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So can someone please tell me....

What is with people TEXTING AND DRIVING?!?!?!?!?

What the crap are they thinking?!? You honestly don't have the motivation to hit the SEND button and just TALK to them?

Just today, in 30 minutes I saw 5.......5 people TEXTING while they were driving.
One of them so much that they we in front of about 20 cars going 15 miles under the speed limit and not seeing red lights turn to green. When I finally got next to her in the other lane her face was buried in her phone! WHAT!?!?? And get this, the light turns green, she doesn't go right away (and shes in the right turn only lane) and she goes STRAIGHT!!! there is no lane there!!!! WTF!!!

I don't want to die because some stupid chick is texting her boyfriend and she merges into my lane on a 5 lane downtown set up. All I know is that I am constantly driving for work (delivering pizza) and I see people doing this everyday. I wish there was more that i could do than honk my horn and scare the crap out of them. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?!?!?!

Check out this picture right below

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Europe has also started a new system for speeding tickets. Now, when speeding if you get a ticket it goes off of a percentage of your income. SOmeone in Sweden recently got ticketed for speeding and had to pay 250,000. I have a feeling he will slow down. GOod way to discourage people from breaking the law.
Not to thread drift too much. but another dangerous behavior I find myself doing as opposed to texting, which I don't do very often, is looking through my ipod for a different song or band.
I think that driving in general is too much of an assumed privilege in this country. If we really wanted to keep the roads safe, there would be more difficult driving tests and cops would be more focused on reckless driving.
Actually, I will have to disagree with the irresponsible question....Blazo thats crazy and you know it. It seems like no matter what you are replying too it has to be against what is being said. I have to say that is a terrible mindset towards the subject.
Driving is just that. Driving , nothing else.

People need to pay attention to the road and those around them. There are Laws here in California on this Issue.

If it is so important to Text message , pull over and do your business. Get off the road and prevent accidents.
i think if you kill someone while driving and texting you should get the death penalty. Actually if you kill somebody while drinking and driving you should get it too. my grandma was killed by a drunk driver when i was 5, the guy had already killed somebody while drinking and driving served like 3 years and was released months before the accident that killed my grandma. oh the worst part is me and my 7 year old (at the time) brother were in the car when it happened i was sitting next to her and got thrown 35ft out the window. could have been avoided if the state would have just exterminated him after the first offense, scares me to know he was released 12 years ago and may have killed again.
even if you always have to play the game of devil's advocate, I would be more careful with topics that are as touchy as this. Everyone here can agree (as research backs up) that it is just as bad as drinking and driving. Probably not the smartest idea to admit on a public forum that you do it all of the time. I am willing to bet that 99% of people on here know someone who has been killed by a drunk driver. Not to mention that most of us in the disc golf community lost a great friend recently due to a drunk driver, may you rest in peace EOG. Probably not the best way to show respect.
I hope there's a portion of compassion behind that...
Emma, thank you for caring!
Jenny - my argument is FOR enforcement of this law. I'm explaining WHY I do it and how I justify it, but admitting that it's wrong. My point is I'm not an idiot or an unkind, careless person, but I text while I drive. I am all for making it illegal, because that will stop people like me from making stupid mistakes and getting in accidents!
haha nice man. i thought about this thread on the way home from work today, and kept my phone in the old pocket. even when it vibrated.
hey jenny, first off, as i posted an hour or so ago from work, i think you guys totally misunderstood what i was saying. second i think you are putting way too much on s*** on me by extending your post to equating me to a drunk driver. yes, there are some similarities, but no, they aren't the same thing.

here's the best way i can clear up what the point i was making:
DON'T HATE THE ROAD TEXTERS, CHANGE THE SYSTEM!!! People that text while driving aren't necessarily "bad" or "stupid" people! They are like the rest of us except they have a bad habit that you don't! Take action and make this a law or encourage enforcement of the law if it is already active in your area!!! Hating gets you NOWHERE!!!!!!!

Since I've seen this thread, I have stopped myself from texting everytime i've been driving. Just wanted to explain the mindset of a road texter!

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