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This maybe a touchy subject.  But I do not know what really makes up a good club.  My HOME COURSE is Debary.  Jamie Ruane is the T.D. there.  I have played with the Monday Club out there for little over a year.  I have seen people who are loyal to the club and has been there longer then I have.  I have heard and experienced some troubles there but the club has done well and has kept it's group RUNNING.  So as far as I know Jamie has been running a good club.

Now I have played in other courses and I have seen major trouble.  The trouble I am refering to is the way people are getting along or the ways things are ran, or people complaining that things are unfair, or new players feelings "Like why should I even play?", too many chiefs and not enough indians (Excuse the pun).


I understand that .........................

You can not please all the people all the time.

There are too many chiefs.

It's hard to be new to a group.

There are many people with many types of personality.

There will be people who play that you can not stand.

Communication is something that is hard to maintain.

Someone will eventually get pissed on or off.


I would like the participation of : Dinosaurs (Older experienced players), Newbies, Club members, and non club members, The higher ups and those at the bottom.



Is there anything that I, a humble "B" player, can do to support my club better than showing up on game day and competing it it's tournies.

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Why DeBary is mostly free of hassle...because there is no club. No club, specifically for Debary, actually exists....it's a league with a group of friends that welcome new players to participate. I'm really not a TD...more or less, a competition director of sorts...I'm just the guy who has a pad and pencil...some CTP flags, the means to keep the pool rolling and the will to be there week after week.
When I'm not there others fill in and make it happen.

I'm not the one who even started the league play out there..I was one of the guys who discussed it originally...after the course went in....along with Jobe, Hos, Duncan, Clenk and a few others...basically, so both the Orlando and Daytona players could have a place to get together and have some fun....somewhere in the middle. Duncan actually started up the league play. When he couldn't be there on a fairly regular basis back then..I stepped up to run it. I took it into Night Golf in the winter...extra holes in the summer. Clenk actually inspired the extra hole(s) I merely took it to the next level.

disc golfers don't play with clubs . ; ) really though i don't play with clubs here in hawaii because they become click's . i hear maui and o'ahu have the same problem as big island . its a very sad thing to see , people of the same back ground and love of the sport fighting because someone in one group doesn't like a person or what ever reason won't play together .  come on man , i know some people rub others feelings . but don't be so thin  skined that it tears down our sport . god knows i have put up with alot of whineing  because i want the sport to grow over here .

OK.  I know that Debary is not an official club like Tuscawilla or Bill Frederick or Barnett or Sarasota or San Diego etc.  If I am not mistaken, they have membership dues (paid mine for Turkey Lake, but never got to use it due to them playing on Saturdays and me working Tuesday through Saturday. Oh well, wasted my money), bag tags, T-shirts, by-laws and etc.

Since playing at Debary, I have always thought of it as a club, hell to be truthfull, I always thought of it as an extended dysfunctional family ;^)  I like the guys, girls, the course, and everyone getting together to play.  And sa far as you not being the T.D. I apologize for the mistake.  But since I have been there, you were the one that has always ran everything.  You settled disputes.  You were the one that everyone went to.  U da man out there.  So take my compliment and shut up (respectfully speaking). 

My point exactly.  I want the sport to grow for my Home Course as well.  Debary is just a Nine Hole, Mosquito infested hole in the wall in the middle of no where.  It can not compete with Tuscawilla, Barnett, or Bill Frederick....    But in my heart, it's my home. 

I just want to know if there is something that can be done to turn a bunch of boys from Central Florida playing 18 holes of disc Golf into a functional official club.  What does it take to do something like that.  That is why I posted this discussion.  I am a newbie, "B" player who wants better for my home course.  I am willing to be an active member.  I just need the "Know How"

That's a new one.... Shut up and take my compliment!! I wonder if I can get Norbert to put that on tee shirt or Disc.


Just to clear up an often misconception....New players often confuse league play with tournament play...Technically "Tournament" is more of a plural reference...a series of games...more than one round to establish a winner and is usually sanctioned by some governing body....so that's why I don't consider myself as a TD for league play.


