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Why are people so fanatic about it. I carry a buzz and wasp in my bag, would I benifit from getting a roc!

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ROCs have been around for quite some time (80's), longer than many discs on the market which has helped in building up a "fanatical" base. Back in the day, Rocs offered a more durable disc when playing wooded courses compared to other discs available at the time. And, after the Roc got beat up some in the woods it started flying even better. Now, there is competition and other options to the Roc like the Wasp, Buzzz and the Element.

If the wasp and buzzz combo is working then stay with it.
Up until a couple weeks ago I couldn't stand Rocs. I didn't like the way they felt or came out of my hand. I picked up a Star Ontario Roc with the intention of trading it to someone for a disc they had already given me. One throw was all it took. The disc will fly predictably straight, hold a super nice hyzer, or a decent anhyzer. The plastic is what makes the difference to me, this disc is way more stable than most of the Rocs I have thrown in the past. Now I have ended up eating all of my anti-roc words. Like previously said, the only way to find out if you like them is to throw one, or two, or a dozen.
Roc.....Somebody say Roc?....Well it's only the best disc ever made!

I bet Kenner has laid in bed at night.....tossing and turning with nightmares about the Roc...."No, No, Not the Roc....Make it stop!!!!" lol!!!
that genius dosent worry about silly things like that.
that genius dosent worry about silly things like that.
Lotto said:
that genius dosent worry about silly things like that.

Yeah silly things like....keeping up with the Jones! lmao!!!
Here is the beauty of the Roc...

Brand new, they are overstable. Trashed, they are great turnover discs. In between - they turn into the straightest most controllable discs you will have in your bag. And even in DX, the transition is very gradual. So instead of having to carry multiple molds to cover your mid range shots - you can just carry a couple of Rocs in different stages of wear.

DX rancho Rocs are the bees knees.
The Sure Grip 'Element' from Gateway mirrors a ROC. They're almost identical, and they're cheaper. Anybody else back me up on this?
I mean identical to a KC Pro Roc.
2 Rocs . One Understable and One Overstable !!!! By Far the Best Predictable Midrange Discs !!!!

Got rid of my Buzzz's because to unpredictable for me. They would turn over sometimes when I didn't want it to or hyzer out like a fool !!! Wasp is even worse !!!!

I do like the Z - Drone , but doesn't go as far as the ROC !!!!!!
I just started throwing the Roc, and I'm already hooked. Helluva disc. When I throw it correctly, it goes right where I want it to. I can't say that about any other disc I've thrown...
Thats the funnest response I've ever read, but I'm finding out that its so true OOPS!!!!!
kcbrez009 said:
KAREN! DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU'VE DONE?! You just walked into a Star Trek convention and yelled, "WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT CAPTAIN KIRK?!" at the top of your lungs. May God have mercy on you.


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