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I go on a few different disc golf forums. I will say that this one has always been my favorite because it was the 1st I joined and became a part of last year, when I started playing. Regardless of which forum  I have been on lately, it seems as though tensions are running high and people are really running topics of interest into a heated name calling session, more than anything.

I will be the 1st to say, I have been involved in it myself. I am VERY passionate about this game and I run my mouth sometimes before I think (especially after I sit down at the Computer after a few beers). But, I am also the 1st to admit, I don't know everything. I should probably keep my trap shut sometimes, but I love the interaction with other disc golfers and just discussing the game in general.

This got me thinking. What makes us enjoy/like/love Disc Golf? The more I think about it, I start to think that the reason people may get so Flamed over a forum topic is because, as a Whole, Disc Golfers are Damned Passionate about the game. MOST people I have had the pleasure of meeting through this sport are VERY Loyal to it and spend as Much time as they can involved in it, in one way or another. I almost begin to think that Disc Golfers may have a little extra something that makes them so Passionate about the game. Something I have rarely seen in the Many other sports I have played.

So, I am just wondering, what is it about Disc Golf that has made you stick with the sport? What about it drives you to play rain or shine, snowstorm or typhoon, etc??

P.S. I am not trying to turn this into a Let's all hold Hands and sing type of thing. I am fully aware that  Everyone has their own opinion and is FULLY entitled to it. I would just like to hear some reasons why we all LOVE this Sport so much~ ;)

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i have been in a few of those heated conversations myself and typically after a few beers as well...... anyway to the point i personally love disc golf for many reasons, the flight of the disc looks amazing. it is a sport that is always progressing. of course one of my favorites is hitting aces with a big group of players around. i love beating my own scores. i love playing the course alot of people i know talk about the people that they have played against but most of my stories are about the crazy courses ive played from little 9 hole courses in the middle of neighborhoods to full courses with par 5s its just the love of the game man. i have never been one to play against other people i just play against myself and the course...... kinda corny but its true.

It's outside, sometimes involves beer and possibly other things (for medicinal use only) and it is a competition. I love competing and I love winning as well.

Frankly. it's a lot better than sitting in front of the computer and telling other people why I like it.

I am an old man, 51 to be exact, with three kids ranging from 23 to 12. There are not many Dads my age that still go out and compete with their kids in other sports. Disc gives us all that opportunity. I go out on a regular basis and play with/against them and there are just not many other sports that can claim that? Ball golf comes to mind of course but the expense is overwhelming compared to disc. Two weeks ago I got to caddy for my kid when he was in a foursome with Feldberg, Owens, and Brathwaite...how many other sports can that happen? I get to go hang out with my 17 year old daughter and play a round or two when most teenage girls want nothing to do with their parents. We go up to the High School and work on drives, talk about life, boys, school, all that stuff that way too many parents miss out on because their schedule is too busy and they have nothing in common. That is why disc is so important to us

 "Frankly. it's a lot better than sitting in front of the computer and telling other people why I like it."

Thanks for the Up Beat comment Jim. This is the type of stuff I am referring to above. If you don't feel the need to post on something, don't. I hold my tongue a lot when it comes to negativity, but you seem to like to breed it. Posting that you would rather not post on a subject is Brilliant. Thanks for chiming in. 

Shane and Rob. That's AWESOME. Thank you for your replies. :)

It's funny had you asked me a year ago I would have given you a totally different answer. Over the last year or two I have really changed my mind set from just playing the game, to now trying to improve it and promote it. I was lucky enough to be born into the sport as both my parents played back in the late 80s to mid 90's. They pulled out of the sport so I wouldn't be around the drug use back then. After 10+ years of not playing I did some searching about disc golf after finding my old disc. Found out about a course about an hour from the house and a local tournament series that was planning an event there. I spent the next 2-3 years playing tournaments like crazy all over the south. I guess after 3-4 years of tournament play, averaging about 20 events a year, I got burnt out a little on playing the game. Now I spend a lot of time volunteering for my series, helping out at events, and teaching new players tips to get better.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I used to love the sport for the competition, and now I just enjoy the family aspect of it. I haven't seen this a whole lot in Pdga events I have played, but in SNDG series I see this alot. One event more then any other, there will be about 100-200 people camping out. Everybody goes from campsite to campsite sharing food, beer, or anything else. 

Also, You got people in the sport like Dan Wilkinson, who often post on this website. This guy took a day from his vacation and added at least 2 hours of driving time to come play a round of disc golf with me. I'm also not sure how he talked his wife into it lol. People like that make the sport a blast to involved in.

Finally, there is simply nothing that compares to watching a disc flip over into a slight anhyzer and glide smoothly down the fairway heading straight at the basket. 

Just realized how much I wrote, sorry for the extra long load times lol.

I LIKE IT BECAUSE IT BLOWS PEOPLES MINDS HOW Far and accurate a disc can fly and then DG never keeps me unchallenged. If they never went in on a long shot I would prolly be done with it. But they go in sometimes, keeps me coming back for that ultimate sensation.

Oh yeah Coom by ya, Coom by ya

Well it's just FUN,challenging,and the people one meets are FUN, Challenging.Started throwing my 1st frisbee back in '57 to present with some setbacks along the way or challenges.Another old object/target player from the git go.

Many who first found,joined this site have moved on or have become just readers with possible frowns,chuckles to themselves or just total disgust.To each their own,enjoy the sport,have FUN.

The flight of seeing a frisbee/disc in the air still amazes me along with many others.

remember that a disc/frisbee seen/thrown on a roof symbolizes a lost/passed away family/friend from so many years ago.Also a bad toss,haha. Just another old hippy that didn't need to hid in the woods to imbibe with any thing illegal.Play straight,imbibe later.Enjoy the finer aspects of life with a clear mind.  see ya on the fairway, throw respectfully.  ;>}


Very well said Mr. Ed. I always enjoy reading your wisdom. :)

@Jeff Nichols, I guess that you didn't read the whole post. And it is still better than being in front of the computer. I do both but prefer actually playing. For me it is all about the competition and especially winning money. If I don't leave with cash it is always nice to put up a good score. And an ace never hurts either.

There was a little bit of sarcasm in my post as well. Don't take things so serious.

Edit: You also probably won't find me out playing in pouring rain because frankly that just sucks. Or bitter cold. My guess is that we probably all have different reasons for enjoying the game. I do enjoy being out playing with other good players, testing my game and the exercise never hurts as well.

Lol. I just read this and then read what I wrote. I forgot to put the :) at the end of my statement in the previous post Jim. I was being sarcastic too. I am not very good at it. I enjoy reading your contributions to this site. I was just pokin' at ya trying to be funny. I made a Stupid. Sorry Jim. :) :) :) :)

It's all good. I always enjoy your posts.  :) :) :) :)

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