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Whats the difference plastic wise to champion, pro, and star disc's?

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In one word: Durability. I found when it comes to plastic, you get what you pay for.
it is stability, durability (which also affects how long it takes for disc to be "broken in"), and grip. some people prefer pro plastic because of its grippy feel, but if you play heavily wooded courses (and you hit a lot of trees) it does not hold up as well as champion. champion is the most durable, but some feel it is too slick especially if you play in cold weather a lot. star is sort of the best of both worlds. grippy but durable. i like all three and throw all three depending on the shot of course. i throw a pro wraith a lot because i like the flight once its beat in. fyi - once a disc starts to show wear and tear it will become less stable. so my wraith has more high speed turn now and i can put a little hyzer on it and it will flip up and fly straight for a very long drive. if i were to put the same angle on a champ wraith it would hold that line and hyzer all the way. all of this to say - it is simply a matter of opinion and preference. and it will take throwing these different plastics to find out for yourself. hope this helps. keep throwing. greatest game ever.
excellently put, I would have to agree w/ you 100%
I've found that the new plastic is made to be different for all kinds of throwers. They purposely try new things and come out with slight variations. All this in the hope of finding the right blend to market. My only problem with the new plastic is I've found I try and compare it to much with the old CE. I've been so groomed to love the CE that nothing compares to it anymore. Whenever they come out with the new test runs I just hope they might feel like some old stuff. Peace
There are a number of differences such as stability, durability and grip. I find personally that the most noticeable differences are grip, Champion is more slippery then the others so some people find it harder to throw, Star is grippier yet then Champion and then Pro is some were in the middle. Durability runs much the same way Champion seems to last the longest then pro then star. Stability it depends on other factors but Champion tends to the the more over stable of the three, then its a tossup between the other two. There are those that would argue this and they may be right as well, it more a personal feel issue than any thing but this is what I have found to be true for me.
Here's the link.

Champ is a lot more durable then Star.
Although the best plastic is dx....if you aren't that good like me, and have water and tree seeking discs, 7.99 is ok to pay. :-D
I find star to be the best and most durable. Champion is good, and Pro is too easy to destroy.
Personal experience is always the best, but I didn't know if you have looked at what Innove says about their own plastic blends. The "straight from the horses mouth" approach.

Go Champion !!!!!
I believe that CoolHand (Luke?) said it most succinctly, and I agree with his post completely. I throw Star plastic almost exclusively (the exception being my Aviar putters, which I like in DX for their grabbiness), but I play on a very rugged course (Chico has a LOT of rocks) and I find Champion plastic too slippery for my taste. Pro plastic just doesn't last that long here, which sucks because I like the way they fly in general ( I just can't afford to replace my drivers every two to three months). Overall, cost effectiveness and personal touch/feel preference should be the deciding factor in plastic selection.
like everyone has said: durability, stability and grip... it really boils down to preference, I perfer the feel and flight of Champ

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