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I've been somewhat out of the loop as far as following the top pro's, but I remember Cameron Todd taking the tour by storm years ago. I was just curious if there was some sort of story as to why I haven't heard anything about him recently.

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thank you for the clearification (sp)

Like i said i had always heard rumors and it was all second hand if not third forth fifth and much more.

Cam was an excellent player watch the 04 msdgc to see what im talking about, not only did he break the record but it was just an all around amazing round for him deep drives insane putts.
thanks for the info.....had always wondered what had happened to him....PDGA forum threads had been vague.
Wow, what a story. Just so happens that I have a mini signed by him. Guess it just got more valuable.
I went to school with Cam. In fact, I was there when Cam started playing Disc Golf. We (me, him, and our friends Troy and Todd) used to all go to redan park to play here in Atlanta back in 93. We were all students at the Art Institute of Atlanta at the time. For our video project in our third semester of video production, we made a video on disc golf. Cam wasn't in our class (I think he was one semester ahead, and maybe even a visual communications major as opposed to music management).

Anyway, Cam was good at it from the start! He used to beat all three of us. But I noticed that Cam just had that sports thing in him. He was a naturally talented sportsman. It wouldn't surprise me at all to hear that he was doing well at regular golf. He and I were messing around on a tennis court one day, and he could serve em up just like a pro! Meanwhile, I'm hitting homeruns every time he hits one within arms reach of me. In case you don't know, a homerun in tennis is not a good thing.

But as good as Cam is at sports, I'd go out on a limb and say that he was probably MORE interested in art. His talent at art is probably not as great as his talents in sports, but he had (has) a great passion for it. He is probably more passionate about art than he is sports. Granted, this is coming from a guy who only hung out with Cam for a year or so, if that (Cam dropped out and moved before I finished school), but in the time we hung together, I got to know him ok I guess. I've got a tattoo on my left shoulder that Cam did the work on one night while we partied. It wouldn't surprise me if he did his own tatts as well! Personally, I had to stop and take a puke break during mine. Don't drink lots of moosehead before getting a tattoo. Especially if the artist wants to push harder to "make it go quicker". If Cam ever gets famous for his art, I'll have to get my tattoo appraised! As I try to figure out a way to stretch the skin perfectly over a frame.

I did a google search on Cam back in probably 02 or 03 and ended up getting in contact with him through a sponsor or something. He was still playing at that time, though he DID say that it was kinda tough always using a portable toilet while doing tours. He was also still doing art. I turned him on to cafepress.com and he went berserk when he realized he could put his art on a frisbee and sell it on his own site. He said he was gonna put one up, but I don't know if he ever did.

So I did another google search for Cam just now, and came across this. I gotta say, I'm surprised. Cam never came across as a bad sport really. A little brash from time to time, maybe. And definitely opinionated. But not a poor sport. Sounds to me like Cam probably just got tired of it and went off venting when he probably shouldn't have.

He was also learning to play guitar back in the day. I'm sure if he continued, he's not half bad at that either. But I'd cut heads with him on guitar, because he always said he hated to practice. I get in at least two hours a day.

Well, if I find him again, I'll let him know that you guys were talking about him. With all the positive comments in the post, I'm sure he'd be glad to hear the terms "legend" or "myth" or even "munson" associated with his name! He's got a good sense of humor, so he'd probably really enjoy that last one for what it's worth!

cam did do his own tats- you hit that one on the head.

he lives outside of charlotte currently.
Thanks for the info. I have always wondered what happened to Cam. During the winter of 1999-2000 (or later), Cam hung out in Orlando for a couple of months. He was real cool, and never bragged about his skills. Even though I played many casual rounds with him, I didn't realize how competitive he was until he kicked ass in the Florida Triple Crown. Years later, after he won the Worlds, he saw me 1000 miles from home and asked about my dog. I was impressed that he remembered me. He even inspired me because he was so normal, and so good at disc golf.
Follow this link: http://www.pdga.com/files/documents/2004-09-27BODMeetingMinutesAppr...

I don't know what happened at the 04 Hambrick, but if you go to the second page of the pdga minutes (link above) and read from the third paragraph after the heading "Board Teleconference" It outlines the punishment issued to Cameron that ultimately made him quit the game he supposedly loved so much and wanted to tour forever :)
I believe there was another thread that asked about Cameron Todd on here somewhere in which he actually responded and said he was over in Ireland living with his wife in a small town with a small disc golf course in the area. I'll see if I can find it. tick...tick...tick.. tick....

[ 5 minutes later......... Nevermind.. That one was about Ken Jarvis ]

My bad folks. Don't mind me.
Wow, the Jarvis twins are a couple names i havent heard of for awhile. Those kids had some cannons on them. Cam was definately a hot head. I liked the guy but people always thought I was too. Its one of the things you grow out of eventually. Im really kinda curious to see how people handle the hotheads now compared to 5+ years ago when i toured around a little.
He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

I love reading peoples ten cents, I wonder if some of these people would actually tell Cam the things they type on to a screen. Doubtful. Cam's a BADASS!


 great thread, any more updates on Cam…???

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