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I am fairly new to the sport and have always wondered what it was like to throw before the 13 speed drivers and new technology. I am interested in hearing from players who threw in the 90's or even earlier.

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And don't check your golf bag when you fly United. You'll never see it again! United breaks guitars AND they steal yer plastic!
thats awesome man i have only seen the dga midnight flyer discs one other place; the one on the top though is one i have never seen or heard of.. very cool

It is same game, in some ways easier (distance) and in some ways harder (control) with faster discs.  Oh, and discs now last until you lose them (in the candy plastics).  Some old time drivers could get ruined or broken pretty quickly.


Driving has always been the easiest part of the game and putting has always been the hardest and most important part.  Good players with good form have adjusted to the new discs and will no doubt adjust to whatever is created in the future.  The best players can play in a 150 class tournament (lightweight discs only) and still be great.  Heck, Climo could crush most of us with a trash can lid.


The speed ratings are pretty funny, seemingly based more on marketing than science.  Didn't they start out as a scale from one to ten?  Then somehow discs were introduced which went above the scale, which sounds impossible.  To quote Buzzz Lightyear (Disney character), "to infinity and beyond".

The speed ratings inflated like labels.  I recall when a stingray was called a "long distance driver", as opposed to just a driver.  Then they came out with something longer, and called that an "ultra long distance driver".  Eventually tee-birds and their ilk were demoted to "fairway drivers".  But as discs got longer and longer, the adjectives got stretched further and further and further.....


If the speed scale started at 1-10, it's probably because they didn't anticipate exceeding it so much.

What was the first speed 13 driver ?  Destroyer ?  I don't think you need to go back to the '90s to find out what disc was like before Speed 13 , maybe to the early 2000's. I think any beginner that is throwing a Speed 13 driver is just hurting his game.

I can see an Overstable 13 speed driver causing a new player to focus too much on just trying to get the disc on plane and not learning technique. Plus it's as frustrating as hell to play aim right to go left all day.


 But an understable disc of the same speed would allow them to stay in the correct arm slot, thus benifitting their game and gaining easier distance. i know that nose angle is more sensative at those speeds, but you have to learn to control that as well.


I know this goes against all that is holy with the disc golf gods, but I think the advancements in disc design have been made to address this very subject. Easier to throw discs for beginners that don't frustrate them and/or ruin technique.

Ealier drivers are easier to throw than the newer discs; however the older discs do not generate as much "glide" as the newer discs do. 

Before Speed 13 !!!


Amen Brother Mark. I let my 5 year old pick DX Disc at Big 5 one day. He grabbed a Destroyer cause of the Cool Transformer looking Graphic. I was so bumbed when I tried to throw it. I haven't even picked it back up in the month and a half I have been playing.


I was never good at throwing discs of any type, but I know where I am at in my game, I can get a paper plate farther than a 13 speed disc.....

Throw Discraft and Lat 64. The River glides like . . . . .well like a glider. An innova thrower said 'Flatten'. I giggled and he said WOW,  . . . .uh wow!

When I started playing, the fastest discs were the Cyclone, Viper, and Polaris.

great topic...


i've been playing 21+ years...

started at morley field in san diego, first disc i got to go 300+ feet was the DX Phenix.

to be honest, it was an accidental anhyzer that got me thinking more about flight of the disc rather than how hard you throw it. totally changed my game.

12 and 13 speed discs today are great in my opinion....  just throw easy and on the right line, and they do all the work for you..




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