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So can someone please tell me....

What is with people TEXTING AND DRIVING?!?!?!?!?

What the crap are they thinking?!? You honestly don't have the motivation to hit the SEND button and just TALK to them?

Just today, in 30 minutes I saw 5.......5 people TEXTING while they were driving.
One of them so much that they we in front of about 20 cars going 15 miles under the speed limit and not seeing red lights turn to green. When I finally got next to her in the other lane her face was buried in her phone! WHAT!?!?? And get this, the light turns green, she doesn't go right away (and shes in the right turn only lane) and she goes STRAIGHT!!! there is no lane there!!!! WTF!!!

I don't want to die because some stupid chick is texting her boyfriend and she merges into my lane on a 5 lane downtown set up. All I know is that I am constantly driving for work (delivering pizza) and I see people doing this everyday. I wish there was more that i could do than honk my horn and scare the crap out of them. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?!?!?!

Check out this picture right below

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I was the cause of an accident because I answered my phone and missed a stop sign...of course I was also driving myself to the hospital one handed (butcher shop accident to my right hand) in a manual car (it was a banner day for idiocy on my part). I managed to break and steer off the center of the car I hit so I only broke the rear axle of their car and demolished the front of mine. There were no injuries, but I still wish I hadn't answered the phone. So, I do agree on stricter enforcement of phone rules while in the vehicle.

That said, texting decreases attention to the road to a greater degree than talking. Remember that the person texting is looking down at their phone for extended periods of time to text. It only takes a few seconds to miss a stop sign or that car that just pulled out.
It's a law here in North Carolina. I believe it went into effect not even a year ago. Not sure if they're enforcing it enough because I still see it.. and see people texting while taking up two lanes of the highway. It's just ridiculous... they compare it to driving drunk.
DId you hear the story in the news about the teenage girl that was texting and ran her car into a school bus last week? Luckily no one was hurt. It has gotten pretty out of control. Noone realizes this until another life is taken. Honestly, I wish that for one week all cell phoens would stop working. It would be interesting to see the torture that would reak havoc on all of my students. Too bad there is nothing that most of us can do about this. It has been banned in a lot of inner cities (including Detroit), but on the big scale, what does that help? I heard of some app that can be downloaded into a phone and then it does not work while you are driving. Maybe soemthing like that should be mandatory unless you are calling 911. The best thing you can do is to go to a city meeting- I gaurantee most of the public that would be there would support you on this!
haha...awesome...your driver's appreciate it!
wow...i didn't hear about that one Jenny. And i totally agree that the world would be in chaos, not knowing what to do!

My aunt lives in DC and she told me that the cops will get up next to you and just wave to you to get off your phone (because i think its even illegal to just talk on the phone). They won't even pull you over because they have more to worry about such as the ridiculous crime rate.
you think they would be more interested in doing that here. I think the state could pull in a lot of money in giving tickets for that. It is sad when it comes down to it being beneficial for the money part- not the saving lives part. But, if bringing in more money from tickets saved a few lives, then maybe it is worth it.
completely agreed. Thanks for the great input Jenny.
I just moved to the Kansas city area and it is pandemic here. And driving is a total crap shoot. Something needs to be done in a big way. As Mr. Calhoon pointed out your driving ability is that of a drunk behind the wheel and the punishment for texting while driving needs to be A. enforced. and B. serously increased. Its a daily fear and thats just stupid.
i don't think its for the beneficial part at all jenny. i think its because the fear of getting a ticket which costs hard earned money is going to be enough to reduce texting while driving significantly. I text and drive ALL the time. As in - when I'm driving, I'm usually texting! I've almost gotten in a few accidents because of it, but I just keep on doing it. My excuse is that I barely ever look down at the screen because I can text a whole message T9 with no typos sometimes without looking. BUT I still look sometimes and its still not safe. Do I do it because I'm a bad person and don't care about other lives? Hell no! Is it because I'm completely irresponsible? Nope. Its because I feel like its safe enough for me to do (I'm a better driver than almost all of those idiots out there) and I know its legal so there aren't cops watching for it. Obviously I know this is the mindset of many of the people that get in terrible accidents. I would be ALL for a law against it. It's probably worse than not wearing seatbelts. But until then, I just feel too natural and comfortable texting and driving. Behaviorally speaking: Not a strong enough fear of an adverse consequence.
perhaps u should stop txting while driving or u may go out in a blazo glory
Maybe you feel as if it is safe for you to do- i am sure there are many people who have a high alcohol tolerance and feel they can drive perfectly fine drunk too. HOwever, your risk of getting in an accident increase probably by 100% if not more. It's the same thing as drunk driving- it is nothing but purely selfish. Lets say you do end up getting in an accident because you looked away for one quick second- is it fair to the person who could possibly get killed? It is better to be thinking of other people- not yourself, and not the person you need to text. Think about the mother who could get killed, or worse off the innocent baby who could get killd. Is it that important to send a text right that minute? Argue all you want, you will never win on this one. Even you say you do it all the time- why not have some consideration for those people who choose that their life is more important and that contacting the peron on the other end can wait- show some respect for others.
The Germans have the autoban (sp?) which has no speed limit. GO as fast as you would like. The also don't have ashtrays, cup holders, radio's (use to not have radios), etc. No distractions means what? You got it. Less casualties. There are far more accidents in america due to distractions. And we put a limit on how fast we can go.

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