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Specifically, between rounds played on the same day, and without an inordinate amount of time between rounds, like you might have if you had 144 people playing on the same course and you had to have 2 flights.

Off the top of my head, between rounds of a Circular Skies over Carrollton in the mid 1990's (1994?), I went home and mowed the front lawn of my home. Made my arms feel kind of strange when I warmed up before the second round. I was a new master, and I thought I could get away with it. Don't remember what I did, though. Shouldn't be hard for many of you to top this, but pls remember to make your responses family-friendly.

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I had to go and pay off my co-workers for letting me take off to participate in the tourny, still made it back in time for a brat and another beer before my next round started.
Brat and beer, huh? U musta been in Wisconsin.
Usually Hob-Nob ( Talk ) with other players and try to find good food for lunch !!!! Played Mini-Disc Golf , watched a good rock band perform at a club with 1/2 hour to spare , drove to the beach for a swim. Nothing too spectacular though !!!
Well, it is not between rounds but before and after that might be a little strange.

Two years ago I started cross training..ie..hitting the gym and working out. I was seriously out of shape. Not just fat (but plenty of that) but no strength, no wind, no endurance. It was pitiful. So from the day I joined the gym I went every day for the first 14 days. It hurt, it was obnoxious but I did it. I was afraid if I took one day off I might never go back. So on the 15th day I had a tournament to play. We all know logically that on a tournament day we get lots of exercise. We walk and throw and carry our bag from sunup to sundown. But I was afraid to miss the day in the gym so I got up at 4 am, did the full workout, then played the tournament. I was so wiped out during the second round that I played terrible. I learned my lesson. I still work out but not on tournament days.

One year I was playing the USDGC in South Carolina. I live in Michigan and practice law for a living. There was one court hearing I could not get adjourned and it was scheduled for the day after the USDGC ended. So I finished the tournament, drove all night, changed into my suit in the bathroom of the court building and represented my client in court that morning. I don't recall many of the details but I think he didn't go to jail.
While entering a local tournament, I found out that I cannot run on a full stomach, with a beer in hand, from tee pad # 1 to my starting hole # 8, in 2 minutes.
I remember playing in my first tournament at Sugarbush. In between rounds, I made all my practice putts!
probably not that unusual, but it is a little funny
i let a Rec player talk me into a ride to the wrong course for his second round, it dawned on me when two minutes was called, I was like why did he ask me for a ride over here, but then when he came running up, I tossed him my keys and told him I'd get a ride back
he made it in time for his forth hole so he only took three sevens to start the round, could've been woprse for sure
i walked up the hill on the course to rescue a racoon that was trapped in a dumpster,having to look for a branch for it to climb up and out.barely had time to recover my driver witch was also trapped 40ft up in a tree.
Between the end of my first round and the start of Lizard Games at the 2007 USADGC I went to the library to research a brief Mark Ellis needed by Monday. Between the end of Lizard Games and the start of my second round I wrote the brief. I didn't play well. I'm not blaming Mark.

At an MDGO in Grand Rapids at Riverbends several years ago I was caddying for Mark Ellis. Towards the end of the morning round Mark starts talking about where we can go for lunch, and he's buying. I tell him I think I have a lunch date, but I'll try to be back for the start of the second round. And he says, "Oh, is Diana meeting you for lunch?" And I say, "No, but I think I'm having lunch with that chick over there by the little car. If I get in the car and we drive away, I've definately got other plans for lunch." NOTHING UNUSUAL happened at lunch that day, but Mark's assumptions about what might have happened were amusing.
stalked a cute female golfer at worlds
Finished one of my final papers to Graduate from college I think I wrote the last 3 pages during the break and almost missed the start of the second round. I didn't get to warm up at all and just made it to the tee pad with less than a minute to go... I was impressed with myself I got second in my division for the overall tournament and also got an A on my paper...
I know of a guy who fell asleep in his van. Woke up mid way in the second round. Wasn't me but a friend of mine.

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