simple. 

Hope this guy is a rarity in this sport...and if he is not, we need to do more to correct this. 

There are a lot of good people in this sport.

But the weight of the few bad apples is heavy.

If you really got hurt, you should have called the cops.

If I am not mistaken, that is "Assualt".

After all you stated "Shooting pain".

Talking to others about his actions may hurt his business for a while,

but there'll be others who buy later on.

He should be held responsible and accountable for his childess behavior.

You know, I thought about calling the cops, but only a little while after all this had gone down. It was definitely assault. Anyway, I went home after the round and popped some ibuprofen. I will see how I feel tomorrow. It also sucks to have to get the cops involved.


It seems to me that his attitude is that he shouldn't be required to call people simply because he gets so many discs ( a lot of discs get turned in to him when found). However, his callous attitude really made me angry. He even told a friend of mine that he was going to call the guy later which is ridiculous considering the fact that he chucked the disc towards the creek. I am going to see if I can get a few discs from someone else locally who he really hates. That will steam him up. It would be even better if I could get a hold of his rival and sell some discs for him. That would make him blow his lid. Anyway, he will in the end get what is coming his way and I will go on and deal with those people who I know are my true friends.


I can't dwell on this but things have definitely changed. A crazy way to start  the new year for sure. 

This guy is an asshole. What he did constitutes assault with a deadly weapon or at the very least aggravated assault with intent to commit great bodily harm. Not only would I call the cops, I would call code enforcement and have the guy busted for conducting a business without a business license. While the cops are hassling him, place pebbles in his valve stems and replace the caps so the air will be let out of all four tires and the spare if you can. While he's waiting for the tow truck, go to his house and burn it to the ground. 

LOL. Well I don't think that I will be doing any of that stuff. He does have a business license BTW. But you are correct, he is an asshole for behaving in such a childish manner. It always amazes me how people can let such small things get in the way of sane thinking. It also sucks when drama gets in the way of disc golf.


On one hole he missed a putt and I just went over to my bag and pulled the first disc I had my hand on (Lemon Lake Katana) and sunk the putt. That felt great. I really didn't care too much about winning but it was fun to make a few good shots despite the pain. It felt good to not give a $hit and still show him up on a few holes. I think that in the end he just looked stupid and everyone knew it. Tomorrow i just might have to go park where he likes to park. Right now it's game on. If he tries to pull any crap again I will call the cops.

I would let it go, actually. I wouldn't do anything to egg him on. You have already made your point. If you start egging him on, than you lose your righteous leg to stand on. The best thing to do with people who cause sh*& is to avoid them. 

And, if you truly are no longer friends, then he owes you nothing and you owe him nothing. Move on with your life. Don't give people like him any more space in your head or life than is necessary. 

You are right. I woke up this morning and the wrist is tight (maybe a bit swollen). At the same time I am going to continue to let others know what he did. He needs to know that he can not intimidate me or anyone else. I don't really want to egg him on but I refuse to be treated like that. I will be purchasing some new discs today and it won't be from him. I have also stopped giving his daughter rides home from school (which allows him to stay at the course). I also used to buy snacks from him but will now just purchase those down the street. As parents are keen to point out, actions have consequences.

You're cool and he's not, oh and quit playing doubles so much, they seem to attract the worst people in your area.

I went up to the course today and it was pretty much a non-event. He was there, chatting up everyone and trying to act like the nicest person in the world. I just ignored him but still let others know what happened. I think that it is his arrogance that really gets to me, the way that he acts like the rest of us are just beneath him. And the strangest thing is that we both have a bunch of mutual friends so it is a bit awkward. No big deal. I will roll with the punches. Played some skins and was really playing well and won money. I think that this whole thing just really made me think about things and just have more faith in myself. I can't control other people and their actions. I don't agree with what he did and I already made that point to him. So it is time to move on and not look back. I also found a couple of good discs from his rival (who I think is a decent person).


Thread is getting closed because I already vented and there is nothing else to say except "Carpe Diem". I plan on showing him the way things are by beating him a few times on the course. We'll see. 


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