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I've only been playing since April of this year and while I love the game and I'm continuously improving, the one thing I realize I lack is an understanding of what I should be carrying in my bag. I'm looking for "types" of discs (e.g. overstable drivers) not necessarily specific models of discs.

Here's what I'm carrying:

5 drivers --
2 overstable drivers: 174 ESP Surge & 166 Pro Wraith
1 understable driver: 169 Z Avenger SS
1 stable fairway driver: 167 Pro TL
1 ???? driver: 156 R-Pro Boss (this should be called something other than a "Boss", IMHO)

3 midranges --
180 KC-Pro Roc
176 Pro-D Buzzz
178 ESP Meteor

2 putters --
175 R-Pro Dart
175 SuperSoft Magic

What other types of discs should I carry? An overstable putter? Is the Roc overstable enough for most situations? Should I look for a better roller (even though I've never thrown one on purpose)?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Tall Tom

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I would try a few different types of aviars if you haven't already. Another disc i don't see but highly recommend, especially for new players, is the valkyrie. If you can master its flip then you can understand the stability of any other disc. Roc is definitely enough for you at this point in your game stability-wise. Later you may want try a wasp or cobra for a more stable mid-range. Depends on whether you're wanting to throw a backhand or forehand roller, but you can roll any disc, really. It's just a matter of practicing it, knowing your plastic, and learning the shot. Hope this helps and have fun with it, Tall Tom.
thats 10 discs....4 more than i carry on most given day, i think its what you feel comfortable with friend.
Whatever anyone else tells you is going to be what they feel comfortable using. If the discs you have now are doing it for you, well don't fix what ain't broken. Now if you are just looking for us to tell you that you need something else just so you have an excuse to get something new. Well buy something new lol. But Whatever else that needs to be in your bag is whatever you like and feel comfortable using.
ask your buddies to let you try some of their discs that you don't have. maybe you'll find what you're looking for there!?

oh yeah... bug spray and bandaids!!! if you can find them in disc form
overstable mid and and a understable mid (drone, comet).
Tom Westphal..thanks. thats a good post!
i currently carry 9 discs that are pretty similar except i lack an approach disc. you've got the dart, but i think maybe if you had an uphill putter it would be an asset. i use a 167 g glow aviar. it's stable because it's in glow plastic so i use it on short approaches and drives, but i think you've got that part covered with your magic and dart. definitely a great uphill putter though except for that whole wind thing ha ha
I like to carry a disc in each catagory. One overstable, stable, and understable. Then one of each for my drivers, fairway drivers, and midranges. Plus a few for specialty shots. FYI I throw in the 300 to 340 range. Just to give you an idea why I use what I have. Some drivers that work for me are: Teerex (overstable), Orc, Valk (stable) Sidewinder(control), and a Vision (turn over disc)
Fairway:Firebird (overstable) Teebird, and Eagle(stable and control), Leopard (straight or turnover)
Mids: Drone (overstable), Roc and Buzzz (control), Wolf (turnover)
I have a 150 Flick. It's a must have imo, but only in the 150 class, Gator, and a Classic Roc. The Flick is for thumbers and spike hyzers or when I want a straight flight with massive hyzer action at the end. Gators for short hyzer upshots and the Classic Roc is for short straight (hopefully lol!) or anhyzer upshots.
For putters I use an APX swirl. It's a straight flyer and nice and grippy. Finally I also use a JK Pro Aviar-X for windy days or if I need to give it some power, because the APX would turn over on me.
i would try a pro destroyer in the 168 weight or a excal in the same weight ,and i would throw a firebird in there so you have a really overstable disc for flicks or spike hysers.as far as fairway drivers you cant go wrong with heavier tee birds and leopards or even a eagle as for putters the challenger is a great overstable putter.its not how many discs you carry its that your comfortable throwing whats in your bag.i carry over 20 discs in my bag. doubles of my favorites in different weights and plastics.
yeah i think you should switch up that TL and replace it with an eagle or leapard or teebird, i can throw pretty far and i use a TL for big throws I dont think its a good fairway driver. Other then that I like your selection, make sure you have an understable midrange for those standstill shots, you can throw them nice and straight with less force.
You should try a Destroyer over the Boss. Then go up to the boss.
The R-Pro Boss really shouldn't be called a Boss. It should be called something else because it doesn't throw like a regular Boss for me at all. I really don't know how to describe it, but a Boss it ain't.

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