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A player carrying only one disc throws from the tee and lands O.B.  What happens next?

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i mean, really? are you scared that he is going to use a disc he normally uses on that hole, i mean, his first stroke didn't really help him did it, i'd say let em throw it again, and hope he shanks in the water like he is used to.

There is no PDGA rule preventing a player from retrieving an OB disc and using it on subsequent throws. (The citing of rule 803.04 is incorrect as that is specifically for stance violations.) However, TD's can make rulings that may disallow players from retrieving an OB disc during a PDGA tournament round.

Here are some examples of when a TD MAY NOT allow a player to immediately retrieve an OB throw.

The TD has specifically stated in advance of the round:
- if a disc goes in the OB water - players may not go into water or use devices to retrieve disc.
- if a disc goes into a neighboring yard - players may not climb fences or try to contact owners to retrieve discs.
- if a disc goes into the protected wildlife area - players can't retrieve disc.
- if a disc goes into ball field (Soccer, Baseball, Softball, etc) and a game is in progress, players may not go onto field to retrieve OB throw.
-etc., etc.

The TD may have made previous arrangements to retrieve discs from these OB areas after the round. The TD's may be using these restrictions to protect sensitive areas, speed up play or prevent trespassing. They are within rights to do this when specifically stated in advance of the round. Many courses have been lost over the years by inconsiderate players climbing fences and going into neighborhood yards or players tramping through sensitive wildlife areas.
Good. So it's a stance violation that receives one warning. Re-throws are allowed with a different disc than the original throw where the stance violation was called. Lost from the tee requires a re-tee. All OB throws are thrown again from where there were last seen in play. Not using a mini is a stance violation. Do I have it correct yet?
Not exactly, but close. Stance violations are just that. If you move past or step to the side etc it is a stance violation. If you move your disc without marking it, that is a marking violation. You can use the disc you threw as the marker unless it went OB or is in a tree etc. Then you have to mark with a mini or another disc. In situations where the disc is suspected to be lost while on the tee, TD's usually allow for a provisional to be thrown from the tee. If the disc is found and playable the player then throws as usual and disregards the provisional throw. When a disc goes O.B, you have couple options.

B. A player whose disc is considered out-of-bounds shall receive one penalty throw. The player may elect to play the next shot from:
(1) The previous lie as evidenced by the marker disc or, if the marker disc has been moved from an approximate lie, as agreed to by the majority of the group or an official; or (2) A lie that is up to one meter away from and perpendicular to the point where the disc last crossed into out-of-bounds, as determined by a majority of the group or an official. This holds true even if the direction takes the
lie closer to the hole; or (3) Within the designated Drop Zone, if provided. These options may be limited by the tournament director as a special condition (see 804.01).

You can also elect to re-tee but that only happens when it makes sense to do so, otherwise you lose a stroke and the distance. Thats why people hate lost discs. They have to re-tee or throw from where the mini was last placed and lose a stroke and the distance they just made towards the hole.
No, you don't have it yet. The question put forward in this discussion is NOT a stance violation. Discette is pointing out that it is WRONG to cite the stance violation rule. She stated "There is no PDGA rule preventing a player from retrieving an OB disc and using it on subsequent throws."
Interesting....Maybe I stand corrected here. Where's Chuck? He'll know for sure the correct interpretation on this.
Yes I have it. In the situation described with one disc, you need a mini to mark it. So if you only have one disc you cannot retrieve it from OB.
My initial interpretation was wrong. Disc retrieval being disallowed pertains to a stance violation, not throwing from the tee then landing OB, or losing a disc off the tee. Not marking your disc would be a stance violation since you are not throwing from the mark, right? On another note, if you were called for a stance violation on the tee, and only had one disc, you would be in trouble.
If the correct interpretation is not being allowed to retrieve a thrown disc in only a case of stance violations...The player who carries 1 disc and throws OB off the tee...
then it would seem the player would have 3 options...quit the round...attempt to borrow a disc. If no one lends him one.....cannonball and retrieve the OB disc to continue play.

While I do see Discette's point...it makes sense...I'm not completely convinced...yet! LOL
So if someone only had one disc and they threw OB off the tee and did not cross in bounds(Island Hole), would they have 30 seconds to get the disc and shoot again?
This would be a great question for the rules Q & A. I would say it's safe bet that if I posed this question to 10 experienced players not aware of this disc cussion...most, if not all would say you can't get the disc you just threw ob to throw again.....It would seem they would be incorrect as per current rules, rule sectioning and verbage.
in the event of a water hazard.....Swim fast??? lmao

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