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Anyway today I took my son disc golfing today. He loves just being out in the stroller with me while I am throwing. Anyway I was throwing with another member of our local club and some casuals started playing behind us. They threw before we were done with a number of holes nearly hitting my son in the stroller and narrowly missing the other guy I was throwing with. If I am 400+ feet away and you know you cannot reach me by all means throw. But when you can obviously hit the people why?
Why the hell do you throw?

What would you do in this case? When they got close enough to use I told them not to throw on us again and they didn't but honestly wtf! I should never have had to say anything in the first place.

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I would ask them nicely the first time. then give them a what for if they continue.They should have more common sense, but its not so common anymore!
This sport, I believe is going thru a growth spurt, Lots of new casual players out and about...some just learning thier power curve.
Not enough seasoned players to go around....if it's feasible, print up the old school basic rules sheets, one page flyer....starts with ..."Be Earth Conscience....." yada yada ....and hand them out one day...if that don't work....throw back!! lol!! j/k
I think the common sense thing to do would have been to let them play through. If they threw on you several times, chances are they had to wait on you. I would be mad if I was behind someone playing slower than me and they didn't offer to let me play through. I wouldn't throw on them...especially if they had a stroller...as in your case. However, I think it could have been avoided if you had just let them play ahead of you.
common sense just really isnt all that common now is it. alot
of people are born without any "common sense" so i wouldnt
expect people i dont know to show it.next time let them play
thru and be done with it.
Key word on most of the posts. Is common sence. Problem is, it's not to common! I'm splitting hairs here, but I don't know of any casual player that throws 400' So you would think they would know about the rules? But you did the right thing. Inform them and just shake your head. I know the course in Golden Gate Park has a list of rules and common courtesy points at the first hole. That might help the people who have NO common sence.
Heck to give you an idea how ignant people are of this sport. We had to stop one family from using are basket as a BBQ. No lie, they had foil around the bottom and were dumping the coals into it!
Actually the course was close to being packed and there was a group in front of us that was slow. once we got passed them we only got thrown on once.
Of course you will probably call me a jerk but if someone almost hit my kid I would throw it right back or give it a big toss into the middle of a pond if near by. Nobody comes close to harming my kids and not pay.
I have to go with Chris and Cassidy here....you should never have to ask for someone not to throw in on you....that said I would have wanted to throw the darn thing back at them....but then you get in to fights and stuff and that is really not worth it...just let them pass...it is not about a learning curve...some people are just too stupid to care about what would happen...then there are those that get upset because the sport is growing so fast...the other day our club had its normal weekly round...we have had the round the same day at the same time for the past 4 years...this guy comes up drunk and is combative and says wtf...then says wouldn't you be PO if you played a whole round without anyone in front of you...I said no...my other flight members were like ummmm...they lied to the guy...I was like sorry man this is DG and you know it is going to be busy....so there are other things that will happen as the sport grows...we need to educate the different localities to these issues so that they can either continue to build new courses to alleviate congestion or we have to be pro-active and police the courses ourselves.
I had the same problem yesterday, except for the fact that this was 2 people who play in Tournaments. Within the first 4 holes I had already heard "Heads Up" and "Four" several times. I swear I think they were doing it on purpose. So what finally ended this was when I sent his disc flying across 4 lanes of traffic and over a house into the backyard across the street. Buttholes!!!! I would have just let them pass except for the fact that when we pulled into the parking lot they were both out of their cars , bags in hand just talking. Myself and the guy I was with warmed up for about 10 minutes and than proceeded to start our round. We weren't 200 ft. off the Tee pad when these 2 decided they would chuck them 400 ft. over us. While the entire time they could have started as we weren't hampering them from doing so. I think it just boils down to some people are truly Jerks! Needless to say I heard a few profanities and threats, so we just kept walking. Never did see them again after that? Guess it Peed their Cheerio's!!!
did they hit your son, is that what you said?.......I would do well to keep my emotions in check in that situation. I think they deserve a smack across the face.
i don't know the situation but,sometimes it's a cue to let them play through. if there was room in front of you,you can let them through and then when they are walking by ask them nicely not to throw at you.
It's an inevitability that, at some point, you'll stumble across the meatiest of meatheads out there. That's the way it goes. Whether they be casuals or course pros or picnickers or tandem bicyclists, every group has their idiots. Personally, I believe it stems from those people who just can't manage to see beyond themselves. Nowadays, it's all "me me me" with people. All people. I've been guilty of it myself. In fact, there isn't any one here who can say that they haven't been guilty of it at some juncture. ...But.... there's a difference between those of us who make an effort to be respectful and consider others, and those of us who consistently put ourselves first, and couldn't care less about those around us.

Here's where I think the solution lies. It's already been stated to no end that these people lack common sense. So, it only seems appropriate to assume that these people also wouldn't be aware of how rude and selfish they were being, what with their lack of common sense already being called into question. That is why they need to be told how they are acting, or more appropriately, how they are being percieved by those around them. It's not a fun job. I assume it would be much like having to tell an aquaintance about the booger protruding from their nose. Awkward for everybody. Yet still, if you don't tell them, they'll never know. No sense in being rude. Then you're no better than they are. Just kindly tell them about that unwritten code of conduct that should be expected of them and all disc golfers, and ask that they make more of an effort to follow it.

Sure, you'll have to occasionally deal with your stubborn, your pig-headed, your "hoilier than thou's", but at least they'll know that not everyone thinks they're so great, and perhaps that's the first step on their road to common sense.

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