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I am looking for a new driving putter.  I currently use a challenger but have not been happy with the results as of late.  I am looking for something I can rip on and know it will fly straight, but something that also won't hyzer out when throw flat and slower?  Is there anything out there for me?

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I putt with a magnet and a KC.  I have used too many putters over the last few years and have driven with all of them, so I might be of help on this one...  Straight/anny less that 250= magnets all day  (check Jerm and Cale's bio on discraft's page for a lil boosted confidence in your consideration)  I think that aside from the magnet, the best driving putter is the pure over all.  The problem that I find with pures is that they start great, break in marvelously and then after a month or three, they go into helter skelter mode and I lose trust.  I have hit aces with both magnets and pures, 200 and 220 respectively, but the pure is out of my bag and all have been given to less powerful throwers at this point because they are money for them, not trustworthy for me in that stage of their lives.  I have a Opto Pure coming my way, thanks to a friend who scooped one for me at Worlds.  Can't wait to throw it.  

I hear amazing things about anodes and I purchased one to check it out.  It is one heck of a utilitiy driving putter (I hear the gyro ones are the best,,, idk)  I like it a lot but I only have space for three driving putters and it didn't make the cut only because it couldn't beat out the glow Champ aviar p&a.  I can't find anything recently produced that I like and I look for the 08 cfrs because they are VERY stiff and I can wail on them with maximum driving force with no worries at all (won am distance at the GBO this year with 546')  I got 5th in ADV at the GCC this year because of the 08 glow aviar and knowing how to use it.  I threw it for every non anny/non overhand drive under 380 and it distanced me from the comp.  Their wasn't much of a canopy there and the course was so fast/skippy that I could throw it 340ish and trust it to just slide up to the basket.  The folks I played with were throwing mids/edges and were skipping 60 left.   This lead to lots of OB and NAGS and over time a lot of busting my chops for bombing putters.  I would slide 30-40 up on the completion of flight on my drives and was rarely out of the circle while using it, but that lead to a lot of non-converted birds due to my previous troubles with putting...

Nevertheless, If you can find a STIFF one buy it.  I don't mean kinda stiff, I mean, might as well be made out of metal stiff, like this last year's cfr glow champ firebirds are in comparison

I have no idea about the mercy but I would love to chuck it, and if you like the uderdog/lil guy companies, like I do, you should consider getting a clutch, which is basically a re tooled hard magnet and the other Legacy putter, the clozer, is a slightly more over stable version of a clutch/magnet that is a little beefier in the rim.  Hope this helps and happy huking

I use a Vibram Ridge (X-link Firm) off the tee. So easy to use and flies straight and true. Super durable. I've had mine for a couple years now.  Don't be afraid to pick up a couple of these discs that have been mentioned in the thread. Worse comes to worst, you can trade em' out or sell them. 

I made the switch to wizards, ain't no going back to anything else. Great putters for sure.

175g KC Pro Aviar

Champion Rhyno, Star Dart.

Whatever Evan drives with is the best

KC Pro Aviar. 175 grams will work.

gateway wizards are stable and for super windy days the gateway voodoo is even more stable

Voodoo is not more stable then the Wizard

 i would recommend aviars either dx plastic or if you can find a champion kc 11x big bead i would buy it. i have one that i've hit aces on holes at 200ft to230ft with my champion aviar.

Im currently using a DX Aviar P&A and really like it for putts. However, when I try to drive it with some power I turn it over more times than I want to.

Im looking for a putter I wont be able to turn over as easily. Suggestions? I would like to try something different than Innova and was thinking about the Opto Pure


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