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So can someone please tell me....

What is with people TEXTING AND DRIVING?!?!?!?!?

What the crap are they thinking?!? You honestly don't have the motivation to hit the SEND button and just TALK to them?

Just today, in 30 minutes I saw 5.......5 people TEXTING while they were driving.
One of them so much that they we in front of about 20 cars going 15 miles under the speed limit and not seeing red lights turn to green. When I finally got next to her in the other lane her face was buried in her phone! WHAT!?!?? And get this, the light turns green, she doesn't go right away (and shes in the right turn only lane) and she goes STRAIGHT!!! there is no lane there!!!! WTF!!!

I don't want to die because some stupid chick is texting her boyfriend and she merges into my lane on a 5 lane downtown set up. All I know is that I am constantly driving for work (delivering pizza) and I see people doing this everyday. I wish there was more that i could do than honk my horn and scare the crap out of them. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?!?!?!

Check out this picture right below

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Try to understand what I'm saying more next time you think its a terrible mindset. In life and on this site, I almost ALWAYS try to encourage understanding of others rather than prejudice and unfair judgements. If you read something I wrote and think it sounds like I'm trying to start trouble or something, its most likely because I see injustice or quick judgements being made. I am a human rights advocate all day long Emma, not someone who thinks texting and driving is good for society.
I was not trying to slander you, but your first post where you admit you do it all the time and have "almost" been in many accidents was little out there. I am not sure how you would expect people to respond to that. There are a lot of studies out there that show the similiraties and dangers between texting while driving and drinking while driving. I don't think you need to wait for a law to go into effect before changing your ways- if you know that what you are doing is wrong, it cannot be justified by saying there is no law saying you can't do that. Make a point to save a life. I am not just saying that to you- I would say this to anyone who makes habits of doing things that will distract one while driving. A lot of innocent people get killed because of someone else's irresponsibilities- that is about as unjust as it can get. A long time a go I made a decision to never do these things- not because I am worried about getting a DUI, or wrecking my car, but because I know I could never live with myself knowing that my actions could cause someone to loose their mother, father, or child. Respect for other people's lives is my FIRST concern. I'm no saint, this is nothing but common sense. My second concern about this is the fact that I don't want to die- and I feel pretty helpless because I have no way of controlling anyone else's actions. I cannot even count how many times I have almost been hit by someone using a cell phone- if I get killed someone better have the guts to explaine to my family and my goddaughter what was so important that could not wait. Also, if more people felt stronger about this, I personally know I would feel a lot safer out there on the road. Even if there were a law that covered this for the entire state (it exists in Detroit) it is not as if everyone will stop. Be proactive, change your habits, or simply pull over! Good work on already making the change.
I see alot of people have strong opinions on texting while driving, but what about texting while putting?
this thread needed some humor :) And while I am at work here in my dungeon so did I :)
Our State is trying to do something about this.

Yeah you beat me to it brett :)

(being a biker I shouldnt make light of this thread, but the thread headline I actually thought it was going to be a joke thread)

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