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Why are people so fanatic about it. I carry a buzz and wasp in my bag, would I benifit from getting a roc!

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I carry both a ROC and Buzzz, my ROC is a 180 Custom Stamp San marino (not sure what plastic, pro?) that is mainly a anhyzer disc. Also a 176 ESP Buzzz which is dead straight and a great hyzer disc. ROC and the wasp are similar in feel but I would say the wasp is more stable. No real benefit unless you are having trouble with your annys....
One disc opposed to two
I use to HATE the Roc. I was one that couldn't see the big deal, but after playing for a few years and as I began to understand the throwing technique. I tried the Roc again. Now it's a big part of my game. I find it's a very forgiving disc. I was also able to take a few discs out of my bag because it is very versitile. However, I only carry one in my bag. If you plan on trying one. Just know there are three diff. molds Ontario, San Marino, and Rancho. Also the type of plastic makes a diff as well. Try it you might love it or you may hate it. Ther doesn't seem to be a middle ground with the Roc.
You have asked two questions in your post. First, as far as "what is the big deal with the Roc?" I think that the big deal is that people who throw the Roc have confidence that the disc will do what they intend it to do. I think that is the goal of most disc golfers when they incorporate a new disc into their bag. The Roc just so happens to provide many people with that confidence in many applications thus giving it the cult following that some like myself have joined! Second question, would you benifit from getting a Roc? You wont know unless you try.
KAREN! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?! You just walked into a Star Trek convention and yelled, "WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT CAPTAIN KIRK?!" at the top of your lungs. May God have mercy on you.
Yeah the roc sucks no you dont need no sh%ty roc they are not good and you need 3 just to do what one Buzzz can do and they still dont go as far. All 3 do not have the accuracy of one Buzzz. The Buzzz only gets sweeter with age too. But you should go buy a 200 dollar roc just to make sure you got a good one .Or a 50 dollar not so good one I am not sure what ones fly like a roc should fly but I think its the 200 dollar ones ? Then you can see how sweet and good the Buzzz is ! Buzzz Buzzz Buzzz!!!
WHAAAAAAAAT??!! I never used a roc until last week. I found a Classic Roc 174 in the water at Knollwood, decided to try it out. GUESS WHAT? I have two aces with it in the last week. I used it to FINALLY ace hole 17 at Knollwood after years of failing with a putter. It went straight in the first time I used it on that hole. I'd say throw one for a while, and it will almost definitely stay in your bag as a disc you can rely on.
Donny Olow said:
You only need One Roc.

donny, this maybe true......but I usually see the players that use rocs usually carry three-to five of them...............I think this is because they are usually throwing rocs of pro or d plastic and they wear in so differently. The z/esp wasp is really similar to a roc and in my experience beats in very slowly....
The roc and the wasp are nearly identical so if youy can throw one, you can throw the other. Roc's are straight flyers.
I use a "Rancho" DX Roc. The biggest deal with the ROC is that they fly nice & straight & don't fade off line much. Many times you'll hear people wishing for a magic disc that just flys straight & long. This is it!
I don't have any experience with a buzz or wasp, etc so I can't comment on those.
ROCs have been around for quite some time (80's), longer than many discs on the market which has helped in building up a "fanatical" base. Back in the day, Rocs offered a more durable disc when playing wooded courses compared to other discs available at the time. And, after the Roc got beat up some in the woods it started flying even better. Now, there is competition and other options to the Roc like the Wasp, Buzzz and the Element.

If the wasp and buzzz combo is working then stay with it.
Up until a couple weeks ago I couldn't stand Rocs. I didn't like the way they felt or came out of my hand. I picked up a Star Ontario Roc with the intention of trading it to someone for a disc they had already given me. One throw was all it took. The disc will fly predictably straight, hold a super nice hyzer, or a decent anhyzer. The plastic is what makes the difference to me, this disc is way more stable than most of the Rocs I have thrown in the past. Now I have ended up eating all of my anti-roc words. Like previously said, the only way to find out if you like them is to throw one, or two, or a dozen.

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