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Anyway today I took my son disc golfing today. He loves just being out in the stroller with me while I am throwing. Anyway I was throwing with another member of our local club and some casuals started playing behind us. They threw before we were done with a number of holes nearly hitting my son in the stroller and narrowly missing the other guy I was throwing with. If I am 400+ feet away and you know you cannot reach me by all means throw. But when you can obviously hit the people why?
Why the hell do you throw?

What would you do in this case? When they got close enough to use I told them not to throw on us again and they didn't but honestly wtf! I should never have had to say anything in the first place.

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Sometimes even a warning won't work. Myself and two friends were playing at Jimmy Porter one day when four guys with no courtesy for each other much less anyone else on the course caught up to us on hole four. The hole is only about 240 and as we were putting out one of them drove on us, nearly hitting my buddy while he was starting to release. He missed his putt and turned around and yelled back don't drive on us again. We cleared and went up to five which is on a hill and throws down across a creek. We all drove and started walking down th ehill towards the creek as they were finishing. He calmly asked them for a little courtesy on the course and explained etiquette.
They didn't get it and drove on us again while we were putting out. At this point, my buddy calmly lays his putter back on top of his bag, walks over and picks up the guys driver, then turns completely the wrong direction and launches it across a six lane road and railroad track. A pretty good drive considering he was pissed off, but he still got about four hundred feet. Then calmly walks back over to his putter and putts out. Then me and my other buddy putt out as they walk up and ask what the hell that was for. He looks at them and tells them, "you were warned, and if you do it again, I'm gonna throw you and the rest of your bag over there too". This guy looked like he been stung to death by one bee.
A couple holes later when they caught up again I suggested they play though because they were still having trouble grasping the hole courtesy thing as they were putting at the same time with no regard to who was out. It was only a matter of time till the situation turns even uglier, but man the look on that guys face when flew out of the park. Priceless.
So another casual yesterday decided to walk into our fairway as I was about to drive. (Literally during my run-up) I stopped and said dude I nearly took off your head, you are in my throwing lane please move. He is all like whatever and stood there. So I said look out I am throwing this over your head and launched my Z Force. As it flew by within maybe 2 feet above his head the look on his face was priceless. He turns around to see the disc park the basket. His jaw dropped to the floor. I doubt he will stand in the way of a speeding disc again after hearing it wizz by.
I know it's tough but being as polite as possible will help insure that the course will be in the ground for years to come.
This happened to me yesterday(just not with a baby)...all I did was ask him if he was a fucking idiot and then he stopped.
Great story Nascar Dave.. Anyway, I can see this situation from both sides. I've had people playing significantly slower than me that just didn't understand that they should offer to allow me to play through.

But that doesn't excuse putting people in danger of serious injury...

Nowadays I just announce that I'd like to play through if they take too long to offer. There are a lot of people who don't understand how course etiquette works and may just need to be asked once or twice.

90% of Clearwaters club are casual golfers. there is always heated words about whats important(drinking,smoking,courtesy and club focus) The casuals help me handle distractions better!
Bottom line it was wrong! Everything I have read on this thread should be tried, ask them nicely, or ask them to play through. Ignorance it the main problem, sometimes just talking to "them" about etiquette can solve alot

But I can tell you one thing...you hit my kid with a disc because your being stupid...there will be a reproduction for sure.
Should have Disc Golf signs posted stating No Throwing Until it's Safe !!!


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