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I was wondering what disc or discs in your bag do you think are really underrated by you or by others you play with.

I have to say for me it would be a discraft hawk. I really never hear anybody talk about it and I have been ask a few times why I throw it. I throw it because I have confidence in it and it flies really well. It is great for those tight tee shots under 300'.I think the main reason is that it is made in the cheaper pro-d plastic but it really is a great disc. I sometimes find myself reaching for it before I reach for my buzz.

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hmm i would have to say my xd putter, not talked about much but overall its a great putter. other than that i dont have many disc people don't use besides maybe a shark
I put a new, fairly stiff (LSDiscs) warlock in my bag for short, straight, stable upshots/drives. It has turned out to be a real go-to disc for me. The thing flies long & straight & I can put a good amount of power into it & it just glides longer. Underated? Big time! (by me)
so far only a few disc listed would qualify as "under-rated" IMO.

just sayin'
Discraft Meteor
It don't have to be a underrated disc per se that everyone thinks is underrated but just a disc that you think is underrated also, andf maybe a popular disc that a bunch of people use.
Discraft Storm.
Great at holding a line and gives me great distance.
Beat up JLS for rolling .
Well I just traded a stalker for a limited edition esp comet because I've been wanting to try out a comet because I've heard a lot of good things about them. Once I got it I took it out to the field and grabbed my innova wolf because its the only other understable midrange I have. I was impressed with the comet but I was also impressed that the wolf can do everything the comet does dead straight flights with no fade, long flights that plane to the right the whole time, long sweeping anhyzers without fighting out of them, and sharp anhyzers. The only difference is that the comet has a LOT more glide Its funny sometimes when the comet hits the glide phase of its flight it pops 15ft higher up in the air and then smoothly glides back down, Its awesome to see. That makes the commet get about 30ft more distance than the wolf on average although it might be good not to have that pop at the end sometimes if you have a ceiling. I wonder why I took the wolf out in the first place? It was only my 4th disc to buy and it weighs 180 so maybe it was too heavy for me to throw at the beginning of the season.

Overall I think both the comet and the wolf are very underrated discs but the wolf is a lot more underrated in my opinion. I know I can't wait til the next time I get to play a really wooded course.
I would go with my Pro Line Classic Roc. It is a great disc for under 300ft. It will go where I want it on any line. I rarely even hear talk of the Classic Roc.
what? why?
if you like pro and can find one, a champ classic roc is like a pro that never beats up!


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