Now, I've been around the block a few times...thin skin and all (David, if that was directed at me...sometimes I'm not quite sure who or even what your writing about...with all respect of course)...so it's my opinion that DeBary's league is fun and successful because there isn't any club affiliation. It's the K.I.S.S. philosophy....and of course we've also been fortunate enough to remain relatively dickhead free.





This might help lead you in the right area,  But IMO first ask yourself what you want to "Club/League/Click to be. then make that you first goal.  write out a good Mission statement and stick to it. 

We use Discgolfscene.com to run our league, enter scores, post aces etc. it's free and hella useful.

I should have said....  "Aside from me...we've been relatively dickhead free".



I do want to say that it is awesome to see Vic motivated to help his home course grow and succeed. I don't want Vic to feel, or amybody else, that I'm shooting down or being negative on the idea of having an official organized club. Good things transpire when many get together and pool their efforts for common cause. I just want to clearify exactly what my role is at this course...after all I am specifically referenced in the thread.

At this particular course, there is a need for the locals at that course to come together more as their own group....defintely do a little more for themselves.

The course is very popular, despite only being a 9 hole course. One of the things that makes it that way...is Disc Golf is the only thing happening out there. There are a couple of dog people  here and there or the guy who occasionally loses his dog(s) chasing critters.

Because it is isolated, without much parks dept support and other activities, it has become some what of a party course....and that's not the best image to present...specially when the locals and myself want to see the course completed in it's planned 18 hole layout.

There is a guy who lives on the property in an old farmhouse(It was private property, formally a farm before the city acquired it and turned it into a Nature Park) This dude, who doesn't play disc golf at all, has done a ton for that course. He has built benches, supplied cans and bags for the trash....more recently he's placed coolers with water with snacks...all out of his own pocket....he does not work for the city...other than maintaining the structure he resides in and that immediate area...his only responsibility is to open and close the gate.  It would be nice to see the locals come together to help this guy out....help their course and  ultimately the sport.

What I mean...(and thanks Vic for the opportunity to hop up on the.... "People, please clean-up after yourselves" soap box) ..is  form a more organized group/club to do that....and more......like educate the newer players on the original fundamental rule of our sport.  "Be Earth Conscience, Don't Litter"  that also means respect your surroundings..."Don't harm the wildlife...don't purposely break, bend or damage the foliage because it was in your way."   You can do that by having an organized group offering fellowship through leagues, clinics, tournaments or other club sponsored events and incentives. 


Now is the time for the locals at RNCP in DeBary to form their own group/club for the benefit of that course. Good Thread Vic!!

A good club to me is one that spends as much time with the low level players as they do the cash players.

When I first started in Orlando at Barnett Park the local pro, Bob Lewis was a great promoter. Random draw doubles for the better players that wanted to wager a little cash. He also used to have a weekly handicap tourney for anyone. Plus he would have world's biggest dg days and all kind of events.

Plus he would play a round with anyone and help them with their game. I haven't Been there for years but I'm sure he still is the pro there.


Barnett Park has grown to 2 courses and a pro shop since I moved away and Bob had to have something to do with that.


But it's different now. Back in the day there was a guy at every park that was the local Disc connection. You couldn't buy online or go to a store that sold discs. The local guy that sold plastic out of his trunk is where all the players would meet and end up playing a round. I had so many disc golf buddies back then and now you would think with all the social media I could get a few now but it's a rare event to play a round with someone.


The local club here seems like they are nice folks but all they do is the random draw doubles. For a player like me unless I get teamed up with one of the top locals I might as well throw the money away. I've been playing too long and been in too many random draws to know there is nothing random about it.


I did try to start another club for beginners, novice & lowly throwers like me but I caught a lot of snobbish (for lack of a better word) attitude because I wanted to start a club for players that wanted to have fun and not play for cash. Because if there is no cash involved a lot of upper tier ams won't bother.


So I dropped that idea for now. I might try again later.

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