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I've only been playing since April of this year and while I love the game and I'm continuously improving, the one thing I realize I lack is an understanding of what I should be carrying in my bag. I'm looking for "types" of discs (e.g. overstable drivers) not necessarily specific models of discs.

Here's what I'm carrying:

5 drivers --
2 overstable drivers: 174 ESP Surge & 166 Pro Wraith
1 understable driver: 169 Z Avenger SS
1 stable fairway driver: 167 Pro TL
1 ???? driver: 156 R-Pro Boss (this should be called something other than a "Boss", IMHO)

3 midranges --
180 KC-Pro Roc
176 Pro-D Buzzz
178 ESP Meteor

2 putters --
175 R-Pro Dart
175 SuperSoft Magic

What other types of discs should I carry? An overstable putter? Is the Roc overstable enough for most situations? Should I look for a better roller (even though I've never thrown one on purpose)?

Any advice would be appreciated.


Tall Tom

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you should put a bottle opener in your bag. Most beer that comes in cans suck (but not all).
Fat tire comes in a can now.
I started playing in july and what helped me get better wasn't the discs, it was the lack of them. A guy told me to put away everything but my putter until I learned how to throw it. So I did. After a couple weeks when I was throwing my putter 200+ feet I added a midrange to the bag and so on. Now I can throw 350ft+ consistently and have a much better understanding of the flight pattern and uses for each disc. My bag only has a 175 vibram vp, 177 core, 150 champ valk, 169 destroyer, 168 xxx, and a 170 boss.
take all your drivers out except for the TL, take out roc and meteor and pick one putter to use. learn to control these disc and get as much distance as you can. You have been playing for a short time and don't need any High speed drivers till your arm speed builds up. find a good pro and ask him to show you some pointers. the pros know what there talking about otherwise they wouldn't be pro.
I wouldn't be messing with rollers yet...

I would only carry one putter model, your putting will improve.

A midrange that handles heavy wind would be nice, like a Innova Gator or a Discraft Drone. I've tried both and love both. I would say a Gator will handle wind better.

Try These Out !
wow! Sounds like you definately have enough discs . Something that will surely take strokes off your game is learning to shape your shots. Learn your discs well and you will probably end up lightening your bag and shaving lots of strokes off your game. There is alot of folks who have the plastic addiction (im guilty myself) but the truth is...you will do better with as few discs as you need. Sounds like you have a really nice well thought out assortment of discs though.

It's exactly what you wrote that got me thinking about what I should be carrying. For instance, I have not learned how to throw a BH anhyzer reliably yet. Do I need a different disc than what I have already to do that "better"? Should I be able to do it with the discs I already have? My buddy throws the exact same ESP Surge that I do and he threw an annie the other night and I couldn't believe it because it fades left almost everytime for me.

Tall Tom
As far as your anhyzer shots and whatnot go, its more your form, and release angle that affect them. So just learn how to throw the discs that feel real good in your hands, and learn them well...and don't forget some field practice if you really wanna know everything your disc can do.
Also there are a number of clinics on discraft website, and info videos available on you-tube...check em all out.

You may also want to try the DGA Squall Disc.
I've found Discraft's X-Clones to be the best rollers for me, but I have to look for them on Ebay since they quit making them. I would get a disc that's extremely smooth on the top, like an XL. You can use that to tomahawk or throw upside down to get thru the base of a tree with the wet leaves.
yeah actually. I used to carry 20+ discs in my bag (almost each one a different model). Now I carry 12-15discs, and half the time I'm throwing my putter, 300ft and in I'm almost always using one disc.

Most pros you look at what they have for they're bag and they use 2 or 3 of the same disc for many different shots. Like usually they'll use one model for putter, one to two models for midrange and 4-5driver models (though usually they are using about 2 drivers most the time and others are more speciality shot drivers).

Though it didn't matter to me when I was on my first year'ish playing I tried well over 50 discs. It's fun, but at the end less is more.

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