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Just finished a tourney and placed in the top ten. But the award was less than the entry fee!!! Had a dream last night about poking the director in the chest and I was mad as hell. Also what about the players who dont have the skill to go pro and wanna earn some cash once in a while instead of plastic.

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The definition of professional is that you get paid.  Amateurs cannot, by definition, be paid in cash.  Thus, plastic is what your get.  If you want to win cash, you have to play in professional divisions.

Top ten out of how many?  Ever consider the person/club running the tournament had expenses to pay?

....That is what handicaps and doubles are for. Cashing....as an AM. Or better yet drain your local ACE pool.

The rules suck ...... tournies that don't sanction and offer payouts to ams will in the end benefit .... to travel and play costs the same for an am or a pro .... if the PDGA was smart  they'd allow Ams to play for cash up to a $2500 yearly limit and after that you gotta go pro. Good ams need to cash to keep playing why or else head out?  it also makes it a lot easier to for the TD's to just pay out cash rather than chasing down or designing and making prizes.  Td's could pay out 85 to 90% to Ams as a production tournament fee. Just keep it simple.

That's why non-sanctioned events are so dominant and sanctioned events hard to find.

What makes any disc golfer entitled to win back most or all of his entry fee, anyway?  Why not pay to play in an organized event, like almost every other sport, and let that be enough?  Why not BE an amateur?

Check with the Tournament Director and see what the pay back for each division was and how many players in each division.

It was a B-tier.  Was there a big player pack?

It was on private property.  Was there a big course use fee?  Did you get a meal included with the tournament?

A $55 entry fee should cover all that and a decent payout at a tournament with 85 total amateurs. 

Perhaps the payout was the surprise of the fools! 

What tournament was it?  What did the flyer announce in advance?  Hard to know if it was a proper payout for a sanctioned event without a lot more details......

But I'm a lifetime Am, and I still have a hard time with amateurs whining about payouts. 

If you pay $55 to play a PDGA B-tier it is implicit that a fair payout is part of the tournament amenities, unless the TD advertised otherwise and provided $55 worth of value otherwise.  I don't have a problem with players whining about the payouts when the payouts are mysteriously small.  If you order an Egg McMuffin and there's only half an egg inside the McMuffin, you have a right to complain.

My experience has been that usually when players complain about the payouts, the payouts were there at PDGA minimum levels and the TD did not communicate the unusually high course use fee, or the player forgot about the two champion discs and lunch that were part of the tournament amenities. 

It looks like the poster promoted a few weeks ago The Surprise of Fools, a PDGA B-tier, and played it yesterday, so I'm guessing that is the tournament to which he refers. 

You play to win regardless to the winninings. My point is that they should keep the prizes higher than the entry fee. No one wants to win and end up in the negative. Im happy about doing good and winnining something. Like I said it was a dream. They bet they dont do that in the open division

You're ahead of me.  I didn't know what tournament it was, so took your B-Tier / $55 entry / 85 amateurs to be a hypothetical. 

If that's correct and especially if there were 85 players in Swamp Thing's division then, yes, a 10th place payout of less than entry seems a little low.  Not knowing all the other particulars, of course.

The payouts are scaled and, to pay out to the proper place, almost inevitably someone wins less than their entry fee.   You didn't say how many people were in your division or how many you beat; but if it was 20 players and you finished 10th, getting back your entry would seem improbable.  If 10th out of 20 got his entry back, then the winner (1st place) would likely get less than double his entry, and HE'D be hot.



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